This is the Hangar Bay B-07.

It is one of many steel-roofed hangars located in the New United Nations-supplied 36th Frontier Guard base, a small outpost located on the edge of the Grand Boom Crater in the Central Continent.

Within this small base, Men and woMen live and work, some as technicians, some as operators, and three of them as pilots. Their T.I.T.A.N.s, towering 14-meter tall machines (made with pilot safety in mind) are the only dependable defense this base has, all three of them sitting safely in B-07 waiting their deployment.

Despite the medical benefits, paid holidays, free cookies and no-expense hotel lodgings offered by the N.U.N. to its loyal soldiers and logistics people, the people who live and work in the 36th F.G. are sticking with the N.U.N. not because of the benefits. They love their job; and where they work, there is no hotel within a 10 000-mile radius. There are, however, ration-grade cookies harder than a diamond.

Another reason as to why they can’t exploit reap the benefits of their job is because of their location. Being miles away form the nearest settlement, the 36th F.G. comes under constant fire from other factions from the other three directions of the Boom Crater. Not simultaneously, no, but close to once every two days, sometimes thrice in an hour depending on the whims of faceless REMFs faction in question from the other continents.

Being of poor condition, the 36th F.G. is now a sparsely-defended base with half of its functions and facilities not working. Nevertheless, while the N.U.N. stomps that pesky dictator located halfway across the world to ensure that its goodwill rice packets are getting to where they should be, the people of the 36th F.G. will stand fast in ensuring that no one, NO ONE, nothing sentient of mortal, immortal, or trans-dimensional origins will get a shot at the N.U.N. Grand Headquarters. Not by land and the thin strip of airspace above it, at least.

‘Course, when you have a pilot pair who complement each other so well they practically click together like freshly-made block puzzle pieces and a veteran so seasoned he wins fights he’s supposed to lose WITH THE POWER OF COURAGE, that’s more than enough for defending.





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