B-07 Hall Of Fame: Top Thirty Best Real Robots[2]

March 8, 2010

“A small victory in the midst of defeat. I’m sorry to set you two to work again, but Mendez could use some help at the triage centres. Take a break if you have to, but make it quick.”

Oh hohohoho, lucky, just popped into the nearest shop a day ago to find a 1/144 Blu Duel sitting on the shelf. I could have sworn it wasn’t there the last time I went…

And we continue on with the next ten in the Top 30 Hall of Fame Real Robots for B-07. There are two particular entries you might want to take note here (from the Code Geass and Eureka 7 series); some might question if mechs from those two series even obey the basic laws of physics, but however tenuous, the link is there. If you have suggestions otherwise don’t hesitate to voice them out.

And without further ado…

Entry #11: [Knightmare Frame] Type-0/0A Shinkirou

Pictures: 1, 2

Video: Starting from 0:19

Point To Prove: The Shinkirou takes the cake as one of the coolest Knightmare Frames designed in Code Geass R2. Aside from being decked out in an eye-catching scheme of black and gold, the Shinkirou has a menacing visage and powerful armaments to boot. Its Structural Phase Transition Cannon (which most fans might remember more literally as “that crazy chest laser” or “Zero Beam”) is one of the most unfair wide-area effect weapons EVER. If you thought the Strike Freedom was h@xxing with its multiple beam cannons, wait till you catch the Shinkirou in action, who needs only one cannon to wreck about as much destruction in equivalent terms. And that’s not talking about its Absolute Defense Territory energy shield, which could probably give the plot armor in the SEEDverse a good run for its money.

Zero putting the Shinkirou in extremely super-robot-esque poses also helps too. After all, it’s good to seek refuge in over-the-top dramatism… well, once in a while.

Entry #12: [Arm Slave] M9D Falke

Pictures: 1, 2

Video: Till 1:19.

Point To Prove: The M9D Falke might not be as well-known or as powerful as the Arbalest from Full Metal Panic, but it certainly is one of the most intimidating. Made as a prototype to house mass-produced technology derived from the Arbalest’s tech, it was instead remodeled into simply being a faster and more powerful cousin of Mithril’s M9E Gernsback. Like all Arm Slaves it houses close to none on-board weapons, but as the machine for Mithril’s Arm Slave squad leader Belfangan Clouseau, even the fists of this mech of the night become a potent weapon to be feared.

Of course, this does not include the single slap in the face in the entire series that is the Lamda Driver which allows people to demolish entire squads of cutting-edge Arm Slaves with the POWER OF IMAGINAAAA-TION, but even without that cheat-box, the Falke still kicks much ass.

Entry #13: [Tactial Surface Fighter] F-22 Raptor EMD Phase

Pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4


Point To Prove: The Raptor EMD Phase  is a dark-blue Engineering, Manufacture and Design variant of the F-22 from Muv-Luv: Total Eclipse, one of a handful of side-stories aimed at introducing non-mainstream TSFs. You can call it the Muv-Luv equivalent of various Mobile Suit Variation series introduced alongside Sunrise’s animated Gundam works. Based off the initial production real-world Raptors, which were given the designation of EMD to indicate their status as aircraft for final testing, the Raptor EMD Phase is the middle stage for the F-22A line, the bridge between the YF-22 series and the production F-22As seen in the original Muv-Luv Alternative.

As a third-generation TSF, the Raptor EMD Phase refined many of the concepts first introduced in the YF-22, and those produced were also used as test machines by US military units to develop and refine stealth-based combat tactics.  The Raptor EMD Phase’s dark color scheme combined with its angular design and its rather inhuman visage (try counting the number of eyes, go on) only serves to further its original role; the extermination of all BETA on Earth, and if, or when the possibility arises, the suppression of human-based elements hostile to the USA.

Entry #14: [Mobile Suit] MSZ-006A1(MSK-006) Zeta Plus A1 [Amuro Ray Test Type Colors]

Pictures: 1, 2


Point To Prove: It seems like many of the mechs I pick turn out being real unknowns in the world of animation… anyways, this is the Zeta Plus A1. The Gundam Sentinel novels introduced a remarkable number of Zeta Plus variants as mass-produced versions of the AEUG Zeta Gundam, and much like real-world aircraft, all of the variants have a specific role to fulfil. The Plus A1 is an exclusively atmospheric-use Zeta Plus model, and of all the coolsome Plus variants, the A1 in its test-type colors caught my eye.

The difference in each Plus variant is subtle, if not downright nonexistent sometimes. However, the A1 in Amuro Ray’s color scheme not only makes the design highly distinct, its detail-laden frame is like seeing a Katoki-designed Zeta Gundam. Add to that that normal combat-use A1s are gray through and through, and the A1 test-type colors will seem infinitely more appealing.

Entry #15: [Light Finding Operation] Terminus typeB303 Devilfish

Pictures: 1

Video: 2:32-2:56, 3:04-end

Point To Prove: The Devilfish is the strongest LFO any viewer will see in Eureka 7. Fast, deadly and on a whole different combat level than any other LFO, KLF and Scab Coral Antibody, the Devilfish is the Strike Freedom of the Eureka 7 series, minus the plot armor which is replaced by pure skill, awesomeness, and because lacking a built-in limiter, a rather dubious pilot performance-boosting drug to be taken by the pilot. Prolonged use not advised.

Holland Novak gets the Devilfish when his Terminus typeR909 is destroyed during a major battle between the Antibodies, Gekkostate and the United Federation of Predigo Towers (phew!). Like how the Terminus series were built as high-performance LFOs for the military, the Devilfish is intended to be the “king” of the Terminus series; decked out in shiny silver and sporting an angular and reflective design, capable of full performance under any environment and carrying powerful high-output beam weapons, the Devilfish is truly deserving of its status as the ultimate LFO crafted by humans.

Entry #16: [Variable Fighter] VF-2SS Valkyrie II

Pictures: 1


Point To Prove: Ok, first off, to prevent any misconceptions, I HAVE NOT WATCHED MACROSS II before. NOT A SINGLE MINUTE OF IT.

The only reason the Valkyrie II is here is because I fell in love with the design the moment I saw it. The best design of the original Macross in my honest opinion is the VF-1S; perhaps because its pilot is Roy Fokker, perhaps because I liked its overall look. Whatever it had, the Valkyrie II took those traits, cleaned and refined them, and presented it to me in a sparkling package; small wonder I liked it from the get-go. It’s sleek, its frame has a distinct VF-1 ancestry, and it has everything the VF-1 has and more. Sure, it’s not by Shōji Kawamori , but that shouldn’t be a reason to not like it.

Entry #17: [Gun UNit Heavy Elimination Device] GUNHED

Pictures: 1, 2, 3

Video: See the GUNHED in all of its live-action glory!

Point To Prove: The GUNHED. Just by looks alone, one can call it a common grandfather of Eureka 7’s LFOs and what can only be described as what early prototypes of Armored Cores would have looked like. Guess who’s the designer? No cookies for winners though, he’s been mentioned on this page already.

The main mech of a 1989 movie by the same name, the GUNHED is quite an old-school design; it does look good even like that however, and the manga rendition takes its originally boxy frame and spruces it up to give a design that looked capable of 200km/h on bumpy terrain. ‘Course the manga probably took some liberty in the portrayal of certain mechanics, but it was all done well and you have to remember the GUNHED more or less had its dual tank-mech nature in the life-action movie already. It certainly puts G-Savior to shame…

Entry #18: [Armored Core] Rosenthal CR-Hogire Noblesse Oblige

Pictures: 1, 2


Point To Prove: Recently I decided to do some mech-drawing; central to the themes were “mass-production” and “top-tier fighter”. I ended up with something that had the upper body of the Tieren and the lower body of a TSF, and the worst part is, it didn’t match. Ugh.

So imagine my surprise when I laid eyes on the Oblige. It had exactly the same kind of design I used (just infinitely more detailed, par on course), but there was something about it that melded together perfectly, as though every part of the machine was custom-built to very specific demands. The first picture link provides more reasons to fall in love in the design; regardless, the Oblige carries around it an aura of superiority that only a retard of a pilot would ignore, at their own peril. I am not even remotely familiar with its history, but there is no doubt that the Oblige is a winner, both in design and in real-time battle.

No prizes as to who designed it now. 😉

Entry #19: [Personal Trooper] RPT-007K-P1 Gespenst Mk. II Custom [Kai Custom]

Pictures: 1, 2

Video: Starts at 3:05

Point To Prove: Kai Kitamura, a Banpresto character created for their Original Generations series. Alternatively, he is known as Colonel Badass, Master Asia’s drinking buddy, Epic Husband-Dad and the wielder of the official Double Banpresto Hand Crash.

As a testament of his prowess, in OG Gaiden Kai debuts with the… aforementioned machine (hooray for ridiculously long and redundant names!) The Kai Custom is one of a handful of remodeled Gespenst Mk. IIs for higher maneuverability, defense and firepower; in Kai’s case, he swaps out most of the original long-ranged weaponry in favour of additional close-combat armaments, which allows Kai to pull off extremely slick moves with what should be a by-the-book Real Robot. For extra points, the Kai Custom is made from his original, mass-production green Gespenst, which while unique was quite towards the trashy end of the OG units’ hierarchy. Once it gets its upgrades though, the Kai Custom becomes just as capable as any of the unique custom jobs and prototype units you get in the game.

Entry #20: [Valkyrie] RGC-034 Laz Angriff

Pictures: 1, 2


Point To Prove: Armored like a tank, armed like a battleship, and able to maneuver like a stunt bike. This is the summary of what makes up the Laz Angriff, one of the heaviest, longest-ranged unit to ever appear in the Super Robot Taisen series. Chunky mechs galore!

Ok, so the stunt bike part is subjective to the pilots inside this bipedal tank. However there is no doubt once you take a look at it that the Laz Angriff is designed to crush whatever resistance it might encounter from afar. Likewise, its close-combat capabilities and weapons are only at the bare minimum, but with all that ammunition to throw at an opponent, it’ll be a miracle if a salvageable wreck is still present once the Laz Angriff is done with its work.

And thus we have come to the last ten, the designs that I give full respect to. Some of them might be shocking, but hey, maybe after giving them a closer look, you’d start to like them too.


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