June 5, 2009

“Nothing much, just a sign of thanks to these people. They managed to find it in their hearts to believe us… Someday, if I can… I will return that favour.”

…Hello people.

…I have Linebarrels Of Iron 24 sitting on my desktop.

…but I haven’t had time to summarize it.

…please be patient.

…While I sort out some messes made by Bushcown.

…Mostly spam images and messing around with my emulator game data.

…You can see them below.


Stay off my detergent fix, dammit.

WTF terusama

… Ok I must have taken some crack by accident.


1 credit for 1 upgrade bar.

…Hey, he did something right for once. Though I didn’t really need it… All the fun’s gone when you hack an already-broken game.

^About that, I started a new game yesterday night on the no$gba emulator. Imagine my shock when I found out that one upgrade bar cost one credit. I would have posted this at gamefaqs to see if anyone enountered the same problem before, but I’m not going to make a new account just to do a post. So if you happen to see this and had experience with it before, maybe you could kindly explain it to me? Having GGG and permanent Size Ignore is already a huge boon, this just serves to turn Boss Borot and everyone else into mass-mook-murdering machines by the end of their debut chapter.


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