GILDERBASHIGNSD—–!#@$# “This Blog are belong to them.”

November 17, 2008

“Setsuna F. Seiei. Gundam Exia, begining armed intervention.”

Setsuna F. Seiei, during the start of any Celestial Being operations.


Hi, my name is Felderich Jack Ronde de Bushcown, and you can call me SOB. Today I’ll be taking over the incompetant idiot of the outpost, and I’ll be here to stay.

My forerunner didn’t want to post anything today for a couple of reasons;

– He spliced his left thumb on a cut of ribs. Terran ribs. I always told him to use the sauce to soften it up.

– He hasn’t got Linebarrels Of Iron episode 7 yet. Moron.

– Deep down, he’s just another ZAKU! HE’S A ZAKU!

He is also threatening to boot me out of his room with an old sock now, and promosing to get Linebarrels’ review up by Wednesday. Nerd.

And to the rest of you people out there, remember, ribs are dangerous! You don’t want to end up like my old commander with a spliced thumb that causes him to type at 99% normal speed and with 1337% more errors!



  1. Lolz. Is this guy for real? XD

  2. Unfortunately… yes. XD

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