Like, brick-shittin’!

January 18, 2009

Misaki: “How much money did the machine take?”

Touma: “… … … … two thousand yen.”

A Certain Magical Index, Episode 10.

Finally,  I got some me-time off to see Gundam 00 Season 2 episode 14 (damn, that was long).

Okay, so I need to see; those who shat bricks at the Seraphim Gundam’s debut, please raise your hands, because I did, and I’m sure the detractors of all the model kits showcasing this did as well. I half-expected the Gurren Lagann OP to start playing when it occured. It also explains the presence of hands concealed in the Seravee’s cannons, since they were arms for the Seraphim to begin with; you remember Seravee’s beam ball attack from episode 13? The cannons work the same way too, which explains how they can fire without immolating the Seraphim’s fingers; energy is concentrated in front of the cannons and fired out. That particular Gazzaro and its pilot, for all it’s worth, probably won’t be appearing anytime soon, if at all.

I’ve never had much to say about Marina, but seriously, I won’t be surprised if she ends up getting killed nearing the end. Murphy’s Law to the max if the killer turns out to be Ali in his inevitable new ride, seeing as it’s her singing that stopped Setsuna from dealing the final blow. I thought Lacus was bad enough, but Marina is even worst; at least Lacus has firm belief in what she’s doing, and she has the Three Haxxors(Kira, Mu, Athrun), the Three Ship Alliance, Terminal, the Orb fleet, and later even Z.A.F.T. to back her up.In short Celestial Being and Lacus are essentially doing the same thing, but Lacus has the sanction of just about everyone on Earth (and the space colonies).

Marina? She’s a nobody after her country became another point on Ali’s scoreboard, all she does is say “people shouldn’t fight” while watching the aftermaths of a one-sided slaughter, becomes self-doubting, only to return to her pacifist attitude the next episode, has Katharon and their outdated mobile suits for protection, and, though mostly not her fault, her singing while Setsuna was fighting Ali with Tran-Am caused him to NOT kill the maniac. In some ways she’s the worst kind of human possible; the kind who can talk and talk, but even if forced to, can’ take action to save themselves. The only difference between her and Kaifun from SDF Macross is that at least Kaifun knows martial arts.


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