Gathering of the Inner Circle (pt. Gaiden)

March 22, 2010

“‘Regret is a waste of time. You can think about how to make it not happen next time, but don’t waste time brooding about what if it didn’t happen.'”


Unfortunately, due to random and negative circumstances involving a falling colony, forty Desolator Troopers, a rigged AK-47 and seven ounces of vodka, the current Coalition inclusive of Silent Stronghold’s General Raisha, Falsez from the Guerilla Muppet’s Republic Of Freedom For Mudkips, the Unnamed Individual known as The Butcher and Hangar Bay B-07 could not immediately go to part 4 of the Gathering at the Butcher’s base. Therefore, Gen. Raisha saw it fit to instead divert to B-07 again for a mini-joint exercise.

Courtesy of that fact, this side-story will be hosted on B-07 files regardless of whether Gen. Raisha sees fit to upload another copy on the Stronghold network.

By now the drill was well-known; In yet another simulation run on Red Alert 2, Falsez got the thankless task of defending everyone from the Brutal A.I. army by soaking up attacks while the rest of us spent our own sweet time teching up to the Weather Control Station. The difference this time was that The Butcher was participating, and while he was a skilled individual fighter, it seems that troop command was a first for him; a slaughter was narrowly avoided with the help of six IFVs, though the damage has been done. The second simulation run saw better results; this time the thankless task was given to B-07 (unfortunately for the A.I., because an ironclad rule to spam IFVs was quickly implemented amongst everyone) and the damage was well-contained. It was also revealed at this battle that Falsez had mastered the art of money-laundering by sending spies into enemy Ore Refineries, and that throughout the past few joint exercises he was actually rolling in Soviet vodka money and them some.

The joint military exercise was quickly followed by a separate session at the shooting range. Alas, the Butcher turned out to have been suffering from AK Tunnel Syndrome and the shooting session was soon dropped. All in all an uneventful day, though we did manage to introduce to the second guerilla of Coalition the advantages of a permanent military retinue. It remains to be seen however, if he will decide on whether a permanent guard or raising Soviet corpses for his march upon Retanica’s stronghold, which thankfully has been silent for months thanks to some unexpected espionage from Falsez.

With the coming of Gen. Raisha, the garage fairies also came out to play. While I am thankful for their impeccable assistance in all B-07 matters, I wish they didn’t drop the spanner on my toe that many times…

The patron saint(s) of ammunition have arrived!

The summoner and co-spellcasters are exempt from showing their immense gratitude.

Patron saints they may be...

There’s a child in each of us! Even for children!

He's not one of the fairies, but he's a kind of fairy nonetheless.

Thank god his elder form eschews guns for big claws. And lasers…

The fairies have a tendency to catch lesser fairies and subject them to bodily pressure...

…Though they do it just for the bloody fun of it. No Mokyuus were harmed in the taking of this picture.

All in all, just like the title suggests. A part 4 is in doubt, though, with new intel that the deadly pair (see fortress entry above) will be returning soon.

The only problem left is the construction of the Super VF-25S. Due to yet another incident regarding a Rotom, four bowls of black sesame paste, a custom Steyr-AUG loaded with glue rounds and Angry Nomo, the construction will regrettably not be able to enter final phase by this Friday.



  1. […] a week back during one of the minor Joint Military Exercises, CF recommended to me a manga which he had so as to satisfy my harem craving ever since To Love […]

  2. rofl! we should have another one soon. Hopefully William will be free to invite us over for a rematch of kfc 300 and all that kind of shit. XD

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