AFA 2009

November 23, 2009

“It’s not like you to wear such an expression on throughout the morning.”

And… whew. AFA2009 is now over. Well, technically not as I write this, but it is over for me anyway, since I’m not going on the second day.

First impression I got was that there were less figures from other companies. Aside from what was selling last year, this year was Bandai and their Tamashii Nation, the Tokyo Figure Show by Good Smile and Dannychoo.com and other shops selling figures.

Was originally gonna go with a large crowd of people on my side, but in the end it was just Ebon Stronghold and affiliates.

Nevertheless, it was an eye-opener. Lots of new stuff and experiences that can only truly fulfill the definition of “Otaku”, not present last year. Also, an insight into new anime and animation processes. It’s a pity I forgot to charge the camera battery, and was thus forced to ration my shots. Next time though, I’ll go in the morning, because going in the afternoon seems to have dampened my spirits. Let’s start.

Tamashii Nations was a bit of a misnomer in my opinion. Well, not a very huge misnomer, but there were custom model kits up there, so it sorta counts, yes?

Sweet, sweet, Zaku. Always a fan favorite… well, I think it’s a Zaku…

Zeta Gundam striking girly manly poses.

Good fingers with that Destroy.

Astraea Bushido. Hot damn that is one smokin’ Astraea.

A “Limited Edition” Odaiba x Ver. Ka RX-78-2.


ROFL pre-Apsalus I.

Now we come to the real Tamashii part. Unfortunately I was swept up in the man-wave and thus took very few photos. I also didn’t feel the need to take as much, seeing that in recent times Ngee Khiong and related sites have been bringing us Robot Tamashii news faster that you can say Robot, and have better picture quality than photos of reflective glass.

Shinkirou doing what it does best and Nirvash typeZERO enjoying an invisible trapar wave.

Some popular/recent Tamashii releases. Sooooooooper articulated Unicorn Gundaaaamu~

Tamashii Nations stuff. Much Mazinger, Getter Robo, and pre-GaoGaiGar super robot stuff.

Hm, I wish there was a GaoFighGar Robot Tamashii. (:3c

Unfortunately I was just walking around admiring the sights too much to take photos of other Tamashii releases and Bandai stuff. As expected one could spot Figuarts items there, and allocated a small section all by themselves were Kamen Rider items. Didn’t really pay attention to them, since I was busy keeping track of my cousin and his friends to make sure we didn’t look sight of each other. I do know one of them who’s a big fan of Kamen Rider though.

Talking about Kamen Rider brings to mind Decade, and Decade brings to mind SRW. ROFL SRW Decade. (:3c

Figures, Model Kits, ran out of pair-words to say!

The newest Queen’s Blade work, I wager. Cute loli-girl and moe Meido with rocket punch, original design courtesy of Koume Keito-sensei. His art is teh awesome.

Lots and lots of Queen’s Blade figures. I wonder if there were figures of the blacksmith ever made LOL.

Another cute one from the Queen’s Blade series. HNGGGGG SO MOE~

And this is just a random shot, but I thought I saw this exact view back at the Gundam 30th Anniversary. I originally planned to get the Regen Duel, but after seeing the Vent Savior and hearing about how the Astray Mirage Frame is a bastardized Astray (Fifth) Frame, I think I’ll keep my wits and monies around my side for a while longer and see how long will Bandai push their Kamen Astray line. (:3c

Alot of figures on sale. That Moribito Type-II to the bottom left is even more expensive than the Side [LFO] I got. I mean, I know it’s a rare ‘un, but S$98? Oh no. Oh no no no. And this, on top of figures of Kasumi Yashiro and Meiya Mitsurugi from Muv-Luv Alternative and there were… *choke*

Am I cursed, or can I never get a clear, non-blurry shot of her?

Grue attack!

Now I bring you Good Smile x Danny Choo.

IdolM@ster, ne~? 1 of 2 one-off tax payments to Gen. Raisha.

The only reason why there are other Nendoroids in it is because I couldn’t get close enough to snap a good Re Mie shot. I want a Re Mie Nendo so bad I can almost smell the plastic! And why Re Mie of all things, you ask? BECAUSE AT LEAST SHE HAS CHICKEN!

Drossel (with StealthDros II equipped ROFL) in the hot seat, Fate/Stay Night to the left and the Lucky Star cast (Kagamiku almost had me fooled from that angle. Almost.).

Other less mainstream but by no means less in quality figures. The name of that male figurine keeps hanging just out of reach of my mind…

A mess-up, LOL. I wanted to take a picture of the Nanoha cast but got the wrong angle. Poof! Battery went dead-ed. T_T

Chronologically, this is the last photo I took.

Moar IdolM@ster! Tax payment 2 of 2.

Lelouch and Suzaku plotting, albeit in futility, to get at Meiya Mitsurugi for looking more awesome than both of them combined.

Mirai Figma. Not a very clear shot here.

Other booths.

I think this is doll clothing or something similar. Not really sure.

The only shot of the maid cafe I could manage before I vanished underneath the crowddddd~!!!

You know what to make now.

Bonus Tax payment to Gen. Raisha.

Manga stuff.

Aside from that, there were showcasing a new anime title (Summer Wars? No, seriously?), as well as modern how-to regarding manga art, a karaoke section, and a mock-up of an anime studio with recording equipment included, it seems.

It seems that a new brand of TCG just appeared: Weiss Schwarz, a card game of sorts using characters from other series. How it actually works the rules is beyond me and I don’t ever want to get into card collection again, can’t appreciate the intricacy behind it all, but seriously, Fujima Takuya-sensei is reigning 2009 champion of moe artworks.

None-anime stuff were mostly centered around kiddy toys. No, seriously.

All of which I were full able to explore.

Didn’t really walk around much this time round. After being tired out at the start  of the day, I was more than happy to leave navigation to my other companions. Ended up surrendering and sitting down at the empty space behind the chairs for the concert at about 4pm. I guess with events like these you can’t really expect to split the day inbetween this and something else and hope to enjoy it to the fullest.  (:3c

Still, calling it an eye-opener is a bit of an understatement. I’m pretty sure that the maid cafe was one gigantic attraction unto itself being the first of its kind, and the karaoke was just so swamped with people I couldn’t even see the songs on the lower list (There was YOU GET TO BURNING, but no Yuusha-ou Tanjou? (:3c ). I got to hand it to the cosplayer who remixed the entire Lucky Star opening theme. XD

And one more thing, I have to learn how to use the camera properly. Seems like using the flash might actually produce better quality pictures than without.

And now, to tighten my belt and wait for next year. Re Mie shall be mine, ufufufufu~ (:3c



  1. For me AFA was like being a kid in a candy store! So many awesome treats, you don’t really know where to even begin looking!

  2. Truth be told I was itching to try the karaoke and take a close look at the maid cafe, but I just couldn’t bring myself to step close, LOL.

  3. Mmmmm! What starts with the letter ‘N’?



  4. No, I prefer “R” for Re Mie. :d


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