You know how to spell “Rampage”, don’t you?

October 18, 2008

“So this is the lover’s spat that will decide the fate of the solar system…”

Inez Fressange a.k.a. “Ai-chan”, Nergal Heavy Industries PMC civillian attache and Class-A boson jumper; Martian Successor Nadesico, Episode 26

Hell no if I’m not on a rampage. I didn’t visit for half a year, and apparently Megavideo has done and put a limit on their videos; those of you who use Megaupload without a membership should know what I’m talking about. Now the video can’t be watched and you get that irritating “You’ve watched 79 minutes of videos today. Please wait 112 minutes or click here for membership” message. RAMPAGE!

Having gotten a MS stand finally, I couldn’t resist playing with it.

He can now fly! Yay!

He can now fly! Yay!

Ready to re-Enact Episode 1.

Ready to re-Enact Episode 1.

Go! Reddo Furamu Surashu!

Go! Reddo Furamu Surashu!


If the Freedom can't see it, he can't hit it. You know what that means, yeah? >:D

Having two days left, I intend to finish off Strike Witches before term starts again. However, personal habits demanded that I find a wallpaper of Strike Witches first, and of course, there aren’t any that doesn’t involve panties and panty shots.So I had to make my own.

Original Page Source here, Original Image Source here, and the Site That Hosted The Image here. Desuuuu~

And thus, I present the culmination of my stupendous lazy efforts to make my own wallpaper. Done with Adobe Fireworks; good thing the emblem came with a white background. šŸ˜€



I got inspired by a similar wallpaper done with Gundam 00’s Celestial Being’s emblem. Hey, I could put this up on http://www.animepaper.net!

On a sidenote, did the powers-that-be pass a bill banning any kind of lower body wear for girls below 16 save panties in Strike Witches? I mean, if the Witches are on standby I can sorta understand (Their Striker units encase almost their entire leg and require skin contact to activate) but even SCHOOL STUDENTS WANDER AROUND IN THEIR NAVY BLUE UNDIES! It’s like being permanently in a swimming class…

Oh, but don’t get the wrong idea. Sans the blatant fanservice they have a rather nice little story going on there; harsh critics of the show often cite nothing but the undies. C’mon guys, keep your eyes on their faces! XD

Today’s “Character Of The Post” is Kira Yamato from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny infamy fame!

Those of you who’ve watched real robot anime will often notice that the main male character, often the main pilot of the titular machine, is at best a naive kid thrust into a big fat war of genocide; Kira Yamato is as such, a shining example, though not the best one. A genius at technical engineering and programming, boosted by his upbringing and genetic alingment of a Coordinator, he is uprooted from his peaceful life as a civilian of the neutral country of the Orb Union when one of two opposing factions, the Z.A.F.T. (Zodiac Alliance Of Freedom Treaty) forces enter the space colony Kira is in and loots not one, but four secret weapons that the second faction, the Earth Alliance had been secretly developing alongside independent Orb factions.

Kira, forced to fight against both former friend and deadly foe through circumstances he has no control of, soon learns how deep hatred can run, as Z.A.F.T., still seething at the deadly nuclear attack pepetrated upon them by the unreasonable Earth Alliance during the start of the Bloody Valentine War, spares no effort in killing as many Alliance soldiers as possible; for that matter, even civilian Naturals, humans not unlike the Coordinators that make up the bulk of Z.A.F.T.’s population, save for their genes, are not spared as the series progresses.To make matters worse, the Alliance responds in like.

Over the course of both series, Kira Yamato would grow from indecisive and reluctant ace pilot to, politely put, strong-will real man. The downtrade that he becomes so morally unstoppable that in SEED Destiny, more than once characters with views of their own have come under his flag; the entirety of SEED Destiny feels like he has the other characters at gunpoint to get them to agree with him. Yes, Cagalli, I’m talking about you! You too, Athrun, you useless red-themed bastard! His method of intervention in battle also stinks of thinly-concealed terrorism… though much less than what other factions in the series do.

It doesn’t help that his skills with his machine hasn’t rusted at all; I swear he has a Federation V.S. Z.A.F.T. arcade machine hidden somewhere in that huge mansion…

Well, he’s still better than some eager brick-headed murderer I know of.

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