“The Big Hammer Finishing Move?” “Oh yes, definitely.”

January 11, 2009

“But, ‘hon, bathing in cold water shrinks my man-ego!”

“That’s your problem. Find a way to keep it from wrinkling by yourself.”


Always make sure your house has two operating water heaters.

I haven’t been around for a long time; I attribute it to my lack of time planning that has caused me to have to carry such a hectic schedule around lately. No worries; Linebarrels is coming back on this Friday.

It’s been a long time, so since I have some spare minutes, let’s do a “Character of the Post”!

This time, we have Mu La Flaga/Moo Laflaga/Muu La Flaga/Mwu La Flaga/Mooer Flaga/any other fan name you found while rewatching the subbed/dubbed versions, of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED fame!

In many mecha anime, there has to be an older, more experienced pilot to guide the angsty new pilot/protanogist along. I like to (half)affectionately refer to such characters as the “Jagen“, but there’s something common about them, and that they all have a major part in the mental upbringing of our young hotshot as bullets crisscross all over the screen. Mu has been slapped with that role in Gundam SEED, and he acts as every bit of it; not afraid to boast, slightly lax in follwing strict military rules, and a bit of a womanizer, but when it comes to getting face-to-face with the enemy, he isn’t afraid to go straight up and cave their mecha-skulls in, and his excellent skills help alot in that aspect.

It helps that Mu posseses a special kind of ability that allows him to match up to the Coordinator pilots throughout the series; he has extra-strong spatial awareness, which means that he can sense things even if he can’t see them and gives him slightly increased reaction time. You don’t see that very often at the start of the series, mostly because he is forced to pit his outclassed Mobius Zero mobile armor against top Z.A.F.T. aces like Rau Le Cruset in high-performance machines. It also didn’t help that his mother is a pure Natural while his father was the one with the spatial powers, saddling him with a disadvantage whenever he has to face off against Rau, the (psychopathic) clone of his late father.

Late into the series he falls in love with ship captain Murriu Ramius, but their relationship is cut short when he is forced to block a positron laser blast meant for the Archangel with a heavily-damaged Strike, leaving behind a distraught Murriu.

Come SEED Destiny, Mwu is gone, but there’s a mysterious man going by Neo Roanoke, Earth Alliance pilot of the mobile armor Exus, that sounds and behaves alot like him. It is later reaveled that he and Mwu share the same DNA pattern; however, Neo remains adamant that he is as he calls himself, until a certain situation triggers a sense of deja vu within himself. He slowly regains his memories, is assigned the Akatsuki Shiranu mobile suit, and by the end of it, he’s back to what Mwu was. A nice end, to a nice man.

If you’re still bored, you can head over to onemanga.com; there are several titles, both old and new, that can cushion your boredom until next Thursday.


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