This is our Seven-Point Super Revolving Lotus Net Formation…

March 20, 2009

“A toast. To surviving yet another battle.”


This image was taken shortly after the alarm sounded. The target was felled and chased off at T+ 3 seconds later.

Post-Mission Log: 20/03/2009 | 2134hrs

Following an urgent global broadcast about possible retrieval of Dark Age STC relics from an allied stronghold, I immediately set forth from the base with another allied retinue. At 1630hrs we arrived at the primary site of combat, and managed to fight our way to the enmy’s tertiary defense line.

Enemy forces seemed to favour ramming tactics, utilizing numarous squads of contact craft and loud, disorienting noises as well as forcing our attack squad to wind through tight corners and areas of movements through the clever usage of barricades disguised as road railings and underpasses. Employing the Athrun Loop(y) Manuever, copius use of Setsuna’s Protective Gundam Shout of Celestial Law and making a pit-stop at a neutral base, allied forces managed to break through the enemy’s tertiary defensive line and entered the fortress labelled TKSMY-01.

Once there, allied forces were further disoriented by its wide area. It was at 1717hrs that we landed at the relic site. However, excavation had only included one relic when a break was called. Also present at the site were numerous other factions, each intent, and already had claimed quite a few relics.

Two more relics were claimed by allied forces when an urgent recall transmission to our allied retinue, reports of Bushcown assaulting a nearby village supposedly to obtain a faster-than-light engine drive compartment and a lack of supplies for a drawn-out siege battle forced our retreat. Once again avoiding the contact craft, we managed to make good our escape with three relics. They will be assembled shortly.

report end_


Oh yeah, that GN Archer? It’s his.


One of the relics, GNR-101A Parfacy in action. Only compatible with rear section of the GN-007 Haptism. CSB-74 Sumeragi sold seperately.

Please do not try this at home.


Also, I thought I’ll vote for Saimoe ’09 this year. Didn’t spot Anya until it was too late though. I’ve left out those that I couldn’t decide about, so there’re only ten here.

ARENA 06: Kinomoto Sakura [Fate Testarossa] (It’s Fate Testarossa. Nothing beats that!)

ARENA 08: Izumi Konata [Shana] (Art style helped alot.)

ARENA 09: Hinamori Amu [Shinku](It was a close one.)

ARENA 13: Maria [Vita] (See Fate. Replace name where appropriate.)

ARENA 18: [Index Prohibitorum] Kushieda Minori (When science and magic collide, there was Index.)

ARENA 21: [Suiseiseki] Hiiragi Tsukasa (DESU was the deciding factor.)

ARENA 22: [C.C.] Nagato Yuki (I just like green hair more than glasses.)

ARENA 24: [Kōzuki Kallen] Louise Vallière (Red. Choice set.)

ARENA 27: [Chii] Minase Nayuki (Aww… *click*)

ARENA 28: Tōsaka Rin [Takamachi Nanoha] (See Fate. Replace name where appropriate.)

Choose carefully, since your mouseclick will decide the fate of these cute, young women. And lolis. Yeah, loli…

:d :d :d :d :d :d



  1. Seraphim to compliment ur Seravee? Nice! At least u made it out with some intresting relics. So what plans does Setsuna hav now tat u own two Exia’s? XD
    Btw, lolz at the pic and C.C ftw!!!!! ^^

  2. Well, one’s in flashy blue-red-white colors and another is in white-grey-green colors, so I guess it evens out. XD

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