Linebarrels Of Iron Episode 21: Wings Of Madness

March 21, 2009

“At that time, I realized that it was my own selfish view on ‘justice’ that caused Yuriko’s death.”

Moritsugu Reiji, Linebarrels Of Iron Episode 21: Wings Of Madness


“Reiji, as your sister I understand your need to flip through dirty books… but of all things, S&M lolicon?”

This episode kicks start with Reiji’s past. Having lost both his parents leaving him and his sister Yuriko Moritsugu to fend for themselves, he led a gangster’s life, going around and beating up thugs in the city. While he thinks that his way was right, Reiji ends up being hauled to the police station more than once due to his actions. The turning point comes when his sister tells him that he should rethink his actions after picking him up from the station one too many times. Reiji is adamant in his stance that he’s doing a good deed for the world, until he comes home day to find his sister dead, killed by some of the thugs he’d beaten up before. Only Eiji, whom he’s been good friends with for a long time, stands by his side.

Reiji, realizing that his actions cost him his sister, has lost all hope. He wanders around the forests outside the city, and eventually falls to his death… or would have if not for Katou Hisataka and the Vardant.


*uninstalls ishigami_blah.exe*

Fast forward to the present, where Kouichi is busy being amazed at the JUDA HQ actually being a flying battleship in disguise, and the president’s office turns out to the bridge. Kouichi says that the real reason was probably that Ishigami just felt like it, but holo-Ishigami freezes up, forcing Yui to hit the shut-down button.

While Kouichi is frozen in shock at seeing the President being shut down, Rachel diverts his attention to the location of the Spheres’ control unit. While Rachel basks in Kouichi’s praise, they’re interrupted by Emi, who calls for Kouichi to report to the medical room.


“E-Emi, I don’t think you need a whip and hot wax just for my medical… and Miu, why are you carrying rope?”

Kouichi is immediately cornered by Emi and Miu into taking a physical, since Emi doesn’t believe that Kouichi can handle the physical stress that Linebarrel Mode-B gives. He’s reluctant to take off his clothes in front of two girls and tries to use the lack of doctors and nurses on the ship as an excuse, but Emi and Miu are prepared for it; filling in as Doc Of The Day is the manager of the JUDA dorms.


“Help me! They’re getting the triangle wooden horse next!!!”

While Goro is explaining to the gathered crowd as to how Rachel’s D.-S.O.I.L. activator caused something akin to vaccination side-effects in Painkiller resulting in its previous (mis)performance, Kouichi runs into the vast room half-undressed, much to the shock of Risako and Shizuna. Kouichi attempts to hide in the crowd, but Miu and Emi catch up to him and drag him off anyway, leaving Risako with a worried look on her face. Yajima manages to convince her to go with Kouichi, but Maki sees though his ploy to look cool in front of his love, and offers his own piece of advice to Yajima.


“Masakinator online. Ready to shut people in bubble tanks.”

We then go to Katou in the Shangri-La. Yuriannu and Sawatari are both trying to find a way to beat Linebarrel B while Katou monitors the progress of the Spheres in opening the dimensional gate. While that happen however, Masaki is up to some devilry somewhere deep in the submarine; he shuts Sobi in a tank used normally to regenerate Machina-Humans like Jack, and just adjacent to him a new occupant awakens; Eiji Kiriyama.


“Haha-oh, not through there, anywhere but through there!!!”

While Kouichi is being prodded in all the places on his body and the three girls watch on half-interestedly, Izuna and Shizuna discuss Kouichi’s popularity with the ladies. The discussion heats up and climaxes at the idea of Shizuna thinking about kissing Kouichi, which Kouichi, walking out form his body examination, overhears. Shizuna runs away in shame, while Izuna ends all potential questions with the explanation that Shizuna’s going through a phase.


“Eijinator online. Ready to spout shit.”

Somewhere in Aokigahara forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Yamashita meets up with Reiji. She questions his intentions regarding Ishigami’s murder and his telling her to meet up with him, but when Reiji gives cold and practical answers to each of her questions, Yamashita decides to fight it out with Reiji. The JUDA crew on the Flag instantly realize that Yamashita is up to something out of her league, but just after launching Linebarrel as a forward unit to Hind-Kind’s position to provide aid, they come under attack by Eiji, now sporting a Machina’s right eye, in the Pretender and unmanned Jinrai units. Everyone in JUDA and even Katou is surprised by this, while Masaki in the Shangri-La watches on impassively.

Kouichi decides to turn back, but the rest of the pilots persuade him to continue on. While the Flag’s defence systems and the rest of the Machina pilots take care of the Jinrai units, Hind-Kind and Vardant start their fight. Reiji elaborates on how Hind-Kind’s usefulness has changed with the addition of Apparition and other random stuff, but all that only serves to piss of Yamashita.



Meanwhile, Pretender is giving the JUDA pilots a run for their skills; in a clever combination manoeuvre with Apparition, Makoto’s Jinrai, Deceive and Painkiller, they manage to push Eiji into a corner and plant a Nerve Crack on him, destroying Pretender’s cockpit canopy. Emi sees his new look and realizes his true being; before anything can be done however, Deceive’s Nerve Cracksuffers debilitating feedback, and Eiji breaks free to take out the other pilots. Rachel, seeing Pretender’s stats on screen, notes that the current rise in D.-S.O.I.L. activation rate will cause the pilot and machine to fuse together if left unchecked.

Eiji launches a final attack on the Flag, but the ship’s shields stop it in time. Just before Eiji can push Pretender any further, the Machina suffers a D.-S.O.I.L. overload; Eiji snaps out of his berserker state one last time to reminisce about Reiji before going out with a bang. The people watching in Katou are shocked by this turn of events, and Katou remarks that this was proof that Eiji was human right to the very end, his comment seemingly aimed at Masaki.

While the battle with Eiji ends, Yamashita is being stomped by Vardant and as Hind-Kind is having its shit kicked four ways to next episode Yamashita questions Reiji’s previous statements about working for justice. Vardant answers by simply continuing to cut at Hind-Kind.

Things are going from bad to worse, and would have continued if not for Kouichi’s timely arrival in the Linebarrel.


Cliffhanger episode! D:<

Well, I’m hoping that the fight with Vardant will be better. It seems that both Masaki and Reiji have agendas and problems of their own that as of now still remains unknown to the spectators. It is almost cast in iron now that the fight between JUDA and Katou is going to spiral into a three-way or even four-way fight. Just have to watch on and see.


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