June 24, 2010

“That’s only mildly funny as a joke, Sergeant. If we really did up and left, they’re going to publicly hang every last one of us in their town if they catch us.”


Well, well. It seems my internship is starting soon. Tomorrow I’ll find out where and when I’ll be working, so unfortunately, I don’t think any model kit/mech anime articles are going to be updated anytime soon (and no, I WILL NOT be saying anything about Melody of Oblivion. ‘Nuff said).

Meanwhile, amuse yourselves with the last of my pictures from the funny stash. Probably not going to have any new ones anytime soon.


It’s probably not intentional… but it’s an Engrish moment nonetheless.


It had to be done. I swear.

fsjal,lolface,rageguy,gundam zz

The Nahel Argama crew do go about their job quite animatedly…

Props to those who can identify the three memes in there.

The Gundam model kit scene is set to heat up soon with kits of the 00 movie undoubtedly in planning, and those of you who visit Ngee Khiong’s have no doubt caught wind of the two new Robot Spirits for the Arios Ascalon and Cherudim SAGA. Silent Stronghold reckons that a 1/144 model kit of the RS kits might soon be on its way, so I’ll keep my cash around and see what happens next. I myself am more interested in the newest Muv-Luv item announced. Sure, it’s a LIMITED item and thus highly unlikely to be obtained by me, but my curiosity is the master of me when it comes to giant robots.

As for those of you who prefer more exotic stuff, there’s always the BB Senshi line. 😀



  1. Ass-slut knife. ME GUSTA.
    I seriously hope Ascalon does make it to the 1/144. If Bandai wants money, make me that kit and not soem bloodeh’ powered suit Guti.

  2. The Guti is- I’m sorry, WAS some last-ditch attempt to save SEED Frame from the bin by adding in Victory Gundam-era designs. Alas, the last two Astray Frame designs are doomed to die in obscurity. :/

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