So, why do you fight? Is is because you fight? Or is it because you fight?

November 22, 2008

“So why do you fight? For the sake of fighting, or for the sake of fighting?”


I got back from AFA ’08 at 3pm, but I didn’t actually have the chance to do a type-out since there were various circumstances (like, Bushcown hit the hangar bay’s main computer with a godamned D.O.M. TROOPER) so I’m doing this now.


“One HUEG U-turn queue for a pair of tickets.”

This was my first anime fair. No, really, it was my first. And it didn’t start off well when everyone was there by seven or eight in the morning and I was still sound asleep until nine. I should have set ALL the alarm clocks in my room instead of just two.

So I finally got there with a relative at TEN-THIRTY AM. By that time, the Suntec Convention Halls on the four level were interwoven with people queing up to get their entry ticket. We joined in, and for the next half an hour my relative, his friend, his friend’s friend and me talked about anime, Gundam, ODEX, the anime fair, and joked about how it would take forever for Bible Black to get to local shores openly.

After that half hour of fun, talk, feet aches and some sweat (they need turbofans), we finally got the tickets, entered the convention hall…

And went up to heaven. At least, I did.


“A red Quelbly. Char’s?!”


“The only door guardian. Nevertheless, impressive.”


“Perfect Zeong!”

First of was the “Planet Mech” section. While I caught no sight of the “Gundam SEED DESTINY” diorama they said was there (I am getting blind, after all, or its coming on display only tomorrow). They were displaying the winning models of the BAKUC models, and god, i have never seen any local kits built more dazzling than those there.


“Grand Winner. Click for Larger Image.”


“Mr. FAZZ is just pure awesome.”


“GMs can never write a biography.” “No shit, Sherlock.”

They were also selling the MG Infinite Justice there. And as though as a reminder of the UC universe, the Sinanju on display towered over them all. Most of the shelf was lined with 00 stuff, so we had our fair share of Exia, Dynames, 00, Kyrios, Virtue… you get the point.


“Sinanju is such a beast. :P”

They also had a live display of BAKUC champ Leon Ku showing the art of airbrushing. Didn’t interest me; well, more like I didn’t stay to watch since it’s going to be forever before I pick up airbrushing. 😛


“He will raep your mech to bits.”


“First saw this ugly mofo in SRW W. Had fun blowing him(up).”


“Code Geass Collectibles.”


“Anya power!”


“Knight-kun. :3”

Of course, not all mech stuff was restricted to Gundam and its many descendants. Included, but not limited to display behind glass were the Mazinger series and one very sexy Black Selena from the Martian Successor Nadesico: The Prince Of Darkness.


“For Lodaer-I mean, for… meh, the TLI…?”

Kotobukiya’s Dygenguard made an appearance as well, and right beside it, the two first DGGs with DGY riding on Ausenseiter in Pferd mode. Pferd-ly, but no doubt horribly expensive.

“Pferd” means horse in German, or so I was told.


“Drill < Hair < Head Ring?”

Full Metal Panic’s ARX-08 Laevatein and Labors from Patlabor were there as well, along with a seperate display of Armored Core A.C.s.


“One of the better-quality images. D:”


“Good-quality image no. 2.”


“Good thing Vita isn’t in the same universe as Guy.”


“Getter 1, 2, 3, let’s go! Ba-dum-da-dum–ba-ba-da-dum…”


“Like so many mech types, Arm Slaves and Labors share similarities too.”

The GaoGaiGar, Gurren Lagann and Evangelion machines were there too, and one particularly loner Yukikaze plane (the first “Yukikaze” Mave, I reckon).




“I’m sorry to say that Midori piqued my interest the most. Mostly because I daresay the rest of the featured girls are more famous than her. One for the Devil’s Right Hand! :D”


“Nagi! Nagi! Nagi! Wait… what series is she from again?”

I did say that I would be hanging around the Planet Mech section all day and only look at mech-related stuff, but I guess I’ll have to eat my statement. After a short while, I headed over to Collateral Damage Studios and took a look at their works. It might be illustrations, but you can tell that they spared no detail on them. Unfortunately, my puny camera could not capture much of their glory.


“IDOLM@STER characters. Haruka and Ami & Mami are the top three.”

Since I had no intention on gatecrashing/intruding/sitting in on the ongoing seminar further down the path, I turned back to the figure display cases.


“Nendoroid Puchi. Either you like them, or you… like them.”


“Limit Gunz? Whenever did anime ever get a limiter for ammunition?”


“Chua Churam(sp?) was located on the lowest shelf, presumably to safeguard the finer points of figure details from people like me.”


“Figma Lucky Star girls. Any collection must start with either Tsukasa or Kagami in order to keep the universe at balance.”


“Nanoha, Fate, and Miku. Two to keep the mobs back while one sings.”


“The left one is related to Chua Churam, and the right one with Demonbane. Their names? Er… *frantic hand-waving*”


“If you get a Freeing bunny, they’ll set your heart(and cash) free.”


“IDOLM@STER (name forgotten :P) to the left and Baek Changpo at your right. I remember Baek’s name because Senko no Ronde was a mech action game. :3″


“Kuugen Tenko is to the right. And the IDOLM@STER character’s name is… … … … I forgot.”


“Kemoeko the… uh, powered armor, and her owner, MM.”

Figures there include but were not limited to Nendoroids and a rather lonely Melissa Seraphy one at that (I want to know the history of that pumpkin too, you know), courtesy of Good Smile, Fauna from Megachu(a uniformed version?) and Idolmaster figurines. I forgot to take note of who made what, but I’m sure other bloggers didn’t make that mistake. I swear, though, that some of the chibi-heads on display were a full twice the size of their Nendo-ed cousins. Must be the small Puchi ones and their bigger relatives…

Some sort of mini-arcade was set up, but that was the second area that I didn’t step into. It was all racing and combat games; I would be beaten down, stoned, and tossed aside in a heartbeat.


“So… what series was it again?”

When I finally reached the stage, they were at the ends of some Gundam-building competition; they were most likely using SDs. The time limit was 15 minutes. I think I need a good half-hour to put together a decent SD…

When I came back they were having a Power Ranger photoshoot. I don’t keep track, so I don’t know what series they’re from.


“That’s why I joined the Britannian Army… to change the Empire from the inside!”

They were also showcasing anime titles there, and examples included D.Gray Man, Code Geass, (I think) Skip Beat, Casshern Sins and Shakugan no Shana. The good news is that these titles are slated to be aired on Okto or already are being aired on Okto (yay ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!!!). The bad news is that probably every anime fan in this country and their dog has watched them already if they had wanted to. 😛


“It is heresy to even resist the Moe!”


“I would have given an arm and a leg and S$105 for these posters.”


“This one is easy. Haruhi, Little Busters, and Clannad. The character names are a different story though. :P”


“Nice to have if I had the spare cash.”


“Haha, oh wow!”


“I had no idea that a good anime maid always gets the broomstick stuck between her panties and bra whenever you approach her.”


“They stole the Sky Girls’ jobs!”


“What’s inside, anyway?”


“Her name is… … … … … … I forgot. :(”


“Get your Devil’s Right Hand(of Moe) today!”

There were booths selling items; some of them were doing dakimakura (hey, I got it right without referring to the spellcheck this time!), doujinshi (I love cute pictures, but there’s a limit to how much money I have on hand… T_T), Chuang Yi had their own booth selling manga, and there were figures and models of all kinds up for grabs. Examples include The Vic Viper, Maka from Soul Eater and even Halo 3 and World of Warcraft figures… not to mention a Midori hand puppet. O_O

Other booths were doing illustrations and/or selling other stuff that I’ve never seen before.



So the current strength contained inside Base-07’s hangar bay stands at:

Destroyed In Action

– ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom x1

– MBF-P03 second L Blue Frame Second L x1

Active Service

– ZGMF-X23S Savior x1

– MBF-P01-Re2 Gold Frame Mina Amatsu x1

– MBF-P02 Red Frame x1

– GN-001 Exia x1

In Repairs

MMS-01 Serpent Custom x1


SVMS-010 Over Flag x1

RX-78-2 Gundam x1

YAM-008-2 Altarion

VF-25S Messiah


All in all, while it probably can’t compare to whatever Japan has, this is still pretty fun by standards. My only regret? Not bringing a better camera along so that I can get more decent shots of figures AND cosplayers alike.

For more detailed coverage and news on items like the concerts and seminar and just about everything as well as tomorrow’s coverage (I’m not going, because I have no monies and has many work to do. D:), you might want to check out the blogs of other Singaporeans who went for this on dannychoo.com


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