[ROBOT魂] Z-01b Lancelot Club

September 17, 2010

“He’s right… it would be too dangerous to get involved in my problems.”

Rai, Code Geass: Lost Colors

And I intro to thee, my spoils of war from Gundam Fiesta 2010 @ Compass Point in Singapore; Code Geass: Lost Color’s flagship Knightmare Frame, the Lancelot Club!

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Welcome to Rai and Roses, if you want weapons, please fill up a form and call 6666-REROUSHU to place your order.


Arm-Mounted Rocket-Boosted Slash Harkens x2

Hip-Mounted Rocket-Boosted Slash Harkens x2 (Unconfirmed)

(Shortsword-Type) Maser Vibration Swords x2

Assault Rifle + Grenade Launcher (Sniper-mode optimized) x1 (Not Included)

Variable Ammunition Repulsion Impact Spitfire (VARIS) Rifle x1

Arm-mounted Blaze Luminous Shield Emmitter x2


From the Code Geass series, hails the Z-01b Lancelot Club; a pre-production prototype, its original function was to test the viability of mass-producing a Knightmare Frame that is able to use the cutting edge technologies demonstrated by the Lancelot. As such, the weapons of the Lancelot Club includes the powerful VARIS Rifle, rocket-boosted Slash Harkens, Blaze Luminous energy shields and a pair of shortened, combination-capable MV Swords that extend its melee range by a fair magnitude. It is functionally similiar to the Lancelot, with a slight drop in performance due to its construction from spare parts from the original Lancelot project that were likely rejected for not meeting stringent levels of quality. Nonetheless, when protanogist Rai joins the Britannian Army, the Lancelot Club is optimized for his use as a powerful command/interceptor unit capable of taking down foes from ranges far surpassing that of even the Lancelot, using its improved Factsphere sensors. Some question the existence of the Lancelot Club, but it is safe to say it was used as a combat unit at some point in time, since the Vincent, the Lancelot’s mass-production model, bears great resemblance to it; several identifying points with the Vincent include the rounded shoulder armor and the positioning of the Factspheres within.


Remember to look both ways when crossing the street!

The Lancelot Club is a Robot Spirits figurine released by Bandai sometime ago. Costing about S$40, this is an example of something that’s worth its price tag. Sure, there will always be a few complaints here and there about this, but generally, the Lancelot Club doesn’t, and won’t, disappoint.

Of course, for the few mistakes that are made, it becomes painfully obvious on the Lancelot Club. The most major point its is front shin guards, which are non-movable, meaning that the unit cannot bend its feet upwards. This might seems to be less of a quality problem and more of one concerning the general design of the Lancelot series, but when you have pictures like these on the internet, well…

Let’s just say that percentages are useless in real life, you have to check and see the magnitude of the mistake made… let’s just hope the new [SIDE FFN] isn’t a bomb wreck, eh?


"You stole my strawberry jam!" "N-no I did not!"

Anyways, the Lancelot Club, as I have shown right at the start, comes with an assload of accessories and then some more. While there are only singular parts for a launched Harken and a Harken in cutting mode, you can still have a lot of fun in it. Rest assured, Rai is not a mad half-wit like Suzaku, and actually uses (gasp!) strategies in combat. Though, from what I hear, he’s still pretty slick when it comes to split-second ingenuity in the heat of combat…


Hey Lelouch... I heard jogging, um... helps your complexion!

The Lancelot Club in default carries its swords in its sheathe and nothing else. It is incapable of carrying the VARIS in a stored mode (this figurine doesn’t have a back holder for the rifle) and if you want to display it with swords and not make it seem like it carries three around, you can pluck out one of the sliver blades from the holder. Parts-swapping might be unsavoury, but that’s not the real problem.

As I mentioned before, the fact that its feet can’t bend upwards becomes even more obvious when you try to do a standard “running” pose with the Club. This is about the best one can manage…


The Z-01b will come with one VARIS Rifle. Ammunition sold separately.

But enough doom and gloom, there are more than enough accessories to make up for the flaws. Seen here is the VARIS Rifle, the Code Geass series’ equivalent of the all-powerful Gundam beam rifle. Quite an excellent piece of machinery that unfortunately does not get the exposure or screen time that it deserves in-series, thanks to the gawdamned Suzaku Kick.

Also, the head of the Club cannot bend upwards or downwards. Not such a big error as the first one, but it seems that today’s set of prerequisites in model kits or playable figurines are mobility and maneuverability-centric.


Mmm... duck hunting.

According to the Code Geass Wiki, the Club has an additional rifle only for Rai’s use. Though you don’t get it here, you can use the VARIS to recreate a scene like this. 🙂


Eek! It's Eupehmia!


I hafta two knives and I ain't afraid to use 'em!

The MVS that come with the Lancelot Club are different from those that come with the Lancelot; these bear resemblance to the Vincent’s MVS, piloted by Rolo Lamperouge. Certainly not as cool as the Lancelot’s MVS in the opinions of some, but military-style design aesthetics like functionality over looks are well-used on the Lancelot Club.


I don't care, I want jam!

This is where it starts to get fun. With the flexibility that are the norm of most Robot Spirits, you’re going to have a boatload of fun posing the Club together with your other Robot Spirits or 1/144 kits. Just be careful though; the Club is flexible to the point of absurdity, so make sure it’s stable or you have a di:Stage for it. While a smaller back section means that you get more options posing it unlike the Nirvash Type theEND, it’s still slightly in danger of falling over on its own volition.


I'm going to try and pull a Rolo Sword Twirl *vwoom**vwoom**vwoom* OH GOD MY TOE~!

Yes, just like the show. Likewise, it’s just too bad about the front shin guards. But you can make do without them, the Club is just that great. The only problem is that you might have some trouble getting it to hold the combined MVS swords like this (:D), though this is just the way its built, and that its joints aren’t tight so that nothing snaps after two moves.

Since I’ve done so much posing, something about the Landspinners; they contain actually full-spinning wheels, and as expected of Landspinners are capable of 360 rotation and about 20 degrees more of moving to the left or right. While not really functional, they do serve to make the Club more balanced.You’ll also find two more wheels on the Club’s feet (thus solving the question of how do Knightmare Frames skate so fast with what appears to be only one wheel, for those of you who haven’t had any Knightmare Frame models or kits), but those are non-movable.

You can also use the Landspinners to extend the Club’s kicking range. From what is shown in-series during a particular episode, those wheels leave more than just skid marks…


Forth Eorlinga- erm, wait... I'm sorry, Director, what were my lines again?

The Club also comes with a single activated Blaze Luminous shield. In this case I think one is good enough, since hardly anyone would want to pose with two. It also allows you to do some “cool” charging poses; again, this is made quite the feat if not downright impossible thanks to those two shin guards.

Bandai, your only major failing in this model kit is turning out to be a bloody costly one… =_=|||


Haha, punk'd! I've got TWO Harkens, foo'!



The last of the accessories included, excluding the eight hand parts, are an extended Harken and a Harken in firing mode. The extended Harken is commonly used in the Code Geass continuity as a cutting blade, while the fired Harken is a ranged throwing knife with all the lethality of an anti-tank RPG. Unfortunately, this is a matter of real-life physics; no matter how much you twist and turn, the fired Harken and its cheap metal-frame wire will never reach 1/10 on the epic scale as compared to watching it fire out in the TV series. I much rather prefer to keep it straight and pointing at a faraway target, LOL.

About the Harkens, you might remember the Lancelot having four, with two on its hip and when in storage form, look exactly like those parts on the Club’s hip section. The Code Geass Wiki states that the Club only has two, and no parts are given for the second set of Harkens if they ever did exist.

Once again, the Western gaming industry’s inability to properly import a majority of fan-centric games are biting the fans in the ass now. SRW fans, you guys best know what I’m talkin’ about…


And you got this out of which household dustbin...?

Welcome to my fail attempt at making a page template in under five minutes. I really wish someone would make a 3rd-party militaristic font for DL so I won’t have to waste time doing vectors.

Also, while you can open the cockpit, there’s not much in the way of details inside except for the seat. Well, they didn’t give you a little Rai figure to put in there too, so that point is moot.


Here's one for Shin Getter VS Neo Getter fans. Awesome show, that one. SRW on the DS needs Neo Getter and STORM. I wonder if we'll have anymore chances after SRW L...

Sorry guys, I forgot to take some Heat Horn/Bakunetsu God Finger pictures. Maybe next time.

The Verdict:

Well anyways, the Lancelot Club (I got mine at S$40.00) is a decent Robot Spirits figurine. Actually, for S$40.00 it’s a pretty good figurine with quite some bang for its buck, but if you have to get it for more than S$55.00 or S$60.00, I’ll urge you to consider another kit that you like better. Unless you’re a Code Geass fan or a Rai fanboy, the Club might not be to your liking, because of that whole front shin guard thing. It might not  look like much, but play around with it and you’ll notice that it really limits your choices.

But for S$40, I got a shitload of accessories, a really cool-looking unit, and quite a nice toy; if I had a di:Stage as well, my number of possible cool poses you probably increase by half. The only things that could have made it better were fully operable Factsphere sensors (the Club has them on its shoulder armor, supposedly under the red parts), that extra rifle I was talking about, and those damned shin guards. Then, I wouldn’t have minded paying S70.oo. But then, I would’ve probably found something new to bitch about. <_<|||



  1. Pretty damn maneuverable. And it doesnt suffer from strike syndrome!
    I really should invest in a Robot Spirits model…

  2. I have never seen a Knightmare Frame, model kit, figurine or Robot Spirits otherwise, that suffers from the Strike Syndrome LOL.

    But if you have the cash for a Robot Spirits, you should save it for something else unless you’re practically fanwhoring over your choice. Twice now I’ve had my legs swept out form under me in various ways by the Robot Spirits line… as the Lancelot Club can attest to the latest attempt.

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