One-Hit KO Infinite Univeral Punch Of Anti-Idiocy!

November 4, 2008

“We won’t let you bastards have your way any longer! Not with Ranka… nor with the Vajra!”

Ozama Lee, S.M.S. Skull Squadron Squad Leader; Macross Frontier Episode 25: Your Sound

Man, the more I watch School Days (at Ep. 7 now desu~), the more I feel sorry for Kotonoha. Apparently, everyone hates her. Playboy Makoto isn’t helping with his fickle physical preferences. To top things off, slapping the one person left with any chance of supporting her (Sekai) isn’t a very smart choice, even if she did cheat on her and her (former) boyfriend. I guess when it comes to love nobody can truly see properly, even with the truth smack right in front of their faces…

Ugh, enough of this depressing shit! I knew I wasn’t cut out to watch romatic tragedies…

Now officially being November, I’m starting to scrimp and save (or at least am trying to) to prepare for my three top priorities as an anime fan; enough moolah to go to AFA ’08 (mostly be hangin’ around the ‘Planet Mech’ section XD) for at least a day, enough moolah to complete the Over Flag and RX-78-2 sitting somewhere under my bed unassembled, and enough moolah to get another kit.

I’m split between getting the Valhawk, Tieren Ground Type, or to get my mitts on Ozama’s/Alto’s/Michael’s VF-25 Messiah. Luca’s is out. I mean, white, grey or blue is acceptable, but green against the black backdrop of space?! His Ghosts are very nice though…

– The Valhawk, at a mere 1/144 scale, is a full 20cm tall in real life and towers over, or at least is taller, than all of my MSes. The only thing keeping me from putting it in the wishlist is the question of poseability, which unfortunately seems non-existent.

– The Tieren Ground Type 1/100 scale will be like building any other MS kit, and it was my original choice in the first place.

– The scale 1/72 VF-25 Messiah isn’t even a model kit in the first place. O_O

Choices, choices…

Today’s “Character Of The Post” is one red-headed spitfire; Kouzuki Kallen, also known as Kallen Stadtfeld, from the Code Geass and Code Geass R2 series! Half-Japanese and half-Britannian by birthright, her first appearance is from Ep. 1 of Code Geass onwards; from there on, Kallen is the archypical rival ace pilot of the “good guy” pilot, Suzaku Kururugi.

Having a Britannian father, Kallen is granted the rights of a Britannian; her poor Japanese mother, however, is treated as a maid by both her father, her Britannian stepmother, and even Kallen herself, who despises her for being so weak. Originally part of a failing resistance movement founded by her deceased brother, Kallen is almost killed in the first episode during a Britannian raid, if not for Lelouch Lamperouge, the future Zero, leading her away from the enemy after aquiring the power of Geass. Kallen then participates in the ensuing counterattack, dirceted by Lelouch, against the Britannian forces, almost winning, until Suzaku in the Lancelot disables their entire force. She sacrifices her old Glasgow Knightmare Frame to help Lelouch escape, and the two do not meet again until Lelouch, now Zero, greets the resistance group and eventually becomes its leader as the Order Of The Black Knights. Kallen then serves as his personal guard all the way to R2, her skills as a KMF pilot keeping Lelouch alive while he works his tactical miracles.

While her fellow students at the prestegious Ashford Academy might thing of Kallen as a meek model student, this is only the facade she keeps up in school. The real Kallen is headstrong, determined, and a master at combat, both in a KMF and with whatever weapons she can get at the moment, and should anyone try to stand in her way in the journey to resurrect Japan, she most likely would have cut them down without mercy.

Keep your eyes peeled; Linebarrels Of Iron 6 is just around the corner…


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