[GUNPLA] GN-009 Seraphim Gundam 1/144

January 9, 2010

“We will not guide humanity. We will create a future together with mankind. This is the path that we, the Innovades, should take!”

Tieria Erde, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 2, Episode 24

For a more comprehensive review that actually focuses on its weapons systems, refer to here. The 00 Gundam series has been the source of much rejoicing and cursing for model kit collectors, largely because Bandai seems to have adopted a “jump the gun” attitude for producing 00 kits and would make a new version of an existing Gundam once it appears, notwithstanding the fact that two episodes down the road said Gundam gets an upgrade/gimmick/etc and they re-release it with that gimmick.

The 1/144 Seraphim is the product of one such incident. Whether its worth the price to purchase seperately I leave it up to you, but I for one feel that unless you have the Seravee(any variations) and you’re the type to got for complete collections, I suggest you hold on while I go search for more worthy purchases to recommend to you for the sake of parts-sharing. If you want the Tieria combo and you’ve got the cash for the 1/100 version, go for it. Or if you have neither the 1/144 Seraphim or Seravee and want both, go for the GNHW/B Seravee, to get double the parts to play with.

Mind you, I was given the Seravee way before the 00 1/144s got their fifty different variations and then some, so “UM, YEAH…” if what I just said comes across as a bit heavy-handed.

Hi, welcome to the opening of Tieria's GN Armory! For Lv. 1 Beginners we have some basic swords...


– GN Cannons x2

– GN Beam Sabres x2

– Trial System (Not shown)

Summary: A third-generation improved unit, the GN-009 Seraphim is the spiritual successor of the GN-004 Nadleeh, and the carrier of both the Seravee’s GN Drive and the Trial System, which allows Tieria to shut down all units connected to Veda, Celestial Being’s supercomputer. As a secret unit that is usually seen as the Seravee’s backpack, the Seraphim is full of surprises, the capability to separate from the Seraphim and fight independently being one of them. The Seravee’s over-the-shoulder GN cannons also happens to be the Seraphim’s arms, and whatever weapons the Seravee possesses can be used by the Seraphim as well. First deployed during Tieria’s fight with the Innovade Bring Stabity, its deployment marks yet another trump card the ousted Celestial Being has up its sleeves, and one of the deadliest. It makes no indication of being able to support use of the GN Field unlike the Seravee, but with all indications, the Seraphim was never made to tank hits from the start.

If you’re tired of the Seravee’s man-thighs, the Seraphim should give you some visual relief. Both units are as similar as Amuro Ray is to Haro, and while the 1/144 Seravee is by no means stiff, compared to it the Seraphim can practically breakdance.


Or maybe not. Well, not at the breakdance level anyway. As can be seen the Seraphim’s arms are laughably short, and the anime didn’t help comparisons since we get to see Seraphim in all the cool poses. However, you can replicate most of these poses(sans separate hand parts), so it evens out.

The "I-cannot-be-killed-off-for-real" kick!!!!11!1

This is a general display of how flexible the lower body of the Seraphim is. With not-so-obstructive front skirt armor, the Seraphim can nail another Gunpla right in the nuts. Unfortunately it seems that nothing short of an MG actually allows the legs to bend to the sides, so no uber-ed kicks to use for poses.

"Here at the Stadium, we announce the victory of Team Seraphim(s) for the GN World Soccer Championships..."

The Seraphim, courtesy of its flexible legs, can do the seiza… well, it can, but not in this case. There is one overall problem with the Seraphim though, and that’s its balance and its large V-fins. According to a few people I asked, the 1/144 Seraphim seems to share a problem with the backpack of the Seravee; both have loose V-fins, making a battle pose involving them hell to get up. There’s also the problem of breakage since the V-fins aren’t exactly constructed out of the strongest plastics used in Gunpla-making, so be careful when tugging here and there.


The second is the balance problems. The Seraphim itself can stand on its own save if you put it next to a gale, but saddle any weapons on it, and you better be careful which side of your table/shelf ends in a long drop to scrapyard hell.

Break my Seravee? I'll cut ya, you green-haired androgynous meatsack!

I has gun and sword and is not afraid to use them!

As previously mentioned, the Seraphim’s primary armament are its two GN Cannons, which it stores a pair of hands behind its GN Condensers during Cannon mode. The Seraphim can wield beam sabres in close-combat as part of the Seravee’s weapons, making for a very zippy foe with the firepower of a large battleship, not to mention whatever the Seravee has for handhelds.

Be careful of the beam sabres though; you won’t get the Seravee to balance without a stand while wielding the GN Bazooka, but you can with the sabres, and they’re quite loose. Same goes for the bazooka, but to a lesser extent.

GN Dispenser mode, on!

Whatever extra functions the original backpack-form Seraphim had in the Seravee kit is retained here, as one can so clearly see. Unfortunately as mentioned with the V-fin earlier, so do most of the problems. Is it too much to ask for just a few revisions of the runner parts before production…?

This is an example of triple-wielding, originally planned to be in the game...

Reborns Gundam... I am disappoint.

But enough of the grousing and grumbling. The Seraphim, once fixed up to the Seravee, make of a very good sign. IF there’s one thing to watch out for, it’s the increased backpack weight. Though, figuratively and literally speaking, the Seravee finally looks the look with a real Seraphim on its back.

I can do Asymmetrical Docking me!

My handhelds are out of juice! ...Ah, whatever. *pewpewpewpew*

Transformation from the Seraphim with legs and arms to the Seraphim Backpack Cosplay is a simple manner, requiring some bending of the legs and repositioning of the arms. The Seraphim doesn’t give enough parts to support the Seraphim having its own GN Condensers in its arm cannons, but some parts-swapping with the Seravee’s backpack should prove otherwise. Alternatively, you can refer to the topmost link for how it’s done.

The other detail in this I want to highlight is the lack of articulation regarding the GN Cannons if you’re using the real Seraphim as the backpack. Compared to the previous Seravee backpack, the GN cannon is now limited in where it can point, and even provides s minor obstruction to the head.


I’ve been waiting for this for ages.

Touch me not!

..Though, I don’t really recommend it for use with the SRW Fairlions.


Well, it works, so that’s that.

The Verdict:

Not bad, actually, despite some flaws. The Seravee/Seraphim combo has a lot of poseability options and the Seraphim is nowhere near as expensive as its fatter kin, which justifies its lowered price. If there’s one thing, it’s that you cannot replicate fully the Seraphim with GN arm cannons deployed without the Seraphim backpack form the Seravee kit, but you get the beam sabers! Any gimmicks you get with the backpack in Seravee is here in Seraphim as well save for the cannons, but since they point anywhere but front in the anime, there’s really no loss to speak of here; the Seraphim’s delicate balance, how its hands can’t hold the beam sabers tight enough, its V-fin; all there are minor ailments that can be fixed with some DIY(I herd wood glue is very teh good for loose joints).

The only warning I have to give to you is, if you haven’t gotten the 1/144 Seravee yet and is planning to so that you’ll have an excuse to buy the Seraphim, aiming for the GNHW/B version is the most moolah-worthy choice; whatever parts you get in the GNHW/B can be fitted on the Seraphim as well.

And if you’re wondering what the hell is wrong with my Seraphim, I tried to see what would happen if I used a white paint marker before applying a red one on top. Mixed success, to say the least, but I think my technique needs much working on.



  1. It seems either that the Seraphim is activating his trial system (or trans am) or he’s got cool-aid flowing through his veins. XD
    Either way, it works. lolz

  2. If it’s cool-aid, I had better get that baseball bat and $400 for the wall ready. 😦

  3. Hahaha, gaogaigar’s symmetrical docking!

    but won’t work on seravee x seraphim XD

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