March 2, 2009

“Good job, everyone. We pulled through today as well… Let’s go back home.”



Taken at 18:44pm, Perimeter Camera No. 19

Hourly Log: 23:55pm

Recently several parts from the “Trash” hangar have been going missing, notably from the Blue Frame 2nd L  and Strike Freedom. Suspecting Bushcown, the entire team was sent out to investigate. Suspicions were confirmed when an individaul showed up with ragtag parts from the aforementioned two trashed units and declared himself the greatest pilot that has ever walked the dimensions.

Armed engagement was inevitable. However the target was not captured due to the copious usage of beam shielding and the appearance of a nekomimi loli battle maid mecha musume suzumiku-dressed person styling him/herself as “Nomo the M(oe)B(attle)T(ank)”. Both individuals later escaped by knocking down the Serpent Custom, creating a hole in our blockade.

Units Used (left to right):

– SVMS-01O Over Flag

– GN-001 Gundam Exia

– GN-008 Seravee Gundam

– RB-79[P] “Pig” Ball

– RX-178[MN] Gundam “Mini” Mk. II

– MSZ-006[MN] Zeta “Mini” Gundam

– MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame

– ZGMF-X23S Savior

– MMS-01 Serpent Custom

– MBF-P01-Re2Astray Gold Frame Mina Amatu Custom

Units Lost: None


Judging their return to be unavoidable, I urge that the installation of the new 90mm perimeter sentry guns be sped up. Mine-laying of important areas should also commence as soon as possible, as well as assembling of stored units in the hangar.



  1. Is that a Strike Freedom/Blue Astray hybrid? Wow, talk abt pimp mah’ Astray. XD

  2. Bushcown’s sneaky doings again. He’s stealing things out of my hangar bay with the help of an underage catgirl.

    Combining 2nd L and S.F., it lacks Phase Shift and doesn’t run on a nuke. XD

  3. Either way the colour scheme is pretty intresting! And wat on earth is a PIG BALL?!

  4. Exactly as it says on the label. XD

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