December 29, 2008

  “There’s no way we can hide for a week from all eyes and if we just walk in, we’ll probably get shot before we can raise a white flag. Best to have them come to us in our playing field and let them know that we won’t do anything for as long as we’re here.”


Testing picture upload…

Hmm… still a bit of trouble with the image.

EDIT: It finally works now! XD

The namesake of the post title is 1, 2, and 3. There are a lot more out there, easy enough to be found by the dozen.

I know link 1 has nothing to do with it, but… MINORIN FTW!

Some of you might have watched Linebarrels 13 already, and I must say it really does look like it’s ending soon. ZOMFG Moritsugu went and turned 180 degrees! More in tomorrow’s review/summary.


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