December 15, 2012

“In the name of my proud country, the United States of America… I cannot allow you to pass!”

66th Battalion Commander Major Alfred Walken, Muv-Luv Alternative

This is one lucky item that I’ve obtained. As a birthday gift from my cousin, the F-22A Revoltech is about the finest thing I could get.

This also makes it all the more reason to wait out an F-22A by Kotobukiya. The EF-2000 model kit is already tempting enough; with two Flugelbertes, two GWS-8s and a Mk. 57 SA Gun. While highly unlikely, an F-22A kit might come with a whooping four AMWS-21 and two CIWS-1B combat knives. Now that would be the ultimate fulfillment of a model kit.

Hello, welcome to the 24-hour Lockweed Mardin gift shop, may I get you a backstabbing weapon of mass-murder?

Hello, welcome to the 24-hour Lockweed Mardin gift shop, may I get you a backstabbing weapon of political murder?

And without further ado, let’s see what the F-22A can offer us.


AMWS-21 Combat System Assault Cannon(s) x4 (only two given)

CIWS-1B Close Combat Knife x2


The F-22A Raptor is the United States of America’s strongest Tactical Surface Fighter in the world of Muv-Luv Alternative/Unlimited/The Day After, and is one of the most proven TSFs in its field of combat. Equipped with powerful sensors, avionics and the latest in weaponry systems, the F-22A is well-known for its monstrous performance in both close-range gun battles and long-range first-strike combat with both excellent stealth and high-speed cruising capabilities bundled into a stable frame. In both the Alternative and Unlimited/The Day After universes, the F-22A Raptor has built up a fearsome reputation as a capable anti-BETA unit, and more importantly to other nations, as a nigh-invincible anti-TSF unit.


Get out of the way, plebs! Freedom Squad incoming!

Like all Muv-Luv Revoltechs the Raptor is ridiculously pose-able, a fact that has lent itself greatly to fans wishing to see their favorite TSFs in dynamic poses (and can’t get their hands on the Volks A3).  The ball joint system that Revoltechs use aren’t without their disadvantages however; that effect part you get with the Muv-Luv Revoltechs is going to see heavy use as a forced prop for anything that’s not a straight standing pose…


Fool! Can you not pose me, the magnificent mascot of Eagleland, properly?!

… Like this one.

The Raptor’s Jump Units (aka the fat boosters hanging off the rear and for those of you uninformed of the Muv-Luv universes) are larger than those on my previous MLA Revoltech, the EF-2000 Typhoon. As a result balancing one might be different from balancing the other.

Thankfully the Raptor is a ranged-combat unit, so unlike the EF-2000 there are no spiky bits to impale your fingers on in your mad posing quest.


My mother may have baked the best apple pie, but I remember her most for her Bowie knife!

The Raptor is comes with two CIWS-1B fold-able combat knives for a last-ditch attempt at close combat should opponents get too close. These knives are made specifically for the F-22A’s knee-mounted storage pods; other units can probably use both the foldable CIWS-1B and the non-foldable CIWS-1A, but the Raptor’s storage design makes it unable to use the CIWS-1A. Not that it has appeared as a cause for concern (yet), but that folding capability is going to give way under a good whack from a BETA sometime in the future. Maybe in TDA 03. I just hope they don’t use Walken to demonstrate it.

Of course, given the two puny knives no Raptor, or for that matter, no American TSF has ever been depicted in being successful at close combat against a non-American opponent. However, close-combat on the Raptor’s terms means a running gun battle, which is a cause for concern seeing as the Raptor’s weakness is melee capability and not close-quarters capability which it has in spades thanks to its cutting-edge engines and internal systems.


Captain America? Who is this multicolored, benign-looking moralfag you speak off?!

Probably the most attractive parts about the Raptor is the sharp, angled lines all over and its head design. Especially its head design. It’s just so unique compared to most other TSFs (and most other Gundams too, I might add) that I fell in love with its head design and the harsh lines of its frame upon sight. Unlike the functional soldier-look of the Typhoon, the Raptor has an overall much more sinister, more inhumane look to it… which it backs up with its reputation in the Muv-Luv universes.

Unfortunately with the Revoltechs, in this case the Raptor’s shoulder blocks are also unmovable, which does make the figure in question pose a bit on the stupid-looking side when you’re trying to have both guns pointed at each side.


America loves playing the area dominance game, and I’m not an exception.

While TSF design may seem very impractical, you have to admit that whatever impracticability they have in its inherent design philosophies is balanced by most TSFs being some of the most weaponized fucks this side of the galaxy.

One thing that’s been missing from several of the ML Revoltechs are the lack of effect parts for other mundane parts like thrusters and weapons. I mean, sure it’s gonna add to the price, but hot damn if you’re not going to pose your Raptor flipping all over with boosters blazing and gun barrels on fire.


That fool who dared challenged our superiority will have every Americana on his ass within hours!

The Raptor’s only appearance in Muv-Luv Alternative was an ample demonstration of their capabilities. Most Japanese TSFs are purpose-built to be ultra-sensitive buggers to allow pilots to navigate treacherous mountainous terrain, but the Raptor can achieve the same thing using the raw power of its internals and engines. And if you’re read the Muv-Luv Alternative manga, the Raptor is one suave mother-BLAM!- and definitely no slouch to any 3rd generation TSF when it comes to turning tight corners and sidestepping like a boss.

It’s dynamic poses like this that makes the ML Revoltechs worthwhile. Sure the Raptor(and from my knowledge, by extension the Typhoon as well) might seem lacking in accessories, but if you’re a good enough photographer with the dedication, know-how and time to set up a shoot, then the Revoltech Raptor is a very good model for highly dynamic shots to awe your friends and potential employers with (if you aim to freelance like my friends).

Not that I would ever recommend using a glorified giant robot toy to woo potential customers to your talents, but you get my point.


I’ll have you honorfags and moralnubs know that nailing people in the nuts from the back is a completely legitimate war strategy!

Like I said, this mother-BLAM!- is an expert at damn near everything except playing with Far East Gangsta Knives (aka swords), and throwing a kick is no trouble for the Revoltech Raptor. Punches are included as well.

Of course, in canon a kick of sufficient force (which would outstrip the force from a hard landing in the heat of combat) would mean two things. One, the Raptor pilot’s doing it wrong, and two, that’s going to be a damaged leg he’ll  be taking back to base. In ML, TSFs not specced for contact warfare like the Typhoon tend to suffer when they’re forced into it.



Yeah, that effect part comes in extremely handy when you’re in need of a pose. It just comes off as weird on this one because the Raptor itself doesn’t look particularly dynamic.

Something of interest is the Raptor’s colors. With each successive iteration the production Raptors have been getting a duller shade of green, with the MLA Revoltech version featuring the latest color update that appeared in Muv-Luv Unlimited: The Day After. At this point the Raptor is almost grey. As for the two white stripes, they’ve only ever been seen on 66th Battalion Raptors. Whether other Raptors from other units feature the same or vastly different color schemes remains to be seen.


Contrary to popular belief, the entire nation is not made of COD cocksuckers. We have equal numbers in the MoH and Halo fanbase too. Nobody plays Sniper II though.

The AMWSs-21 featured with the Raptor have the ability to separate their cannon module from their main gun module, which gives you something similar to the gun’s design inspiration: the real-world Israel-made TAR-21 Tarvor. In-universe, the gun and cannon modules can be separated as well, although any possible equipment variations for the AMWS-21 other than the standard 36mm chaingun + 120mm cannon remains to be seen.



There’s alot of spare material with The Day After, with the greatest potential being the war with the remaining European nations and the United States prior to the story beginning. Of course the above scene isn’t canon yet, but that remains to be seen with The Day After 03.

I should forewarn you that The Day After 03 hasn’t been announced yet. It’s bound to be soon, but then again Alternative dragged so long the JP fans got their “Oruta Madaa?” chant out of endless forum posts. age is well-known for suffering from critical deadline issues when it comes to meeting the time mark.


… fucking faggots!

And this is in memory of that one F-22A pilot in the real world who let a Typhoon own him. In ML, the advanced warfare technology means that even allowing your enemies to rig the battlefield just slightly to their favor will allow them to completely turn the tables on you; given the embarrassing rate at which Raptors are frequently forced into melee combat, that is a problematic concern, because not everyone can be as APPLE PIE LIBERTA AMERICANA as the infallible Alfred Walken.

Perhaps the US should get rid of its everlasting erection for expensive stealth technology and instead focus on aggressive jamming technology; after all, if every channel your enemy can switch to is jammed by your smart, self-detecting, auto-homing radar systems that also doubles as your own radar and allied ECM radars, their missiles are worthless. Sure a blank radar patch in enemy airspace might be telling, but when your radar’s powerful enough to do all that it’s powerful enough to jam a few dozen AA missiles slung its way. And then you afterburner in and drop bombs on the poor pants-pissing fucker who’s chosen to be your adversary.

And the best part is, you get to save billions each year for the Air Force to put to use in organizing evening barbeques! Think of all the steaks, man!


One can’t really complain about the lack of accessories because if you know what you were buying, then you should also know that in terms of accessories the Raptor’s gonna be pretty ghetto with just two guns and knives. If you’re getting the Raptor, you’re getting it for RAPTOR STYLE.

Apart from the usual shoulder blocks and non-accurate design, there really isn’t much to nitpick at the Revoltech Raptor. I could argue that they could hide the ball joints under plastic or paint (the actual Jump Units use a two-jointed arm system of both swivel and ball joints)  but plastic would increase the figure size and make it more expensive, while paint rubs out after a while and just makes the Raptor look ragged. The point of a Revoltech is its playability, and to that end I can understand the manufacturer’s decision to close one eye at the use of ball joints over the traditional A3 joints.

All in all, the F-22A Raptor Revoltech is a pretty solid piece of work that’s closer to its worth in price than most other figures. It’s a Hobby Japan exclusive, and like I said I was lucky enough to obtain one without much trouble thanks to my cousin.; if you’re still wanting of a Raptor and don’t want to shell out money for this, Koto should release a Raptor soon (I hope, because it would be criminal to ignore one of the more iconic TSFs of the ML universes).

Even if it’s the Raptor EMD Phase that gets a kit, all you need to do to get a production Raptor is some gunmetal green spraypaint… and file down the head fins to a shorter length!


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