Bip-Bop, Smash-Rowr, Rickety Raar Roar!

November 7, 2008

“Just admiring her, Kotonoha Katsura, from afar every day… it makes my day a little brighter.”

Itou Makoto; opening and closing dialogue respectively, School Days Episode 1 & 12

I finally got School Days done.

m.3.3.w.-fansubs sure got their after-job words right. “Thank you for watching Makoto get wtfbbq pwned. We hope you all learnt a valuable lesson from this. Thank you guys for all the support you’ve given us.” Seriously, if he’d just explained everything when things were still developing, it could have been alright. What made it worst was that he continued to mess around whenever he wanted to (especially taking advantage of Sekai not being around), and refusing to take responsibility for his actions. The worst way to use text messages are to ask for a break-up and to tell your girlfriend to get an abortion. Pretty much the last few episodes were nothing but horrible relevations one after another.

– Come to think of it though, School Days is pretty much a masterpiece, depending on how you see it. In my opinion, one teen guy taking upwards five girls for some bed action is nigh impossible in real life, but in School Days, they make it seem so… believable. The only thing that kept me from rewatching it was that “bad-end” Episode 12. If they’d just extended Episode 11 over the half-hour limit, they could have had a good ending… eh, after seeing how Makoto and Kotonoha ganged up on poor Sekai though, maybe not.

Makoto is still a real bastard though. Right to the end of the series, he expected the girls that he’s gone out with to understand his thoughts and feelings. Hello, hello, Earth to Makoto; this only happens in romance manga/anime that have a sub-plot so hilarious that it turns into a comedy! He tried to repent nearing the end, and he could almost have got it… unfortunately, he should probably have stuck with Sekai, since Kotonoha wasn’t in danger of dying or stabbing him.

– I still pity Kotonoha. Everyone either ignores her or hates her. Sure, Makoto might carry most of the blame, but still, of all the love rivals, Sekai and Setsuna were the only ones who gave active thought to letting Makoto explain to Kotonoha that he wnats a clean break with her. And then, even Setsuna only gave that chance at the very final moments; and not in a very nice way.

– Again, School Days is a masterpiece as an anime (haven’t played the games nor read the manga yet, nor do I think I want to now :-P), but that depends on how your view of the entire thing is; whether School Days sinks or swims in your books will depend on your tastes. I always try to remain neutral, but  don’t really feel anything for romance or love tragedies, so… yeah. It was great, but I probably won’t be coming back for more.

– In that last episode… I never knew Kotonoha could fight so well. 😮

– If you’re feeling traumatised after School Days episode 12, try looking for “School Days OVA Valentine Day” or “School Days OVA Magical Kokoro-chan“. I’m not sure if they’re even canon (their references to the main series will crack you up though), it’s sure to take that bitter taste out of your mouth.



Today’s “Character Of The Post” is someone cheery for a change; C.O.(Commanding Officer) Andy, of Advance Wars, Advance Wars: Black Hole Rising, and Advance Wars: Dual Strike fame!

Many people are familiar with the Advance Wars series being one of the better, if not best, turn-based strategy games out there. Andy is the main protanogist of the first two games; he lacks the early-morning sense of soldiers, but he’s a genius at mechanical engineering. The standard main character of any video game, possessing no weaknesses nor strong points, he’s the first C.O. that the player will use to command troops, and will often remain among the top choices for selection during multi-faction battles that include C.O. selection. While he often takes a while to catch on to happenings and isn’t so much for subtle approaches than going in guns blazing like fellow C.O. Max, once prepared, his foes are no match for Andy’s pure power and simple smash-and-crash strikes.

Andy, being a mechanical genius, does not provide any sort of passive advantages to troops during battle, meaning that against C.O. whose troops gain an advantage just by having them on thie field, Andy is at a serious disadvantage; in-game, however, Andy’s main trump card lies in the C.O. power gauge, a sort of pressure bar in the Advance Wars series that fills up as you fight, allowing the unleashing of different  “power-ups” according to character and game.

Andy’s C.O. powers, depending on the level that the gauge is filled up to, are capable of providing minor repairs to all damaged units, or providing major repairs to all units, along with a 20% boost in firepower and a +1 in movement range. In a game where repairs = prolonged usefulness, more firepower = more lethal counterattacks and first hits, and a +1 in movement can get you where needed to in one turn less just in time to complete a time-based mission, savvy!

Throughout the first three games, Andy would learn the responsibilities of a C.O., and grow from fresh-faced recruit to war veteran.  He would also be the first C.O. to be cloned for enemy use by the ever-antagonistic Black Hole for all three games, the one army on Wars World(where Advance Wars takes place on) that wishes to conquer the world. The clones, however, would all proceed to die much later, leaving Andy angry that humans would be treated like tools and left to die once they have outlived thier usefulness.

Andy does not appear in the latest Advance Wars game, AW: Days of Ruin. 😦 I wanted to see his Hyper Upgrade at least one more time…

What, you’re still here?!


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