Linebarrels Of Iron Episode 19: The Reaching Sun, The Raging Shadow

March 5, 2009

“What you really wanted to protect… was Risako, wasn’t it?”

Kouichi Hayase, Linebarrels Of Iron Episode 19: The Reaching Sun, The Raging Shadow

We’re back at the destroyed remains of JUDA’s previous battle with the gigantic satellite weapon, Helios. Who better to be there to induce a mysterious feeling than Reiji in the Vardant?


“Screw Kira Yamato, Makoto’s got more moves than him.”

Back on Earth, both Kouichi and Emi are still in the Linebarrel, glued to the cockpit chair while Yajima tries to force them out of it. As the three bicker, Misaki City is under heavier assault than before; unable to take out Glain Neider, the JUDA pilots and SSDF forces that are on their side are paying the full price for it, being forced to take losses and retreat under the shield that’s being re-formed several meters behind its original position. JUDA’s presidential office is abuzz with activity as the admin. staff desperately coordinates the defence efforts. While Risako sits and worries about Kouichi and Yajima’s welfare, Yui directs all surviving forces to the city’s Main Avenue for easier defensive action.

While Yajima desperately tries to persuade Kouichi to give up Linebarrel, go back his normal life and back to Risako’s side, Kouichi answers by asking what Yajima wants. Yajima says that he doesn’t matter; he’s the only one that needs to fight. The thought of relying on Yajima for protection again happens to be Kouichi’s biggest berserk button, and the two end up fighting.



While the SSDF is being pushed back, Rachel notes that the Glain Neider has gone static. Yui notes its location and Risako recognizes it as right above her school. By now both you and I know what’s going to happen; Masaki starts laying down yet another Sphere, and by the looks of it, it’s the final one, codenamed Hub Fountain. While Rachel states the obvious, Makoto tries to attack Glain Neider; his skills are good and the Jinrai is fast, but ultimately beamspam wins out and Makoto is down and out for this fight. T_T

Yamashita continues the assault using the Hind-Kind’s Bullet Arms to latch onto Glain Neider’s frame before pulling upwards. Masaki shoots Yamashita down, but using the Hind-Kind as a springboard, Miu and the Painkiller get high enough in the air to attack Masaki. Unfortunately Painkiller’s attack just doesn’t have enough punch either, and that’s three out and none left. T_T T_T T_T

Masaki finishes his Sphere-laying and leaves Miu with a few choice words, calling her weak and unable to bring out her Machina’s full power. As the attack continues, Reiji and the Vardant up in space confirm that the Hub Fountain is online, and they start up Hub Dynamo, a device of their own, amongst the debris of Helios.

Meanwhile Yajima and Kouichi are still chopping and screaming at each other; Kouichi as usual blindly rushes in and Yajima in the Apparition easily pins down Linebarrel. Yajima accuses Kouichi of getting drunk on borrowed power; Kouichi replies with Yajima’s last words of “what do you want to do”. Yajima tries to void those words by saying that the power is more than Kouichi can handle; Kouichi knows that as well, but he’s determined to continue fighting since that’s what he believes in.


“… loud.”

Yajima becomes convinced that his protective actions have caused Kouichi to think this way, but Kouichi shoots back that Yajima’s the one that’s carrying all the baggage. The fight ends with both Machinae throwing a punch at each other, and then the pilots jumping out of the cockpits and then throwing a punch at each other. -__-


“Skull Bash v.s. Mega Punch”

Flashback to Kouichi’s past and a figment of their happier times. It’s just for an instant, and then it’s back to the present where Yajima is completely dominating the battle. Kouichi doesn’t back down however and continues the fight. Yajima’s next punch connects, but Kouichi takes it with his head and pushes forward, demanding Yajima to tell the truth behind his “nevermind me” attitude. Yajima is shocked into inaction by Kouichi’s words and stares on as Kouichi turns the tables around and pummels him.


“This is for strippping in front of me!”

As Kouichi screams at Yajima that his reasons for his recent actions was all for Risako and that he should go tell Risako his own feelings instead of using Kouichi to make her happy, Yajima realizes that he was the one who was being full of himself as a hero of justice.


“Can’t touch this; da da da da dum, da dum, da dum…”

Emi breaks their solemn reunion session with an urgent transmission from JUDA. While the trio rush over, the SSDF’s forces are being pushed back; Makoto and Yamashita are out, Yui and Risako can only watch on, and Miu is in her angst mode following Masaki’s little speech. Masaki is about to deliver the final blow when Kouichi blocks the shot with Linebarrel’s Executioner.


“Stick it in him before he can stick his in us!”

Emi warns that the Executioner can only fire five more times as a trial weapon, but Kouichi finds out the hard way that Glain Neider already has anti-beam measures in place. The two are backed into a corner while the Katou ARMAs advance towards JUDA HQ, but reinforcements arrive in the form of Apparition, showing how solid rounds work against the Glain Neider. Kouichi is surprised, but Yajima says that that’s what he wants to do. Risako, watching from the presidential office, is overjoyed to see the two friends together again.


“Go! Tomodachi no tokubetsu… ROYARU HEARTO BREAKA!”

As Kouichi distracts Glain Neider, Apparition takes up position and attacks from below. Their combined efforts open up a hole in Masaki’s defences, which Sawatari takes notice of.


“Didn’t you order me to blow up JUDA?” “No, I asked you to get me a six-pack at 7-11.” “WHAT THE FUCK?!”

Just before he can order the final push towards JUDA HQ, Katou himself orders the withdrawal of all Katou forces. Sawatari is confused, since apparently he got the order to wipe JUDA off the face of the planet via Masaki, and Katou’s business smile turns into a frown. Masaki is silent, and orders a withdrawal.


“Risako… I’m sorry. I still owe you two bucks from six years back.”

Come the next day, Yajima is taking the advice of others for once and confesses to Risako. Though she refuses, Yajima in effect says that he will keep trying.


“Kouichi… I’m sorry. I still haven’t told you that I was once a man.”

While Kouichi stretches his bones in JUDA’s park, Emi comes from behind and apologizes to him for dragging him into the conflict between JUDA and Katou. Kouichi says that it doesn’t matter since he needs her in an essential sense. Miu, watching from behind a tree, turn to leave, and the two almost kiss but for Rachel calling them, saying that they’ve found out the purpose to the Spheres. The explanation is that once in formation, a hole would be opened in the space that once belonged to Helios. Everyone is shocked in the fact that the Katous has used JUDA like a tool to further the invasion, and Yajima further reveals that the Katous are just a vanguard force for the “armies from the other side”, something that most of the JUDA peeps didn’t know.


“What happened to the six-pack?” “Don’t talk about it.”

Back at the Katou’s submarine, Hisataka and Masaki are in argument over the previous battle; Masaki’s original orders were to place the Sphere and leave, not level the city. Masaki retorts that Linebarrel shouldn’t have appeared in the city in the first place if Katou’s plan hadn’t failed. Katou accepts his failure, but before the conversation can continue any further, Reiji comes along the corner to interrupt them.


“Super Mario 3, secret level 9998.”

Back in Hisataka’s office, Katou is busy unlocking something while Reiji reports the current situation to him. Katou succeeds, and it seems that a key of sorts is now in Hisataka’s hands.

Well, if it isn’t fine and dandy now between Kouichi and Yajima. Took them plenty of time to get it done too.

Masaki’s words to Miu during the battle was pretty foreboding. Does Painkiller have some kinda special skill?

Makoto’s scrape with those three ARMAs is a hell of a masterpiece.

They’ve finally revealed the purpose of the Spheres, but as of yet the only mention about this vast army from the other side is through word only.

Ishigami is full of tricks. Not only does he have goodies for the JUDA people, he’s left some for his old pal Katou too.

More stranger is the fact that Masaki and Katou are less than agreeable with each other now. Maybe Reiji took Masaki’s position as right-hand man…

Nice episode and all, but I keep getting this feeling that there’re more questions being asked than answered. Looking forward to the next episodes. XD


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