[ROBOT魂] Nirvash type TheEND

November 26, 2009

“Did you know? The world is full of hate and there isn’t any reason for it?

Anemone, Eureka 7 TV Series

From the Robot Spirits Side [LFO] line, I bring you the Nirvash type TheEND!

Then again it’s not very surprising. Side [LFO] only has the Nirvash TheEND and typeZERO and the Terminus B303 Devilfish. Not much to go on.


Hi, welcome to Guns 'n Anemone, would you like some blank paper with that?


Rocket Boosted/Close-Combat Grappling Claw x2

Solid-Form Assault Blade x2

Multi-Shot Homing Laser Turret x3 (Not included)

“Vascud Crisis” firing mechanism x2

Multi-Purpose Ski-type Ref Board x1 (x2)


The Nirvash type TheEND is a one-of-a-kind Light Finding Operation unit from the Eureka 7 television series. Intended as the ultimate opposite of the Nirvash typeZERO, the TheEND is armed to the proverbial teeth and  features cutting-edge weapons not found on other KLFs/LFOs, including the firing mechanism for the “Vascud Crisis” energy weapon, the most powerful seen in the series, and the ability to produce the Seven Swell effect, in direct contrast to the typeZERO’s Vahalla Swell. Possessing superior maneuverability and combat capability that is matched only by the Nirvash typeZERO spec2 and the Terminus B303 Devilfish, its speed and dedicated close-combat weapons gives it an edge at melee distance and its rocket-boosted claws allow the TheEND to pull in opponents instead of having to go to them. Its multitude of homing lasers make the TheEND a powerful bombardment/interdiction unit, and nigh unapproachable. Its pilot is one Anemone, an emotionally unstable girl whose sole function could be described as being the TheEND’s pilot, though no opinion of hers was given in that matter. Bloodthirsty, headstrong and unrelenting, Anemone rarely admits defeat and in every sortie with the TheEND, she has made it a constant to maximize the performance of this hunter-killer machine, particularly against the Nirvash typeZERO.


My Nirvash lies over the ocean, my Nirvash lies over the sea...

First words out of my mind after unwrapping it? “Good thing this thing is worth its price.” Because the TheEND costs a hefty S$80.oo. However, what it has in price is paid for by its extremely poseable body and close-to-accurate color scheme. Basically, we’re talking about a reeeeeeally expensive toy, details and gimmicks ahoy.


Brains and hearts in a hump.

The moment you pop open the cockpit hatch of the Nirvash, you’ll see why its so expensive. The TheEND follows its anime design quite closely, and each detail of the cockpit is replicated here. Well, short of Anemone hanging out of that bulb, I’ll-cut-ya eyes darting everywhere. Ugh.


Not an escape pod, people.

These are the back details of the TheEND. Details, details, more details, and they even so kindly made the thrusters moveable, though they didn’t give any extra plastic pieces to double as propellent exhaust.


No! Not the ice-cream truck!

The TheEND’s main weapon is the Vascud Crisis, a powerful energy blast that equals the Positron Laser Cannon. As is seen in the anime, the firing mechanism on the chest has some hijinks to go through before the blast actually occurs. You get to replicate the hijink through parts swapping, and though it looks difficult, the replacing is done surprisingly easily.


Ski holiday package!

Another noticeable feature is the ability for the TheEND’s ref board to split into skis. This greatly increases its maneuverability, but does nothing else. In the anime the Nirvash uses sliders on its ski to move its feet into the position you see in the picture, but asking for that even in the Robot Spirits line would be too much. There are multiple peg holes on the ref board for the TheEND’s feet peg however, so it isn’t much of a problem.

This is also the only way for the TheEND to stand reliably without support.


Ahh, fresh meat!

Details are not the only part of it that makes it so expensive. The TheEND comes with quite a fair bit of extra bitz ‘n piecez. Just before was the Vascud Crisis; shown here are covered metal wires that allow the TheEND to fire its claws out in grappling fashion. The wire is generally stiff enough, though even a small force is enough to get it to bend.

The blades for the claws themselves can be flipped back into “keep” position. The lower claws can only be deployed when on the wire (as per canon), while the upper blades are what the TheEND usually uses in combat.


Going fishing, the Anemone way.

Moar of those bitz ‘n piecez. This here is a sword, or an extremely long knife. Can’t exactly remember which episode the TheEND unsheathed one, but I’m pretty sure its in there somewhere because the TheEND doesn’t appear in the movie. Well, not looking like this anyway.


...and like last year the TheEND is first down the snow mountain, with the typeZERO a close second...

You get two blades. I’m sure that plenty of people can think of  a ton of ninja poses to do with two blades and the TheEND.


Unfortunately, there is only one surf-worthy beach in Eureka 7, and it happens to be under the Scub Coral.

I cannot stress enough, however, that advanced though the Robot Spirits line may be, a Tamashii toy is not something you buy off the local toy shop and give to your kid cousin to fling across the room while giggling madly. It comes pre-assembled and ready to play with, but put it in impossible poses, and you might just snap something.

Still, a Robot Spirits model carries incredible poseability. What you see above is only a fraction of how much the TheEND can bend.


Drop Turn... erm, what was it called again... you know what, screw this, ROLLING BOMBER!

This is perhaps halfway of how much the TheEND can bend. It is not advised that you constantly change it into this pose and beyond however, unless you want loose joints 3 months into ownership.

Speaking of loose joints, the TheEND has several. Its waist joint is one, followed by potential ones in its shoulder joints (mine are wobbly in the right shoulder). They shouldn’t impact your overall enjoyment of the TheEND, but just take note of ’em.


Behold the secret TheEND ninja art... BLAZING SURF!

Some other points that you might want to take into consideration when buying:

– The “red” parts of the TheEND are actually some kind of maroon/purple hybrid.

– The TheEND has no vehicle form unlike typeZERO. Actually I’m not sure if Tamashii typeZERO even has a vehicle form.

– The wheels on its feet do not turn.

– You is no likey soft plastic-type quality.

– There seems to be no presence of the three multi-shot laser turrets Anemone is so find of spamming.

– You are a detail-ist and can’t stand any mecha design that isn’t Katoki-based.

The Verdict:

The TheEND is, at first glance, seemingly a very slick, very awesome-looking machine. It’s a nice jet black, its body details are aplenty, and it comes with plenty of gimmicks. However, one might be disappointed to find out that there is no laser turret, and this one point alone is enough to bring down the rating of the TheEND by a few notches.

Another point to note is the plastic type. Those of you used to Gunpla might be horrified to find that just 5 minutes of handling will give the plastic surface of the TheEND a “blurred” feel from your fingerprints. The plastic isn’t hard either; its soft, and probably prone to notches.

To finish with an uppercut, the TheEND cannot stand on its own because of its back-heavy design. Normally it might not be an issue, but the stand for Robot Spirits is sold independant of the figure… in the case of the TheEND.

And finally, the price. S$ 80 seems to be too much for a kit lacking 2 of its most important details; even Side [KMF] Robot Spirits cost less with more.

So why the TheEND? Well, to put it simply, it’s its posebility. Frankly I can’t imagine an LFO as a model kit (I remember seeing one of a Terminus model a while back) since the incredible dexterity afforded by the Robot Spirits line is, at best, hard to replicate with the hard-but-brittle plastic used in model kits. Also, aside from the aforementioned two points, the TheEND has all of its details reproduced here; getting most of the poses and movements in the anime should be no problem for the TheEND.

I’ll estimate the worth by now to be about S$ 50 to S$ 65, to put it nicely.

It’s impossible to justify the S$ 80 price tag here, but I can close the price gap to end up with about S$ 70 or S$ 75…


Mokyuu! Mokyuu~ mokyuu~

Yep, one free Baby TheEND from the Eureka 7 movie for you to melt all over the floor. Just that he’s not as soft as in the movie, and you get no nude figurine of Anemone and Dominic to fit in B.TheEND’s arms.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t such a good justification. But taking the TheEND into consideration, if you’re a die-hard fan of the TheEND, you should get it for its details, poseability, playabilty, and such. If you’re a causal fan with spare cash, why not get it and give it a try? That’s about how good it is.


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