July 16, 2010

“I alone have the right to judge all of humanity!”

Rau Le Cruset, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Not worth putting any other kind of quote here.

Name is censored (even though most would know if they’ve read the papers) to prevent potential legal bullshit. Even if it would be worth the prison stay for slander, I can’t pay the fine that follows!

troll in real life irl

Thusly, B-07’s strategic forecaster Mr. Stin speaks under an alias:

CSI 4 Pane Comics meme lol

With great interest, I note that the letter has all the makings of a self-convinced internet troll, who has, as usual, forgotten all but his own POV. If you’re smart, you’ll spend a few minutes thinking about the human-vs-animal argument in his work, and the rather glaring fact that normal modern dog owners don’t discipline their pets by subjecting them to a colony drop.

By his logic, I should have set the Death Star unto my sister’s hamster, because to it my fingertip looks just like a crunchy seed. But it’s so cute, dawwww….



  1. If you dont train the hamsters now, they’ll grow to be like Isaac’s canal tortoise. XD
    Then again, this whole ‘animal cruelty’ vs. ‘animal slaughter for the good of mankind’ thing has been going on for decades ever since the arrival of the hippies.
    Needless to say crows culled and bugs gassed, like in monster hunter, were posing a threat and needed to be dealt with short of an ion cannon.
    And where controversy follows, so do the trolls. =3

  2. Monday’s news has a new letter to respond to that. šŸ˜€

    I say this guy is actually a deep sea sponge, which explains the hypocrisy. Begone, demons of deep-sea unholy veg.!!. :d

  3. lol, so what kind of fish did the trollbait reel in this time round?

  4. Mmm. :d

    As of Monday, fire-roasted hypocritical deep-sea bottom feeders. (:Dc

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