Linebarrels Of Iron Episode 13: The Dark Executioner

January 4, 2009


“Are you going to cry again today when you lose?”

Reiji Moritsugu, Linebarrels Of Iron episode 13: The Dark Executioner

Bad news for those who still don’t know; it’s New Year holidays (probably), so Linebarrels won’t be back until the 10th of January. Boo-hoo~


The episode starts with Kouichi on his way to school when he spots someone whom he thinks is Risako. It turns out to be someone else, leaving Kouichi thinking back on the beach kiss incident with a mixture of apprehension and embarrassment.



Boy, is the dude in for a surprise when he steps into the classroom later on, because Makoto and Furuya launch party poppers into the air to congratulating him. It takes him a moment to notice the pink “KouichiXRisako” heart drawn out on the blackboard, but he nearly pops his own eyes out of their sockets at the sight of that; adding insult to injury is Makoto’s revelation that everyone was actually just hiding behind the rock during the kiss last episode and had full view of everything.



Makoto, unaware of Emi’s jealously seething just under the surface (which Kouichi takes full notice of), starts cheering for Kouichi while Furuya and his goon stick to Kouichi like tape, all the while pretending to be in extreme sorrow for their comrade’s relational ascension.

Risako sitting at the back of the classroom is now embarrassed enough to wear a ton of paper bags on her head, but fortunately one of her friends who were with her at the moment step calls a time-out on Makoto’s antics. Her friends are equally happy for her, but the first-period teacher walks in at that moment to end the hoo-haa… for now. Emi (stuck with duty) is left to clean the board of the KxR heart, jealously still bubbling below the surface.

Back at JUDA, even Ishigami is preparing a feast to celebrate for Kouichi’s first kiss, ignoring Yui’s protests that that is one step too much into excess. Ishigami calls on Moritsugu to help him explain (Reiji was in the room at that time), but our resident pretty slasher-boy stays silent.

After school, Kouichi is heading back to the JUDA dorms, when he spots head techie Maki Goro and field operative Jiro tease him on his kiss as well. Exasperated, Kouichi leaves the two old men to compare their popularity from days-gone-by, and decides to take the lift to his room.

Who to encounter in the lift than Emi, who promptly decides that her lift ride would be better without Kouichi in it. He does manage to get in before the door completely closes, but can’t find an opportune moment to talk to her. Emi gets out of the lift the moment it stops, but Kouichi knows that she’s ready to explode, and tries to stop her so that they can talk. She isn’t taking in any of that and takes the chance to escape when the lift’s doors clamp on Kouichi’s arm, but while running around a corner knocks into Yui, scattering her cups of Coke all over the floor. Both head to the female baths to clean themselves up, and Yui remarks that Kizaki seems different today. Emi tries to deny her obvious feelings for Kouichi, but Yui advises that it would be easier to accept them than try to run away.

Kouichi, having extracted himself from the lift, is heading somewhere when the Endo twins and Rachel spot him. Izuna tries to say something to lighten the atmosphere at Shizuna’s egging, but messes up. Rachel however that everyone is acting too childish; in the US, a kiss is nothing more than a greeting. Nevertheless, all three fail at getting Kouichi to reply. A while later he encounters Miu while in the walkway, and finally gets the gist of all that mental pressure when Miu expresses her disappointment in him before walking off. Kouichi decides to find refuge in his room, but just as he closes the door, the bell chimes. Yamashita is here to visit, but before anything can be said Kouichi warns Yamashita to not make anymore comments about the kiss. Yamashita tells him that there’s a personnel meeting later on, but asks Kouichi about the kiss anyway before walking off laughing.

Ishigami and Reiji are in the meeting room discussing the black spheres and the demonstration of the Jinrai to the top government people. Reiji states that the Jinrai was a success and would be added to military forces all over the globe. Ishigami remarks that with that, the anti-Katou SSDF would have plenty of firepower to start a coup de ‘at, and Reiji says that that’s too disturbing a though even for a joke. Ishigami then tells Reiji to get Kiriyami to soften up his replacing of the Machinae with the Jinrai on accounts that both were friends, but Reiji replies that they are comrades, catching the attention of Ishigami.



“I’m torn between ‘BOOM HEADSHOT‘ or ‘That was either the world’s largest pistol or the smallest rifle‘.”

While Emi looks on at the keychain she got as a Christmas present lying in the bin and decides to pick it out of there, Yamashita and Kouichi are both heading to the President’s office. Friendly banter abound until they hear a gunshot; rushing into the office, they see Reiji, gun in hand, and Ishigami fountaining his blood out of the new hole in his head. Both refuse to accept what they see (especially Yamashita), but Kouichi springs into action when Reiji fires at Yamashita, and they both get on the floor.

Kouichi demands an explanation, but Reiji simply summons Vardant and demands that Kouichi slug it out with him. The two end up outside and their Machinae facing off against each other while the rest of the pilots and Yui try to save Ishigami, all the while unable to keep their eyes off the fight outside.


“Yes… yes! Now all the world’s McMuffins will be mine!”

The two sword-wieldingMachinae clash while the people in the office stare on, dumbstruck. Yamashita starts to lose it as reality sets in, and the rest are forced to be spectators as the rest of the inactive Machinae have had their systems hacked into and disabled. To add insult to injury, Jiro calls in to report that the Jinrai pilots have started a coup, just like Ishigami said, while Kiriyama looks on, accompanied by his secretary (obviously Yuriannu).Makoto, Shinobu, and a few other pilots end up being held at gunpoint by their comrades.


“5 seconds before everything went da shit.”

Kouichi still tries to demand the reason for Reiji’s betrayal, but all Reiji says is that in their short fight, he has had seventeen chances to land a fatal blow on Linebarrel, signifying that Kouichi hasn’t changed at all and is still a good-for-nothing. Not realising that he’s playing right into the hands of Reiji in psychological warfare, Kouichi charges forward recklessly and in promptly taught a lesson in pain as Reiji and the Vardant end up severely damaging Linebarrel and inflicting a lethal wound on Kouichi.


“My real name is Master Mistress Asia!”

Linebarrel shuts down from all the excessive damage done to it, all the while with Emi watching; she is then reminded of her memories from before she came to Earth, and takes a step out of the office window into thin air, only to drop straight into Linebarrel’s cockpit. The entire Machina changes colour to a cool black-and-red scheme and get its arm reattached as Emi starts issuing commands to Linebarrel to start up some hidden system, and proceeds to beat the hell out of Vardant using teleportation to get around Reiji’s defences. Everyone watching is astounded (supposedly a Machina teleporting while a Factor is inside is fatal to the pilot), and can’t figure out as to why the Linebarrel has two Factors.

Reiji, however, isn’t too surprised; after matching blows for a few more times, Emi runs out of steam controlling the system, and Linebarrel shuts down again. Reiji then makes his escape without a word.

As Kouichi wakes up inside the cockpit, he is shocked to find that Emi is inside; what’s more, she’s inside… and lifeless.


And thus we have a cliffhanger. Pretty nice combat CG they have there this episode, and I bet my knickers (X-D) that Reiji’s betrayal shocked plenty.I can’t help but feel that this marks a big turning point, which means that the series is nearing its end even as we speak. Reiji’s situation does interest me, though. The “pain of someone who can’t feel physical pain”; redundant words aside, if they ever decide to elaborate on his history (in-anime), I’m game.

Well, there’s no use griping about it; come 9th January, we’ll see what does Mr. Kiriyama and his goonies have in store for us.


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