Yay! I leveled up! So did the boss, dammit, yay!

May 21, 2009

“I can’t see all Alliance soldiers as good… but at least, I will judge them with my own opinions and thoughts. After all… inside, we’re all just humans.”

I had a lifesaving test today. No, REALLY.

I envy admire those people who can just one day walk into the dining room of the house, announce their intention to go into the wilds, walk out, and then return three days later with a shitload of nuts and a half-dozen freshly-skinned rabbits for dinner. BARE-HANDED and -FOOTED.

Or at least, people who look fit enought to do so. I bet they never had that painful feeling of their leg(s) cramping up in their entire lives. It’s like, your kneecap disappears, to be replaced by some kind of steel contraption that fixes your leg in whatever position that you last left it. You straighten out your leg(s) for temporary relief, and when you try to bend it again you feel like your leg(s) is going to snap in two.

Welcome to the world of the unfit LOL. Or maybe it’s just me… So, watch your stamina, ok? Not being grossly obese != being healthy and capable of running from the zombie horde.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just camp here with my maser blade…


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