Anime Fest Asia [Singapore] 2012

December 29, 2012

“Sorry… but I don’t have time for such useless romaticism. I’ll settle this in one shot!”

Lieutenant Colonel Fikatsia Latrova, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

Later is better than never, I guess. ‘Though this end-of-year is quite unlike any I’ve had before…

Well anyways, this is pretty much the last big post of my blog for this year; AFA 2012. With a bit of difference, this year’s Anime Fiesta Asia isn’t the first in SEA now; actually, beginning from last year or so AFA has already been hosted in other countries. It’s a good thing they’re not hosting it in one nation and another the next year… Imagine having to travel around the region three times or more before you get a local event!

And well, rather than making it an annual event and shuffling the hosting site inbetween nations, make all the hosting sites host it!


Tiger and Bunny

Well, it should be pretty obvious by now that I’m more on fantastic non-organic designs than anything else, so this year’s AFA was somewhat of a slight disappointment. I understand that the recent months have been a cold spell for Robot Damashii and the Gundam Fiesta probably took away all reason to display Gundam model kits, but still, I was surprised at the small size of the mech-related places.

Then again, they did make up for it by displaying all the new and hot stuff, so I guess it evens out?


Yes… you will be mine… *cackle*

2012 has been an interesting year for Code Geass, with the introduction of the Lancelot Grail in the Reflection of Oz photonovel currently running in Hobby Japan and the production of the OVA Akito the Exiled. Considering the rather stone-set ending of both Code Geass seasons, any new material would probably be set in the time before the end of the series, and you can practically see Bandai scramble to add in new material to the world of Code Geass.


At this point in mecha anime history shoulder guns are like soldiers in Hollywood movies firing on full-auto.

Akito the Exiled follows the story of the Euro Universe, which is basically the third superpower block in the anime that most fans can only remember when prompted; it was just that obscure. Not one to wait, Bandai has released the model kit for the main KMF of the series, the Alexander. Somewhat differing design asthetics aside, I have to say the usage of CG in Akito the Exiled has allowed alot of the older designs reappearing in the series to get revamped in greater detail. Whether or not it stacks up to the animation, well, I’ll report back on that when I watch it, eh?


I’ve had one too many bad experiences with model kits with a shiny finish to consider buying this.

Model kits of Silver Crow and Black Lotus… well, I think it’s Black Lotus. Haven’t watched any of Accel World yet to be able to identify them all.

I’ve always thought that Figmas and the like are more suited to this considering they’re easier to handle with less chance of something important snapping. Based on past experiences, I like to fiddle around with my “action figure”-style models; if I bought this, I’d run the risk of breaking them. Bricks like the SRX from Super Robot Wars, I’ve got no problem because I won’t be changing poses once every year, let alone on a weekly basis.


Hell and Heaven!

Sweet mother of Zonder.

Now, if they would do a Genesic version… well, not that I can afford a Soul of Chogokin anything in the near future anyways. In-between this, planning to get Integral Works, waiting to see if Kouki would troll us Muv-Luv fans by announcing Integral Works (TDA) or Integral Works II and all the model kits on my shelves, I don’t think I’m ready for the SoC Gaogaigar. Yet.


Sure, he looks like a Transformer, but everyone likes Big Volfogg nonetheless.

The ever-cool and ever-lovable Big Volfogg in SoC form.

Everyone loves Big Volfogg.


The nostalgia…!

With the recent resurgence in celebrating all things classical, we get pretty awesome stuff like this. What most of us know as Power Ranger goes by the name of… well, Zyuranger, I think, but not knowing the name of the-thing-I-refuse-to-call-a-Megazord-so-as-not-to-embarass-myself is not the point. The point is that this articulated goodness is bloody awesome compared to the fixed-jointed Megazord toys you used to be able to find in Toys ‘R Us. This is the stuff that dreams are made of. Of course, by now most people would think that a true collector would be going for those fixed-jointed toys instead, but each of us to our own.


The Black Bunny, when she’s not being militant-dere.

Infinite Stratos figure of Schwarze Regen (with Laura Bodewig). It’s not a Figma or Revoltech, but it seems pretty good, and the size of it is like having a brick on your table. Then again this just means that you can change its poses… I don’t think IS’ inherent mechanical designs lend themselves well to any movable-joint figures larger than a Revoltech. Stuff’s just too heavy unless they want to invest in metal parts, and we’ll see the cost skyrocket even faster than a laser weapon.


And the Blue Duchess when she’s not being a terrible cook.

Infinite Stratos figure of Blue Tears (with Cecilia Alcott). Daily reminder of how the first opponent to get introduced and befriended ends up being a jobber 95% of the time.

The other 5% is filled by Fate Testarossa.

I’ve always wondered what happened if IS used full body armor rather than the Busou Shinki-style of half-machinegirls. Being a 15 centimeter-tall plastic doll is one thing, and being a full-bodied person flying around with Strike Freedom’s pieces hanging off you is another thing.

Then again, I like some of the Busou Shinki designs better than the others. I know Maochao probably can’t hold a candle to Straf in combat, but at least Maochao looks integrated with its armor. I have trouble seeing what is what whenever Straf gets to fighting in the anime; the direction where the gigantic shining katana is swinging does help in guessing what’s going on more than the action itself. But this is personal opinion, so don’t use it as a testimonial or anything.


I could make a joke about genderbent Kou Uraki and Heero Yuy…

Even Bandai is jumping on the machine girl bandwagon with their new figures.


Taka! Tora! Batta!

A figure of Kamen Rider 000 that looks suspiciously like it came from the SIC Hero line (it looks about four sizes too big for the small boxes of the SIC that I’m used to seeing).

Well, I’m not sure, but it looks pretty awesome. Considering that early Kamen Rider works were about cyborgs and were depicted as far darker than their live-action counterparts in some of the adaptation works (and in the case of Shin, what looks like a rather painful mutation problem) you don’t really feel that with some of the newer works since it’s just normal people transforming into superhuman people with the Kamen Rider equivalent of swipe cards. The SIC line does a good job in capturing some of that serious-business feel back, expecially when it comes to the fantasy- and monster-based Kamen Rider designs (Kuuga, Blade, Hibiki, 000, etc.).


Across the worlds!

More Kamen Rider stuff from Ryuki, Kuuga and Decade.

Ryuki was probably the first Kamen Rider show I watched almost ten years back, back when it used to air on TV in the evenings. I remember it being extremely fascinating, because here in a sea of children shows where all was good we had quite the down-to-earth characters trying to kill each other. I didn’t even get it until I went back to rewatch the entire thing when I was older.


Celebrating the next generation of panties-filled goodness.

Some Strike Witches. I pretty much lost track of the vanilla series in favor of the fan-run Strike Witches 1989 on /tg/ and the (also fan-run) Gulf Neuroi War art on pixiv.

What can I say? I’m not oldfagus romantica enough to appreciate the granpappy planes in the normal Strike Witches series.


Troll Mode: buy all these, arrange as seen, then put a Walpurgistnatch sculpt in the middle.

Some megucas Madoka Magica characters in figure form. As you can see you get a free QB if you choose the unawakened god.



I don’t know what’s with the sudden appearance of these box-heads everywhere.


The Saber that looks the strongest.

Militant Saber Saber Alter preparing to behead someone.


The not!Saber.

Nero from Fate/Extra. Can’t tell whether that skirt is see-through or not.


I can tell where the /tg/ inspiration for Valinov Kharn came from…

No idea. Sorry.


Less shiny and more matte.

Figma Black Lotus. Now this is what I’m talking about…


*Insert Dwarf Fortress x women joke here.*

Labrys from Persona 4 Arena.


A very cute Mirai Tiger T-shirt.

It would be wasted on me, I hardly wear patterned shirts out.


Machine Itashar go!


Honestly speaking, the premise kind of interests me. Haven’t watched it yet, but it seems to be a pretty fun and action-y show.


GG, literally Gun Girl.

The MMZ-01 Moe Moe Z-Cune from Akibarangers.

I just want to add that whoever concepted and designed this thing has great wit. I cannot stop laughing just by reading the name out.


Four years to the 30th anniversary, guys.

D-Arts Megaman X and Zero. Too bad about Legends.


When he turns to look at you…

Awesome Unicorn Gundam cosplay. I’m poor with names, but I’m pretty sure he was one of the cosplayers listed on AFA’s list of “people to watch out for”.

Now, I’m not much of a person for or with cosplay, but you gotta admit that some of them were pretty nice in their own right.


That game was piss-easy, dammit!

He’s a pretty cool guy, he cosplays as SLENDERMAN!!!111 and ain’t afraid of being blind.


Good pose. Now let me get out of the way first…

Pretty cool Mazinkaiser cosplay.

More cosplay images at here.



And one more for the Silent Stronghold.

That was about all of the highlights for the year of 2012, I guess. In my opinion it’s been a quiet year for the most part (well, on the anime scene), with SAO, Accel World and Chunnibyou generating some heat in the latter part of the year. I mean, you could say I had Total Eclipse, but I think I’m in one of those love-hate relationships with it (more on it some other time), and the story won’t be continued until the VN is released next year. About the only mech-related show I think I really enjoyed was, suprisingly, Busou Shinki. It was good for what it was supposed to be, and I got good laughs out of the show; what more can I ask for?

Gamewise is the same, since the only mech-related title I can remember offhand is Super Robot Wars Original Generations 2nd. Man, you should have seen the attack showcase videos that popped out on Youtube on the day of release; that’s some bloody fast gameplay. To a lesser extent that the above is Halo 4, but that’s not high on my list for now.

Next year’s highlights include some surprising titles in both games and shows. In addition to already announced items like the new Cyborg 009 and Super Robot Wars UX, we get Valvrave the Liberator, more Akito the Exiled, the ending of Gundam Unicorn and, in a rare instance of something non-Japanese, Pacific Rim. Truth be told, I’m not so hot about Valvrave after reading its sypnosis, but the possibility remains of it not actually turning out like what my nightmares suggest about the show (terrible characterization of previous characters, poor interaction beyond one-liners and overly-confusing speechs that throw circles around simple concepts, everyone bending over for the main character; ring a bell?). In other news, more Fafner and Infinite Stratos have been announced, so that makes it six items to look forward do.


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