TNT: 5 Asplodium and 4 Sand…

March 22, 2011

“I don’t have a choice, do I? Let’s get this done as soon as we can…”

I haven’t started reading it up yet, but this one Fire Emblem fanfiction seems good for laughs. It ain’t Safe For Work, but it sure as hell promises a bundle of hilarity with its Crack Pairings. Not recommended for plot purists thought…

As well, I’ve recently grown addicted to R-Type’s plot. R-Type Delta and Final have pretty good music (just search “R-Type Delta/Final OST” on Youtube) and isn’t afraid of Bydo, and since I’m still going through Victory Gundam the entirety of the plot in R-Type Tactics and Tactics II is like offering candy floss to a little kid chowing on some sweetened gum. Imagine a car crash on a busy highway and the body count just. Keeps. Piling. Up. Man, I thought Halo Reach ended pretty tragically, but with Reach re-colonized and humanity allied with the biggest badasses this side of the Milky Way, it’s a pretty good end.

On the subject of Victory Gundam and Halo Reach. I’ll just jabber a bit on about Victory first, mainly that it’s kill-em-all reputation isn’t really justified. Sure, there are alot of dead people with names and faces, but their deaths ain’t as bad as the general description on the internet makes it out to be. At least, not as pointless as the deaths in Gundam ZZ. Plus, the battle choreography is pretty amazing; Usso does OPEN GET everytime he gets in a pinch and his opponents will be all “WTF OMG HAX”, and with the exception of Katejina, and stretching it, Shakti, there really isn’t anything I can call a plot hole. Besides, IMHO this is one series where they really bring out the personalities of the protagonist’s foes.

As for Halo Reach, well, having played through the entire Halo FPS line I must say that it certainly smashes alot of old notions about the story. It’s a pity, really. While I did like the way Reach fleshed out the ground campaign unlike the book, I didn’t really feel for any of the characters and it seems like Dr. Hasley went out of her way to be a bitch; if you’ve just read the books, she could be cold and pragmatic, but not a bigot.

And in before anyone says that Noble Six was the Master Chief’s saviour, no, I don’t really care about that, but Captain Keyes’ been reduced from a greying badass to glorified Cortana transport ship without a Covenant Supercruiser to blow up. I mean, I know downing the shields of a ship that dwarfs a carrier is pretty ridiculous according to the book The Fall of Reach, but at least make it part of a combo attack run with other ships or something. Bawwww, I butthurt. D:

And I had faith in Reach’s armor designs! The female Spartan armor makes my hips look like they mounted rocket boosters. Inb4 I find out about related DAT ASS comments on Youtube. But at least the Elites look cool, though I preferred their open-helmet look from Halo 3.

Anyways, have some “LOLWATDAT?” pictures. I might be done with my education as a whole, but I sure ain’t done with my final project. Man, do I ever want to get dat VF done. Especially when it’s just missing its hands and two more body pieces. Don’t expect anything good though, I’ve given up using decals in lieu of a cheap AC-Zero reference.

I"s,Itsuki Akiba,demotivational,rpg

Trollollollollol, trollollol, trollollol!

I"s,Ichitaka Seto,demotivational,nutbladder

The demotivational might not be much, but I’m sure you guys could use the face for some reaction images or fuck-you avatars.


The best part about school/college projects is these little slip-ups. I mean, nothing could go wrong when we’re all just a desk apart… right?

muv-luv alternative,dokuro-chan,beta,alien,u mad?,trollface,bokusatsu tenshi dokuro-chan,sakura

This being the prototype to hopefully a .gif that will fully utilize Grappler-heads.


No, I ain’t kidding. Idolm@ster Relations is to G Gundam what Idolm@ster Break is to the harem aspect of Negima.

muv-luv alternative,muv-luv total eclipse,muv-luv,muvluv,F-22a,raptor,gun,lol,news,funny,wtf

With the recent announcement 0f Muv-Luv being ported to Xbox 360, the US launches test for their new anti-BETA weapon!

If it’s released as a disk, I’m going to cry, because no sane overseas retailer would actually import this. At least, if it’s on Xbox Live, I stand a chance of getting it.

Now, about that Muv-Luv Alternative/Unlimited/Total Eclipse anime… heck, I’ll settle for a completely unrelated sidestory where everyone dies in the end.

gundam 00,clothing,lol,wtf,celestial being

If Gundam 00’s Christina hadn’t brought the farm, she would probably be selling clothes, as well as kicking ass and taking names during S2 and the 00 Movie. RIP, character that was created to be killed off. ):

Well, that’s that. Hopefully I can complete at least a model kit, a new design for Gen. Raisha’s challenge to the Gundam gods, or something, before the National Military Service kills me off.


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