Gundam Fiesta 2012

November 30, 2012

“Unicorn… lend me your strength!”

Banagher Links, Gundam Unicorn Episode 4


In the name of Amuro, late post is late. But here’s my image loot for Gundam Fiesta 2012 held at Nex.

It was a relatively small event in actuality. I hadn’t actually been to a Gundam Fiesta event since the one at 2010, so 2011’s ongoings are unknown to me. But the 2012 event felt slightly smaller compared to the 2010 event. First-time glitter, second-time expectations kind of thing, maybe.


Oh, ye optimistic fools of overly-large faith…

Nah, I kid. I have no idea how Gundam AGE ranked during its live airing. I’ve seen comments both good and bad about it,and general consensus is that it was wasted potential. Then again the Gundam fanbase is so large and diverse; throw a rock, and you’re bound to hit someone who feels that at least two series were wasted potential.

Now, if someone called Victory Gundam wasted potential, that’s more worthy of scrutiny.

But I digress. When it comes to AGE, I have soft spots for the Genoace Wolf Custom and Genoace Obright Custom. Dat visor that just screams “FOREVER REDSHIRT FACE”.


More AGE 1/144s.

Many may accuse Gundam of over-merchandizing with the plethora of MS designs from the enemy factions and money-grubbing from the multitude of minute and more visually recognizable variants on the protagonists’ side, but if we have to nitpick, Nazi Germany first did it in World War II with their 101 flavor of tanks and aircraft, and the US and Soviets did it again in their little kitchen spat called the Cold War.

My two cents is that one can’t exactly call it shameless merchandizing when real life does it do. It’s time to find a new pet peeve.


Dungeons and Dragons Weaboo Edition.

Most of the flak I see justified about AGE is the design of some of the later MSes. Considering that its target market was children within 7-12 years of age I can understand where its coming from. But then again, I can’t really criticize these people since I myself feel the same way.

Oh, the curse of the machine spirit is a gloriously neckbearded one.


Now with 200% more YAMATO DAMASHII!!!!

Now we move on to Gundam SEED, perhaps the epitome of “wasted potential” for the decade of 2001 to 2010. I daresay it will remain the epitome of “wasted potential” for the next decade too, because given its relatively real-world settings the amount of fleshing-out that was done with it was just sad.

If fate had it that AGE and SEED had swapped places, the world would be perfect. Ignoring director tendencies for a moment, AGE would have been the century gateway to Gundam for the current generation of teenages, and SEED, given a different director, could have given Bandai both a good third series into the 21st century, and continued to rake in cash with a decent balance of side-stories.

Alas for wasted potential.

Well, regardless, at least Bandai doesn’t fail on the merchandizing. Some of the better things to come out this season are the reworked SEED kits; say what you want about the series, but ever since the Strike 1/100 MG the rest of the GAT-series Gundams have been very deserving of their own MGs. Personally I thought that it was long overdue for the Aegis, and hell if I do, hell if I don’t, I’m aiming to get one within the next year. Some of the 1/144s, like the M1 Astray, also come with more items in the set that gives you more things to play with.


It was so close to being engraved in the hearts of children all over the world during 2001 to 2004.

I mean, seriously, this is the visage of one badass mofo.

Now, if all was truly right with the world, then Bandai will announce a Delta Astray OVA, and use this as a chance to introduce the Rosso Aegis and its friends to the addition. I mean, there’s already the Blu Duel, Verde Buster and Strike Noir… leaving the impossibly-cool Rosso Aegis and the attractive Nero Blitz behind is just cruel.

Haha, yeah. Right. Moving on… ;_;


When in doubt about custom colors, take white or black Tamiya paint.

Maybe it’s just me, but the normal AGE-2 Dark Hound has always felt like a mismatched suit to me. You have this spear weapon, then you have tiny beam guns and two physical grappling hooks. They do work within the series proper, but for someone who’s piloting a machine made to rush headlong into battle to take advantage of first-strike you’d think the AGE production team would allow a design that toted a bit more ranged firepower.

This custom here is pretty much the AGE-2 Double Bullet taken to the logical pirate end. It’s not like Gundam ever cared about logistics; there was pretty much stopping Asem from slapping two beam guns on with the wings and two underslung grappling hooks.

Heck, if they were going for grappling hooks they could have used smaller claws. I think the pirate motif was quite enough on the Dark Hound for it to drop the hooks without affecting its pirate image.


When you like it, it’s called a homage. Or so that’s how it’s supposed to go.

Truly 2012 is the year of the UC Supreme Value Meal. With the announcement of previously lamentable “never to be produced” model kits like the Delta Gundam, UC oldies like the Juagg, and even obscure-turned popular stuff like the Base Jabber, UC’s been a reaping year for the UCfags.


Jobbed ‘ard status at 66%.

The Ankusha may look cool, but damn that mothershagger jobbed harder during UC Episode 5 than a Salamis-class at the Battle of Loum. The Nemo is only barely spared because that plateface was destined a jobber’s life fro the get go. Sucks to be a Nemo.

Or I think that’s a Nemo. The only way I can tell them apart from GM IIs is the backpack.


Marine Zaku is the new Photobomb Guy.

It took forever donkey years for Bandai to release a HGUC Hambrabi, and I bet no-one saw that Marine Zaku coming from a mile off. Stranger things have happened, but unfortunately for the rest of the world, this moment of merchandizing madness only afflicted Bandai and the department responsible for Gundam Unicorn’s marketing.


30 years of colors!

MG gallery present at the event.

For more photos, click here.


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