B-07 Anniversary

July 27, 2010

“Don’t try and wake me like that. I keep a knife in my boot, you know…”

It was on the 28th of July, 2008, that Hangar Bay B-07 was contructed out of baling wire, spit, and the odd clothes hanger, so on this day, let’s have a celebratory posting of WTF pictures. Not even internship can stop me from prowling the internetz!


But it’s still cute… right? Right?


And this is where Trombe! starts playing, and all those villians really should be running.

mahiroo,turn a gundam,flat,kapool,turn,a,gundam,firing,beam,rifle,lol,squad,wrong,wrong,place,time

They are going to Mount Doom Agrippa to throw down the Dark Lord Sauron Ghingnham and his Ring of Doom X.


Internship will not stop me from preparing for 2012 either (as well as the final episode of Gundam Unicorn). I was going to do a Muv-Luv one after watching Marimo get… well, Marimo’d, but I don’t have time to do templates and to date I cannot bring myself to cut a picture of Yoroi (those damned trans-dimensional genderbenders!)… I mean, Meiya Mitsurugi in twain to fit in those template boxes (warning: all three links NSFW unless you work at âge).

And lastly, let us celebrate the moment by having a dance featuring Felderich Jack Ronde de Bushcown and all of his previous incarnations:


What is BUSHCOWN? Baby don’t PHAILVOID me, don’t PHAILVOID me, no more~♫

And take note, fellow comrades, there is another Gunpla event at Compass Point this year; it is appetizer, however, compared to AFA 2010. Yes, you heard me right. AFA 2010.



One comment

  1. lolz, ironically I just had squid ink pasta the week before. Ech.
    Anyway, congrats on 2 years (I think) of crazy random exploitive military prowness! If only Isaac was an active blogger, we’d have one more cheese to our cracker. XD
    Oh ya, send me the template for the zombie survival chart. I just had a brainwave overload.
    Sieg B-07!

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