Linebarrels Of Iron Episode 11: Super Nova

December 21, 2008

“To our comrade, who has joined the stars.”

Katou Hisataka, Linebarrels Of Iron Episode 11: Super Nova

Sorry, it COMPLETELY slipped my mind. The holiday season does that to me alot…

The episode starts with Kouichi being confronted by Riku Osei in the Yaoyororu, while on the ground, both Miu/Painkiller and Endo twins/Decieve are being severely outclassed by their respective opponents; Sobi/Talisman and Yuriannu/ARMA Tsubaki-hime; and the mainstream military forces at Cape Canaveral and the Baikonur Cosmodrome are being thrashed as per usual routine.

“C’mon you apes! You wanna live forever?!”

While Mr Kiriyama sits on some comfy chair somewhere, Shinobu the ARMA squad captain is given command of Kiriyama Industries’ new Jinrai units. He wastes no time in deploying them to Canaveral, the Cosmodrome, and Seletar, which is not covered by JUDA’s forces. (T_T)

“Combo Cancelled!”

Even our pretty slasher-boy Reiji, beset both by Sawatari and Dimitriv and the respective ARMA squads they command at the same time, is in quite a pickle himself; he is only saved by a timely replacement of Vardant’s damaged wing binders from Rachel back in JUDA’s dropship. Vardant isn’t really suited for siege combat…

While all the ground combat is going on, Riku sets up the gigantic US satellite weapon, Helios, to fire once more, and this time instead of a single beam, it is split up into several less-destructive paths to strike multiple places by several well-placed magnetic-field mirrors. Much to Kouichi’s anger, they all strike heavily populated civilian areas.

*cue opera-istic OP*


The episode continues with Riku and Kouichi facing off against each other. While Kouichi wastes time asking asks why in God’s name did Riku hit civilian areas, Riku simply twists logic his way by saying that the people he just killed were all taking their lives for granted since they didn’t expect to die today.

Before Kouichi can argue back, Emi cuts in and tells him that with Helios under Yaoyorozu’s control, the only way to stop Helios is to get Yaoyorozu first before the weapon can fully charge again. She also tasks Yamashita with the job of shooting down as many magnetic mirrors as he can to reduce Helios’ range.


“Small wonder the program that took over Helios’ computer system is called ‘aimbot_mcbeamspam.exe‘.”

While Kouichi accepts his job enthusiastically, he soon realizes that the Yaoyorozu is really, really fast, despite its fat look, and while homing pellets might not look like an attack, it hurts real bad if they explode. With Kouichi reeling from the first attack, Riku uses the Helios’ defense lasers to detonate the rest of the HE pellets, causing Linebarrel no small amount of damage.

Somewhere on Earth, Katou and Masaki are observing the battle(Masaki doing most of the observing), and Katou notes that Riku is in top form today. Masaki thinks that it’s natural, since Riku volunteered himself for the job.


“Who the hell do you think I am?!”

Cut to Miu and the Endo twins, at the end of the proverbial line regarding their holding action. Before the Katous can make a final push to end Cape Canaveral’s anti-satellite forces, help arrives in the form of a lone Jinrai. While Sobi and Yuriannu easily avoid getting hit, the rest of their squad members are outclassed by the Jinrai. The pilot introduces himself as Hayase Corps first member, Makoto Domyoji, complete with stupid pose, while the three JUDA pilots are left stupefied. He doesn’t miss a bit, however, as he rushes straight into the fray, leaving Painkiller and Deceive behind.

The anti-satellite forces from all three places under attack by Katou launch with 250 seconds left to spare before the next firing and with only 8% of the satellites down. Kouichi is still fighting Helios’ defenses and Yaoyorozu, but isn’t making much headway as Riku dodges all attacks almost in a leisurely way and thinks of where to hit with Helios’ BFG next.


“Go! Macross Missile Massacre!”

The anti-satellite forces, having reached prime location, launch all their missiles at the magnetic mirrors in a very nice 3M, but Helios’ defenses reply with a (far superior) beamspam, rendering the entire attack useless, and leaving Yamashita as the only person capable of taking down satellite mirrors. He’s less than thrilled at the prospect, however, as the accuracy rate is far less than satisfactory. Who to give emergency anti-angst advice but hot-chick-for-captain El-tee Judy Brown, who tells Yamashita that only he’s as powerful as he thinks he is.

“GATTAI! Oh wait…”

While normal people like Risako are finishing their Christmas shopping down on Earth, Kouichi is still having a really, really hard time against Yaoyorozu, until Emi calls in with vital info; since most of Yaoyorozu’s processing power is used in controlling Helios, its dodging patterns are semi-automated; they follow a pattern of direction over and over again. Emi coordinates a pincer attack with Hind-Kind and Linebarrel, and Kouichi scores his first and seemingly lethal hit on Yaoyorozu. However, Kouichi realized that the impact from the hit felt off, and Riku immediately reveals that the Yaoyorozu is as heavily armoured as it is fast. Riku purges its armor and pelts Linebarrel with what must be a few hundred HE pellets and sends Kouichi in his machine towards Earth’s gravity well, effectively taking JUDA’s only hope out of the fight.


“ZOMFG the Earth is blue!”

As everyone gives their facial version of “OMFG we are WTFBBQ screwed”, Ishigami, who has largely remained silent throughout the episode, says that they will have to surrender with Helios’ firepower threatening every location on Earth. When Kouichi refuses to accept the fact, he tells Kouichi to look behind him, at the Earth, and reminds that protecting it is his job as a hero of justice.


“Despite all his ass kissing, Risako still picked Kouichi.”

Flashback to a mildly-humorous childhood memory where Kouichi is being comforted by Risako and Yajima after they got back the present that Furuya and his goons stole it from him (oh, so that weedy-looking bully’s name is Furuya…); Risako is the one having the flashback as she prepares a strawberry cake for Christmas Eve dinner, unaware that thousands of miles up, Kouichi is having a huge mental and moral awakening.

Kouichi remarks that normal people wouldn’t place the fate of the world in the hands of a fourteen-year-old teen (LOL fourth-wall breaking?), but says that the entire thing is coming along quite nicely. He delegates Yamashita the sudden task of catching Linebarrel after all is done, and ignoring protests from both Yamashita and Emi, he releases the power limiter on Linebarrel, once again pouring all its power into the Executor. Yamashita, egged on by Lt. Brown, accepts the task, and while Riku is doing his pre-victory gloating, Kouichi unleashes hell on Helios, blowing away everything-even Yaoyorozu-in a single shot.

Back on boring ‘ol Earth, Risako is preparing dinner when Saki and Kouichi’s sister call her over to look at shooting stars(which are really pieces of Helios).





Up in space, Kouichi dedicates his destroying of Helios to Yamashita, and falls into the atmosphere. Yamashita almost couldn’t catch him, but he succeeds anyway, and with that the battle is finally over as the Katou forces retreat (and Makoto marks the victory with yet another two stupid poses.)

Ishigami says that with this battle, Kouichi has finally learnt how to be a hero of justice, and how being a real hero of justice feels like-all while Kouichi, now back at the US’s base in Japan, is being cheered on by everyone present.

Hidden somewhere, Masaki says that Riku is now MIA or even KIA, but Katou doesn’t really mind, as he raises his glass to Riku.

Back at the late Yajima’s house, Risako is waiting for Kouichi to arrive, but the doorbell turns out to have heralded Makoto and Furuya, leaving her slightly disappointed. Meanwhile, Kouichi is at JUDA’s Christmas party handing Emi the gift he got for her in episode 9; Shizuna is getting drunk on alcoholic juice as usual, Yamashita finally “makes up” with Reiji(or vice versa). Kouichi runs off in a hurry soon after…


“’Ding Dong’ WAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111oneoneoneone”

Only to arrive at Yajima’s house and ring the doorbell while Makoto got to the part about the doorbell while telling a ghost story. Risako is unaffected, however, as she gets to the door immediately, revealing a slightly flustered Kouichi who suddenly remembers that he forgot about getting the chicken for the party. Risako tries her best to hide it, but she’s so pleased about Kouichi turning up, that she soon forgives him.

Back at the JUDA party, Emi opens her present to reveal a rather nice necklace, leaving Miu slightly jealous. O_O Love problems so early in the series?!

Nothing spectacular about this episode really. I must admit that the animation here was on-off like the first fight with Glain-Neider… well, I should be glad that it had “on” in it instead of being “off” all the time. This episode is the one that has stayed the most truthful to the manga yet, only continuing the gender-bender-ed Behemoth captain and the JUDA forces scrambling to stop Helios’ destruction, and Yaoyorozu V.S. Linebarrel. While Riku was more resilient in the manga, he was also one of the first to be killed off (albeit in his second appearance) and I must say, the anime Riku is certainly more loathsome than his manga counterpart. That’s the good thing about this episode; they’ve outstripped the original, already detestable character. I swear, he looks more like a toad than he was in the original comic.

The next thing is the Jinrai. While it IS good-looking, I must say, I’m a tad disappointed. I’m happy that something that’s purely anime-exclusive turned out to match the series so nicely (it really looked as though it could have appeared in the manga as well), but everything was, visually, unimpressive after the head, and the uber pistol didn’t help.

Also, this episode is on record for having the most TV icons in it since the series started.

Well, tune in next week for more Linebarrels!


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