DaiMeatshield-NijuIchi, TENZAN!

January 19, 2010

“Seems like this is it. If we’re taking them out, then we need to do it now, Captain.”

Epicgasm. Sweet gods, such art and storyline set in such a Crapsack World that it’s not funny. Yet it manages to be so awesome. AhhHHhhhh…

Remember to give Gen. Raisha’s MuppetJester, alternatively known on Gen. Raisha’s personnel list as Falsez, some visitor love. His blog runs on external motivation. Preferably, you should offer web link gifts of DoTA replays consisting of Tiny and Techie tag-teaming, or Meepo ownages.

He also does sum model kits; if you’re a Zeon fan, do send him pictures of you stepping on GM Ground Types. If you’re a Feddie fan, email him screenshots of MSG 0080’s first episode that contain aquatic mobile suits.


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