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October 19, 2008

“Who the hell do you think we are?!”

Great Gurren Lagann Brigade motto, from Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann

Right, so I did finish Strike Witches in a day (Lynette FTW!), and I must say, the ending does not disappoint. I liked how Sky Girls ended, so I guessed I should have known better, but…

Unhealthy obsession with (Lynette FTW!) pant-less military uniforms aside, the story pacing is well-done and the storyline in general is amazing. Whoever thought that strapping propellers to one’s legs could have ever made a coherent storyline deserves a pat on the back, since the original “Mecha Musume” concept on which both Sky Girls and its younger relation Strike Witches were founded on didn’t actually involve real girls (Lynette FTW!); more like personalization of the aircraft/tank/machine in question. Character development was executed with nary a flaw; the main cast ranges from downright adorable (Sanya, Erica, Yoshika, Lynette(Lynette FTW!)) to lovable (Elia, Lucchini, Barkhorn, Perrine, Charlotte) and respected (Minna, Mio). Animation was top notch (Lynette FTW!) with little to no re-used animation and smooth CG on the part of the battles. To top it off, each Witch was based on a legendary ace pilot during the era of both World Wars and after, and it’s fun comparing such things.

Right, with the holiday season over it’s time to return to more action-based animes that have none of that kissing, smooching, random touching, planned wardrobe accidents, bathtub shots and heart-rending endings that hide a happy ending after all.

COME! LINEBARREL! I’m full of anticipation at seeing how the Vardant to going to teach that damned motherf*cking(well, not exactly literally) dastardly young upstart Kouichi a lesson in paaaaaain….

Gundam 00 Season 2 had a good head-start as well, and I’m looking forward to how Saji, who had all along disagreed with Celestial Being’s method of stopping warfare, is going to react.

Soul Eater is just getting to the good part. With the war aganst those who would exploit the Kishin’s awakening going into full swing, you can expect more of that resoundingly excellent music and animation. I don’t have much to say about the story though, since it follows the manga version quite faithfully.

This time for “Character Of The Post” is (no, it’s not Lynette(Lynette FTW!)) Death The Kid, Master Shinigami’s own son from the anime and manga series Soul Eater. A well-mannered and high-classed individual, his one failing quality is his apparent obsession with symmetry; he fusses over the bottles on the shelves, the picture on the wall of his mansion, whether of the toilet paper has been properly folded, and he even uses two weapon, Liz and Patty Thompson, as a pair of pistols, instead of the more-easily controllable one-weapon configuration. He’s also a stickler for details with his constant complaining that Liz has smaller boobs than Patty. Naturally, the three white lines on his head that the reader/viewer will immediately notice are a constant source of agonizing for him; in fact, he has such little tolerance for un-symmetry that the very sight of said things will piss him off to no end, or cause him to fall into a state of depression. >_>

The same pair of twin pistols are also a badge of his skill. Difficulty in battle increases with the number of souls’ wavelengths you have to sync to, and Kid being able to do that effortlessly since the beginning of the series shows that he’s not just some rich brat. Likewise, he is dedicated to his job and once having taken up one, he will see it through to the end. While the main cast is still struggling to control their latent powers, Kid has already mastered the higher-class “Soul Resonance” power-boosting skill since, which allows him to muster even more power in a fight. To add to that, Kid is more than capable of holding his own in close-combat, even against masters of the art like Black Star.

And those three unsymmetrical lines on his head DO serve a higher purpose, in case you’re wondering.

In before signing off; full-fanboy-mode-shout: LYNETTE FTW! XD *cackle*

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