Linebarrels Of Iron Episode 20: Man Of Destiny

March 13, 2009

“You idiot, why the hell did you try to die?! I’m a hero of justice; I can’t do something as uncool as survive just because a comrade sacrificed her life for that!”

Kouichi Hayase; Linebarrels Of Iron Episode 20: Man Of Destiny

Hm, why are all the good quotes from the most angsty character?

Anyway, we start at night in Misaki City, JUDA HQ; Miu, Rachel and Maki are running a diagnostic test for Painkiller since the last battle, but from the looks of things Painkiller isn’t doing too well. Miu knows this too; she’s been so distracted, she didn’t even hear Rachel calling for a take-five. Miu dispels Rachels concerns before getting out of the cockpit.


“I.. I never knew that Kouichi didn’t like it in that kind of position…”

Unfortunately Rachel overhears Maki and Rachel speculating over Painkiller’s drop in performance. Rachel suspects that it’s got something to do with faulty D.-S.O.I.L., and they might even have to take Painkiller outta business for a while if that’s the case. Miu, still smarting from last episode’s comment from Masaki, is visibly uneasy.


“Decieve World Tour… stopped not with a gunlance, but by the old farts of the UN and the SSDF.”

Meanwhile, the Endo twins and Jack Smith are still on their World Tour to spread pro-JUDA-ism by revealing the plan of their enemies; this time, they’ve CRASHED into UN HQ, and Izuna is telling people that the Spheres are going to open a dimensional gateway to allow for a large-scale invasion from another dimension. Of course, being the old relics that the members of the UN Council are, they don’t give a shit about how the world could be ending in the next few hours, and chase Jack and the twins off.

Inside Katou’s mobile base Shangri-La, Reiji is reporting on JUDA’s circumstance and the Endo twin’s latest attempt. Katou dismisses the info before asking about the Flag, to which Reiji replies that the final start-up program is ready to run. Katou is apparently satisfied and decides to advance his plan to the next stage.

Back at JUDA HQ, Yamashita is listening Shizuna is complain about how the world’s leaders are even bigger morons than Kouichi by ignoring the facts. The twins decide to head back to Misaki City for the moment, but Shizuna notices that Yamashita is less wordy than usual. Yamashita manages to dispel their concerns.while they talk, Miu-Mi- I mean, Miu is busy working out at JUDA HQ’s gym; by the looks of things she has been going for quite a while, since she stops a while later, completely worn out, but not enough to forget Masaki’s and Rachel’s words.


“Alright, tonight’s ‘The 18+ Adventures of AV Shizuna: Rise of Rachel (and Miu)’ will be filmed in Kouichi’s room!”

Somewhat into the night, Risako comes by with cakes for everyone. Everyone is happy to get a chance at eating her excellent cooking, Rachel replies sheepishly that she can’t even cook; for Miu, somewhat a ditto. Risako happily says that it’s what she liked to do since young.

While everyone is busy eating (I was pretty tempted to use ‘scarfing’), Makoto and Yui are busy discussing the outcome of Project JUDA, something like a secret weapon left behind by Ishigami. Makoto remarks that it would have been easier if Ishigami had left more explicit instructions; Rachel replies that since it was from the other dimension, Ishigami couldn’t get all the way into its systems; Yajima replies that work is slow since Emi is the only one that can do it.

Hearing Emi’s name, Kouichi replies that she’s now recovering her lost memories on a daily basis and that he’s glad for her. Risako, slightly jealous, decides to strike first by wiping cake cream off Kouichi’s face, much to his embarrassment. Miu watches on with a sad face, but before she can sink into despair, she is brought back by Rachel, who dives straight into the topic of the Spheres and suggests destroying one of them to break the well-calibrated system. But since nothing in JUDA allows them to get at the Spheres directly, they’ll have to look for its control unit and bust it up.

Kouichi is fired up from hearing that, but Rachel cools him down by saying that work is still in progress. The people present then take turns to verbally douse cold water on Kouichi, shrinking his ego to the size of a pea.


“Eh? I’m co-starring in THAT too?!”

While Kouichi is still reeling from what appears to be mock mass betrayal, Miu, giving in to her feelings, stands up and tells Kouichi that she’s always thought Kouichi was uber-cool. She continues in her current train of thought until she realizes that everyone is staring at her, at which she runs off with an embarrassed “See you next week”, earning a look of confusion from Rachel. Kouichi’s ego has recovered however, and he’s basking in the sudden praise until Risako delivers a wake-up slap.


“It’s not a Sunrise Kiss Scene, but close. Very CLOSE.”

Somewhat later, Kouichi is wandering about the HQ still smarting from Risako’s slap, when he stumbles upon Miu on the floor and in agony, so decides to take her to the lounge for a breather. Miu expresses her thanks and apologies for troubling him, but Kouichi says that as fellow pilots there’s nothing worth troubling over. Hearing this, Miu says that Kouichi is exactly what she wants to be; a hero of justice. Kouichi notices that she’s speaking in past tense and encourages her to forge on; he also says that he feel better knowing that Miu isn’t keeping it all in and that it’s okay to let off steam once in a while. Miu, overcome by emotions, kisses him, but she quickly breaks off and runs off before Kouichi can reply. Before Miu can get to the relative privacy of someplace else however, Yui announces that Deceive is under attack by Katou forces off Hawaii’s coast.

Deceive meanwhile is being forced to land via use of concentrated fire from warships. Shizuna, spotting Talisman and Tsubaki-hime along the shore, is raring to have a go at ‘em and the rest of the force, but is forced to stop when Izuna points out that the attackers are ARMAs and ships from the UN.

Kouichi, still bothered by the kiss, is put on active duty. To his surprise, Miu is joining him, and her speech with him is way too formal. She handwaves away Kouichi’s concerns by telling him that she just feels like doing it. Once the communication lines are cut however, her serious side takes over.


“When it transcends love, it becomes Machina-sized S&M! Take my heartfelt spear!”

The two arrive at Hawaii to spot a badly-damaged Deceive. The UN fleet immediately fires on the newcomers; while Painkiller and Linebarrel dodge the shots, Miu is ambushed by ARMAs in hiding, causing her Machina to sustain damage. Sobi chooses that moment to turn up, and Kouichi recklessly attacks Talisman. Hiding in the rocks behind the two Katou machines are more ARMAs in ambush, and they pelt Kouichi relentlessly with bullets.

Miu isn’t faring much better. While a one-on-one with Talisman might still have a chance of victory, Sobi orders the ARMAs to surround Painkiller and trap it while he tortures Miu with the Talisman’s plasma lance. Just before he can deliver the final blow, Linebarrel jumps in-between, blocking the attack, and saving both Miu and surprisingly, the ARMAs surrounding Painkiller, since Sobi’s attack would have hit them as well. Unfortunately the UN seems to be too scared to do anything other than lick the boots of Katou members, and they decide to help Sobi by shooting at the Linebarrel from behind.Sobi takes this chance to land another blow, and not even Miu’s desperate attack can dissuade him.

Watching from JUDA HQ, Makoto and Yajima suggest going to their aid, but just before they can get away, Emi comes in with the news that she has finally gotten Project JUDA and the Flag up and running, much to everyone’s amazement.

Back in Hawaii, Linebarrel is being handled by Tsubaki-hime while Talisman is taking time with Painkiller. Miu tries to put up a defence, but it seems that Painkiller itself is at its limit, and so is her own body. Even in JUDA HQ, the bad stats are evident.


“No! Anything but the high-heels! Anything! Really! <3<3<3”

Sobi decides that his current toy is broken and kicks it down a slope; Kouichi, attempting to save her, gets a dose of Talisman’s lance followed by being stepped on by Tsubaki-hime. While Kouichi agonizes on how two people from the same planet could wish for its destruction, Sobi and Yuriannu simply laugh it off. Sobi replies that the world isn’t worth protecting and that ideals are nothing more than empty hope; true ideals lie in the future, one that has Katou at the top.

Miu, lying at the bottom of the slope, snaps out of her daze just in time to see Kouichi being blown backwards by the force of Sobi’s attack. Really pissed now, Miu forcefully activates Painkiller’s D.-S.O.I.L. to level beyond safe operation and charges straight at Talisman. Sobi manages to bring up his lance in time, but Miu ignores the fact that Painkiller just got speared through and pushes Talisman backwards. Sobi knows full well Miu’s intention, but it takes Miu’s words for Kouichi to realize her suicidal actions and spring into action.


“Mecha love. It can be scary if you’re not into it – not that I am, of course… *cough*”

There is a bright flash of light blinding out everything, only to reveal that Painkiller is still in once piece and that Linebarrel is now in B-mode. Linebarrel’s D.-S.O.I.L. spreads over to Painkiller, deactivating its overload and returning it to its thrashed state.



Kouichi chastises Miu for attempting something like that, and not even Yuriannu, getting sick from the hero moment, is allowed to get in the way. Sobi attempts to kill of Miu first while Linebarrel is dealing with Tsubaki-hime, but hearing Miu scream Kouichi teleports to right in front of Talisman and promptly chops it in half. Sobi and Talisman-bits roll down the slope and off the cliff into the sea. With the loss of one Machina, Yuriannu is forced to retreat.

Random scene with the captain of one of the UN ships doubting the “terrorists from JUDA”.

Kouichi is still worried about Miu, but before his eyes, Painkiller’s D-.S.O.I.L. gets to work without abnormalities this time. Miu kisses Kouichi as a form of thanks, and the Endo twins wonder about his sudden popularity.


“The letters read: Resevation for two at the Takoyaki Love Motel, room 69.”

The JUDA regulars turn up soon enough in a giant ship, the Flag; Ishigami’s gift from his days before in Katou, and once a part of Shangri-La. Apparently he hid the ship using the interior of JUDA HQ. One person is missing however; Yamashita is still in Misaki City, clutching at the letter Reiji left behind, with “Yamashita” written on the front.

Damn, Miu nearly got my heart to skip a beat there. Well, about time for Kouichi to strut his stuff, but as anyone can see he still fights like a berserker instead of a pilot. Since the Flag is a part of Shangri-La I think that there’s a high chance of it returning to as it was. The problem is, is it with a peaceful reunion, or maybe the JUDA member have to beat the Katou staff out of there first?

Yamashita is also a point to note. It’s easy to guess that there’s going to be a fight against Reiji soon, but what did that letter say for our normally level-headed friend to get to agitated over?

We get to look at Miu’s and Sobi’s past as well. Miu’s parents died in a car crash, and it seems like Sobi’s lover died from an accident or something. It must have been that the culprit, if it was intentional, was never caught, hence his turn to Katou to seek true ideals.


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