[GUNPLA] GN-008 Seravee Gundam 1/144

March 9, 2009

“I am… a human!

Tieria Erde, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 2

A 1/144 model kit. I have a lax code of ethos for myself in that I stick to 1/100-sized models; that is, 18+ cm. It doesn’t matter for the scale, as long as it is at least that much, I’m fine with it. The reason is that all that concentration, marker work and careful handling needed for a 1/144 to look as good as an MG is strenuous physically and mentally. It took me a whole 4 days to get it done.

Well, since I don’t really think I can give an accurate summary of something I’m fixing up for the first time, you shouldn’t take it too seriously.


Hi, welcome to Tieria's Gun Shop, would you like some traps with that?


– Dual Mode GN Bazooka II (depicted in split mode) x1 (x2)

– GN Cannons x4

– GN Beam Saber x6 (not included T_T)

Summary: The Seravee Gundam is one of four Gundams available to the revived Celestial Being in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season II. Being the successor unit to the Virtue, the Seravee has had several improvements to it for higher combat performance. It retains the heavy weapons and GN Field from the Virtue, but the cannons use reflector mirrors to focus and fire GN blasts, leaving room to put extra equipment like hands and beam sabers in the empty space increasing its close-combat capability. The GN bazooka can be split into two and dual-wielded for a faster firing rate, and the Seravee can now fire from within its GN Field without having to drop its protective aura, and can even use it to boost the accuracy and power of its blasts. Its most powerful beam attack is  its Face Burst Mode, in which the face on its back opens up to release a large amout of GN particles into the air. Coupled with Hyper Burst Mode, which coalesces GN particles using the four reflector mirrors into a gigantic “ball o’ doom” in front of the GN Bazooka II (combined) befire firing it forward, the resultant attack is slow, but highly destructive… and that is not counting the Seraphim Gundam disguised as the Seravee’s backpack unit.


When fighting Seravee, you have to consider all the possibilities. Will he blow you up in a shot? Puncture you with his six cannons? Slash you with six beam sabres a la Rakan? Or do a facehugger with Seravee and then a shoot and run with Seraphim?

The Seravee is actually full to the collar with tricks and traps, but since this 1/144 was released when the series was at about episodes 6-9, prepare to lower your hopes by a lot.


He just saw Price Ali at Starbucks. Oh hell, we need to get outta here now!

Ok, so where do I start? I suppose that even in-design, the detail fot the body wasn’t all that much, so that’s it for the body details. Less than Virtue from what I’ve seen and heard, so I think I had it easy for this. Still, it wasn’t as easy as it looked.

This kit was the first I actively tried filing and sanding on. While my concentration reached its peak the effect was wonderous, but once that passed I started to make mistakes causing stuff like scratches and other whanot. So, mixed success.


Didn't really get the details perfectly right. One needs a very stable hand for success.

Like I’ve mentioned, this is a 1/144. Can you imagine the effort you’ll need to even mark out the face vents! T_T

Seravee’s upper body area is the one part that has the most details. Adhering to my personal mandate of “as little stickers as possible”, that red headpiece, originally transparent, is done with a red Gundam paint marker. Gotta say it was better than I had envisioned.


Looks like Ali evaded the first shot. Wait, why the hell are we still here?!

As you can see, the GN Bazooka II can either spit or combine. This is one of the main gimmicks, so it’s only natural to see it here. The green pieces in the bazooka and arm joints were also clear plastic + dark green stickers, so I used a green paint marker for those to let it appear in a brighter colour. The left joint taught me to let the paint dry before fixing it on. T_T


Eh? What's this? He's stopped shooting at the bottles Ali has been throwing at him from behind his hiding table!

Face Burst mode off. The two yellow horn sections are a bit hard to manipulate into place and it’s pretty difficult for them to stay in place too.

The pieces that would have been the left and right skirt armor for the Seraphim are seperate from the main body. They’re a bit loose though, so a small prod will send them out of position.


He's turning on Face Burst Mode... man, I really, really should have been somewhere else a long time ago.

Don’t mind the pose. It’s purely aesthetic.


One of the easiest part to put the marker to.

GN thrusters.


Another easy part. Note the BRIGHT green joint :3

One thing about the Seravee is that its arms and legs are very flexible; it can even bend forward and backwards to a small extent since its torso is made out of two parts; the ball joints the legs are attached to can even rotate left and right (though not by a lot), so I fancy one  can even put Seravee in the “anti-funnel beam rifle shot” pose we see in MSG and MSG SEED. Even its split pose could open wider than the Savior. Of course, I still can’t get it into Hyper Burst Mode since I have no idea how its supposed to hold the GN Bazooka II in that; there’re only one set of grips on one side.


Bright green again. I learnt from the left arm joint.

Same thing with the transparent pieces used in the leg and shoulder-mounted GN cannons. Something about the dull green used in the sticker (the exact color that is used in the sticker set for the 1/100 NG Exia’s GN drive) just rubs me the wrong way.


You would think that they would be high heels...

There is one rather glaring mistake in the Seravee model; its balance. As you can see from the picture the standard position for Seravee’s feet is in the middle; I had to lean the model forward so that it wouldn’t topple from the weight of the Seraphim backpack.


Why the hell am I still here watching this!!!!!!!!

The Verdict:

Overall the Seravee is a pretty okay 1/144 to have if you’re aiming to have the complete set of 00 Season 2 Gundams. Despite lacking beam sabres, the Seraphim Gundam (can’t do anything about that though, it was out for sale way before episode 14) its balancing problems the Seravee can do all your favorite Seravee poses (well, almost) with a 1/144 scale stand, it’s pretty easy to put together and it’s got a nice matching color scheme. Of course, you ABSOLUTELY have to get the Seraphim after you buy this. :3


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