Linebarrels Of Iron Episode 18: Memento Mori

March 2, 2009

“Do you… like Kouichi?”

Yajima Hideki, Linebarrels Of Iron Episode 18: Memento Mori


“…and they said that you shouldn’t put padding underneath that suit.” “Oh dang, they knew?!”

It’s time for JUDA TV!

… is what I’d like to say, but I don’t dig smack-the-idiot shows. Nevertheless, this is Shizuna’s next stage in her JUDA publicity drive and anti-Katou message, and kids all over the city are apparently enjoying it. It might be funny, but it’s also partially due to the reason that every channel airs JUDA TV at the same time, which makes it a moot point to switch channels as one parent found out.


“MY sword can cut ANYTHING!!!”

It’s not just the kids either; all over the Katou-conquered world, people of all races and ages are watching intently. In just a moment Shizuna gets to the good part, but who should appear to spoil the show than Yuriannu and her band of mooks. Deciveve attempts to withdraw before things get ugly, but the ARMAs surround the behemoth and take it down with concentrated fire. Thankfully Jack Smith is there to keep guard, providing the twins with a fighting chance.


“Oh my god! Kouichi has finally STARTED growing a brain! I’m so happy for him *sob*”

While Furuya lies in the hospital with Makoto as his visitor, the JUDA regulars are busy debating on how to save Emi. While Risako listens uneasily, Kouichi decides that JUDA’s current combat strength without Linebarrel is next to nil and opts to stay in JUDA HQ for the time being. While they tease him about sounding mature all of a sudden, Yamashita breaks the session with an uneasy question; would Yajima harm Emi in the meantime? Kouichi vouches for him, but Yamashita is less impressed and wonders what Yajima would do if it came as an order. This provokes Risako into speaking up for him, but Kouichi keeping everything quiet is revealed when Yamashita mentions Yajima’s status as a Factor; Risako is completely unfamiliar with that term. As Risako attempts to dig answers out of Kouichi, the Katou forces, led by mad-for-revenge Sawatari, strike again. While the shield activated last episode is still in place, this time they’ve a special weapon to get rid of it; Glain Neider’s sphere-laying weapon. As the shield power drops, Makoto urges Kouichi to go and save Emi; the rest join in with praises and playful insults alike, but Kouichi finally decides to go only when he’s convinced by the rest that JUDA’s protection can be done with just them. Risako wants to tag along, but is stopped by Miu.


“Hi Kouichi, I’m back to try (and fail) to screw your Machina in the ass again!”

While Sawatari licks his chops in anticipation, Kouichi leaves JUDA HQ in the opposite direction. Risako watches on from inside JUDA HQ, and is surprised by Yui guessing her love for Kouichi.

In s short while, Kouichi reaches the meeting place; a abandoned Russian base used to service nuclear powered submarines. The only person he finds there is Katou, however, who invites him into the facility for a rest before Yajima arrives from god-knows-where.

Somewhere unidentified (but undoubtedly warm), Yajima launches his questions, which catch Emi by surprise; does she like Kouichi?


*sizzle* *pop*

Back in the base Katou is slowly cooking clams over a fire; Katou explains that the Katous can get anything they want thanks to their conquering of it. He also mentions that since Kouichi killed Apparition’s Factor in that fated battle, it took the next best alternative; what was left of Yajima. Since Apparition’s D-S.O.I.L. nanomachines were not as powerful as Linebarrel’s (duh) it took time for Yajima to regain full function. Kouichi is still suspicious of Yajima’s personality compared to before, but Katou tells him to look at himself for an example and an answer.

Back to Yajima. Emi gives him an “IDK” for her answer to his question, but this only serves to agitate him; he is becoming more and more convinced that Emi is just there to trick Kouichi into piloting Linebarrel in lieu of her, and thinking about how sad Risako feels whenever seeing Emi and Kouichi pair up only makes him angrier.


“So… I heard you liek bonsai plants?”

Emi maintains her “IDK” answer and attempts to leave, but trips on her dress. Yajima tries to keep her from falling, but accidently tears her dress.


“Stop staring, I’m trying to imitate Lelouch’s awesome hand movements here.”

As the clams cook, Katou and Kouichi engage in a discussion about world affairs. He cites world efforts towards peace negotiations with the Katous a prime example of how little spirit the population has right now, willing to live under an oppressor just to stay safe. Kouichi argues that the peace would still have been there if not for Katou, but Hisataka references the differences in history and achievements between Italy and Switzerland and uses it to boost his ideal that advancement comes from oppression, the kind of oppression that takes lives. Kouichi reject this Darwin-like theory, but Katou throws in one last example; those who live by the day are like Machinae, without hope or improvement, and Katou and his underlings would be the pilots of the Machina known as humanity, and be their driving Factor.

Back with Yajima, Emi manages to turn the question back to him by asking him regarding Risako, but Yajima shrugs it off and asks Emi what she would want to do. She thinks back to her feelings, but before she can arrive at a conclusion, Yajima decides not to wait any further and threatens her to not remain with Kouichi any longer.



Back at JUDA HQ, Glain Neider is done with neutralising the shield, and the JUDA-aligned pilots are forced to engage the Katou forces in combat inside the city. Inside HQ, Risako is still feeling uneasy about Kouichi running off like that, but Yui assures her that he’s by all accounts probably doing fine.

It’s already evening, and both Kouichi and Katou gather outside the base. Katou questions his choice to remain with JUDA one last time, but Kouichi argues that he chooses to remain with JUDA precisely because he knows what it feels like to be unable to resist, and he wants to fight for them.

The conversation ends just as Yajima walks up to Katou and confirms that he’s arrived with Emi, but he’s given the shock of his life when Katou tells Kouichi to just take her and go, and whispers as an afterthought to protect his sister.


“Do it with Risako now! Or I’ll… I’ll… I’ll strip in front of you!”

While the battle for Misaki City rages, Yajima confronts Katou about his choice; when he doesn’t her the answers he wants to, he takes off in Apparition to fight. He quickly catches up to Kouichi and Emi, who are still talking about the day’s events in while in Linebarrel. Linebarrel is downed with a shot, as Yajima threatens to shoot Kouichi is he doesn’t leave Emi be and go back to Risako.

Well, it was Info Central this episode, but not much action. Weird title aside, there was that awesome soundtrack during the JUDA-Katou fight.

Personally I hope that they get to telling us more about the background info regarding the Katou Organization soon, or I might start suspecting that Sawatari is gay for Dimitri. Katou did mention that his sister was Emi. If so, how they ended on opposing sides would be an interesting tale.


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