“Euphienator online. Beginning armed pacifism.”

March 8, 2009

“This blue lance of mine shines with an awesome power! It tells me to throw it as inaccurately as possible at you!”


“Hey, your lower area design is really different from Suzaku’s…”

“No, look at my lance! My lance!”

By the way, both figures aren’t mine.

Soul Eater

Man I really feel like Soul Eater just slapped me in the face. I turned a blind eye when Joe was spared his quick death, and now Death City is a MacrossXGundamXEvangelion Unit walking joke… damn, I loved every moment of that fight. :3

Well they were given 51 episodes to end it, and the manga is up to Chapter 58; most of the series equated to one episode per chapter, so for the most part I think Soul Eater went pretty well. As least we have the promise of a Shinigami V.S. Asura brawl the next episode… which is out tomorrow. Can’t wait.

The other point of note is Black Star V.S. Mifune. While he died (unfortunately) after one of the most well-illustrated battles I have ever seen in manga, he survives his mortal combat with Black Star after a rather disappointing “blab blab blab ok enough talk let’s end this quickly” little scuffle. Well I suppose the end results offset each other, so it’s really a matter of personal preference.

Gundam 00 S2

Well it was one hectic episode with three deaths, none of which I particularly liked (a nice change of pace after Anew getting the frag tag). Then there’s Lousie and her shattered mental state, the Innovator(those remaining, anyway), and of course, Setsuna and his particle power. Graham and Al-Sachez have NOTHING on him now.

Linebarrels Of Iron

Well, since I’m going to cover it and the other episodes over the next week… TALISMAN BIT THE DUST! O_O

I’m a bit disappointed with Kouichi though. Less so than pre-Episode 20, but still close. It remains to be seen as to how much of an edge Linebarrel B will be able to give against someone like Reiji, and if he has any improvements in battle skills AT ALL. Still, I really thought Miu was going to pull another Judy right there and then. ^_^|||


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  1. Hell your gonna get sued for takin my gundams pic i tell u

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