Gundam Fiesta 2010 @ Compass Point

September 4, 2010

All that power doesn’t matter… if you can’t land any hits on me!

Full Frontal, Gundam Unicorn episode 2

What did the anime industry do to my Brokeback Air Force?! D:

Well, not that it isn’t cute, but seriously, Japan, is there nothing you cannot make into little girls?

Well, anyways, it might be a week late, but here is B-07’s report on the happenings of the Gundam Fiesta 2010 at Compass Point, Singapore! 😀

Not actually a report per se, but more of like a sparsely documented joyride. I mean, sure, it has Gundams and model kits and stuff, but what I thought wasn’t possible last year has happened: BB Senshi is now occupying half the Fiesta complex. Not that I’m dissing the Sangokuden line, but I would really be taken to it if Bandai would sell fully scaled Sangokuden models… without all the anime wide-eyedness, of course (have you seen the Sangokuden Gerbera Tetra!)

That, and I was on a semi-high admiring the usual excellent display of custom jobs, all of which I were unable to get pictures that you could call “decent”. Also, I’ve decided not to take a few photos largely because they same items on display last year were here this year as well, including the “door guardian statutes” models of 00 Riser, RX-78-2 and Char’s Zaku.


We start with a rather off-the-side display of some… well, according to the wordings on those patches they’re Bandai employee patches. I quite rather doubt they’re in use by Bandai and are more probably based off the Earth Federation’s Army patches (who would bother looking for them in-series anyways?)

But yes, focus too much on the Gunpla, and you’ll probably have slipped pass this one. It’s to the left of the side entrance (once again flanked by they giant Gundam and Char’s Zaku).

gundam,fiesta,2010,mould,machine,bandai,behind the curtains,lol,epic,model,kit

You guys might remember this one; the Gunpla manufacturing machine, in all of its 1/144 glory. I still want one… also, has anyone noticed the resemblance to White Base yet, or am I an idiot for pointing it out?

gundam,fiesta,2010,gunpla,moulds,plastic,bandai,behind the curtains

Even easier to miss are these are some of the metal moulds used in the creation of all the bits and pieces on Gunpla runners, created by mould-making machines; they’re just right beside the entrance you will run pass in order to get to the BB Senshi area. :>

“Finishing done by hand”, eh? Well that’s one way of keeping the employment up…

gundam,fiesta,2010,boxart,gundam x,victory gundam,god gundam,zeta gundam,turn a gundam,zz gundam,wing gundam,destiny gundam,first grade,rx-78-2,rx-78-2 30th anniversary version

More noticeable is this collection of 1/144 First Grade kits. You know, like those they give out to the kids to speed-assemble during the Fiesta. Bandai must have a hell lot of stocks to get rid off.

The First Grade kits are good to practice a 1337 paint job on, but the thing is missing articulation like a sculpture does. I for one don’t look too kindly on First Grade model kits.

gundam,fiesta,2010,mobile,mobile suit gundam,rx-78-2,spam,master grade,perfect grade,hguc

Of course, what would be a Gundam Fiesta without a customary and conspicuous display of RX-78-2 model kits young and old, big and small?

I must say though that the Bandai’s new Real Grade line is really impressive. I hope this isn’t just some one-shot endeavour at the last vestiges of Gundam 30th Anniversary (I could sure use a RG Nu Gundam, haha!)

gundam,fiesta,2010,real grade,gunpla,1_144,rx-78-2,rg

And of course, more RX-78-2 spam, as well as that enlarged mock-up of the Real Grade line’s inner frame. Funny how I feel comfortable only by calling it the RX-78-2 now that its official name of “Gundam” has become a blanket term for the entire franchise.

gundam,fiesta,2010,zaku,rifle,machinegun,gn-x,astray mirage frame,mod,astray blue frame,master grade

The display of custom models are well spaced-out from each other this time. This is the one closest to the RX-78-2 gallery, featuring a gigantic Zaku 120mm rifle, a GN-X with the Astray Mirage Frame’s head, and an Astray Blue Frame, um, Second Issue, was it? I’m losing track of all these re-markets of old models…


Another nice custom job. Might not be visually imposing, but it does create a nice, realistic image of the Zaku in downtime.


GP-01-Fb in a “demonstration colors” scheme (orange seems to be a favourite of such “test type” schemes) and this one makes use of the entire kit to stimulate a hangar environment. Quite awesome, to say the least.

gundam,fiesta,2010,custom,mod,gunpla,sinanju,gouf custom,gouf,zaku,guntank,mobile suit gundam,gundam unicorn

An overpowered Sinanju, alongside two Goufs and a Zaku trying to keep the Guntank from stealing their pop tarts. I don’t think I took pictures of all the user-submitted contents, just ones that caught my eye because they stand out so much from behind the glass. These two were quite near to the section dedicated to promoting Gunpla Builders (you know, Bandai’s attempt to destroy Nintento’s monopoly on the market of collectible battle, um… thingys).

gundam,fiesta,hi-nu gundam,beginning gundam,mokei senshi gunpla builders,gunpla builders,2010

Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders goodness, featuring the Hi-Nu Gundam (left) in Gunpla Builders colors, and the new Beginning Gundam created for the sole purpose of being the protagonist of the show.

In all honesty, not only do they make the G.B. Hi-Nu here carry the Nu Gundam’s color scheme, they even assign it a bratty rich kid to be its pilot! Ribbon’s status as an Amuro clone to be beaten down by the second newest Gundam protagonist on the block can still be explained as a simple homage to Gundam, but this! What are you trying to imply here, Bandai?!

But, well, depending on how they’re portrayed in the show, opinions might turn. I’m in need of a Nu Gundam or associated variants and an MG might be too costly… LAWL!

gundam,fiesta,2010,unicorn gundam,gundam unicorn,nd-t,gundam unicorn destroy mode

This year, joining the mega-models of Rx-78-2, Char’s Zaku and 00 Raiser is Unicorn Gundam. He looks cooler than all three combined. Yeah I said that and I ain’t taking it back!

But it doesn’t matter. He’s still not awesome enough to be on my immediate buy list. Harute Gundam and the GN-XIV in the up and coming 00 movie, however, are. 😀

gundam,fiesta,2010,sd,gundam 00,over flag,gundam exia,mobile suit gundam,guntank,rx-78-2,guncannon,gundam zeta,hyaku shiki

A display of a new brand of figurines featuring a new form of SD Mobile Suits. They did appear on Ngee Khiong before, but for the life of me I can’t remember their brand names…

gundam,fiesta,2010,robot,spirits,tamashii,zegapain,turn a gundam,kapool,full metal panic,bonta-kun

Robot Spirits goodness. Turn A and Kapool were pretty much guaranteed (we just didn’t know when), but I’m betting Zegapain came as a surprise for some. As for Bonta-kun, it would have been a surprise if it were first in the [SIDE AS] line, but the chance was always there since Bandai announced the Arbalest. After all, Bonta-kun is a legitimate Arm Slave in the Full Metal Panic-verse, in the size of powered armor. Despite its humourous creation, the canonicity of Bonta-kun is never questioned…

Nonetheless, the Bonta-kun is a must-have for Full Metal Panic fans.

gundam,fiesta,2010,robot,spirits,tamashii,cherudim,SAGA,7,guns,gundam 00

But in my eye, this thing takes the cake. Robot Spirits Cherudim SAGA has been touted by many to be the best choice of release ever by fans of Gundam 00 and its various side stories, and I’m one of them.

Unfortunately, knowing Bandai’s track record of milking something popular for all its worth, Gen. Raisha of Silent Stronghold has persuaded me to wait for a while before purchasing this spectacularly designed machine. Also unfortunately, I must agree with him; first for the aforementioned reason and secondly, even though I myself do not believe in a high probability of model kit for the SAGA, there is no major loss to be had from waiting (unlike Volk’s tendency to release limited numbers of their TSF line when they know people want those models the most) and in regards to some of Bandai’s limited releases as well. So, wait I shall.

gundam,fiesta,2010,gundam 00,full armor unicorn gundam,arios ascalon gundam,gundam unicorn,gundam fix figuration,robot spirits,robot tamashii

GFF Full Armor Unicorn Gundam from Gundam Unicornand Arios Ascalon from Gundam 00. While I’m not so hot on FA Unicorn, Arios Ascalon is the stuff of “fearsome-looking, balls-to-the-wall high-speed combat”-centric kind of design. But once again, we all know Bandai’s capability. So a purchase on hold it shall be.

gundam,fiesta,2010,kshatriya,sinanju,rezel,commander,type,stark,jegan,geara zulu,sauper,loto,unicorn gundam,delta plus,sd gundam,bb senshi unicorn gundam

On the subject of Unicorn, the Gundam Fiesta 2010 came during a time of extreme anticipation of Unicorn’s second episode. The Fiesta was half-BB Senshi, a quarter Unicorn, and a quarter everything else Bandai. I’m not complaining though, which I why I took this shot of all the Mobile Suits in Unicorn so far. It’s a great display, if you ask me.

Also, has anyone else noticed that SEED v.s. ASTRAY has been gone; and not just “no new model kits or updates”, but gone as in “no news at all” since the end of last year? LOL.

gundam,fiesta,2010,mg,master grade,wing gundam,wing gundam ver ka,deathscythe gundam,deathscythe gundam endless waltz

Part of the Master Grade display included the recently minted Wing Gundam and Deathscythe (Katoki Ver.). The other MGs on display were almost the same as last year’s, so you guys already know. MG The O was one of the newer ones, but I forgot to take a picture of him though…

‘Though, I’ve always found it weird that the same person responsible for many of the designs of Virtual On (that mecha fighting game where the robots behave more like Street Fighter on a glucose high than standard robots) would come up with relatively “tame” designs; at least, tame, when you compare Deathscythe EW with the show’s Deathscythe, as well as the fact that the other Gundams of the Wingverse were all highly stylised even before their upgrades.

gundam,fiesta,2010,malaysian gundams,tuah gundam,jebat gundam,pendekar soldiers,nice one guys,awesome,epic,sd,bb senshi

Just for fun, I took a shot of this BB Senshi set.

Tuah Gundam’s awesome fringe is a fringe I’d love to have.

gundam,fiesta,2010,silentstronghold,gundam girls,pimp cast

And of course, where Gen. Raisha walks, we’re sure to find girls. I’m pretty sure they weren’t there at the last Gundam Fiesta… must be his Miki-sense.

gundam,fiesta,2010,group picture,hangar bay b-07,silentstronghold,musica,falsez

And of course, upon Gen. Raisha’s insistence, we created a far better commemorative moment than the last Fiesta. From left to right, you have the field commander, the general, the admiral, the guerilla commander and the guerilla commander’s oft-missing second-in-command. Motley, to say the least. But with all due respect, we lack copious amounts of red tape and can get deployed in the time it takes for you to say “TOPGUN”.

Alas that we went on the first Saturday. Word has it that the last day was the real smash hit of the entire Fiesta. Well, can’t have everything in life.

So, who’s going to AFA 2010? 😀



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  2. The second last picture is absolute ❤
    Onwards to AFA people! =D

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