Linebarrel Of Iron Ep. 2: Runaway Justice

October 16, 2008

“Big Brother, you dirty pervert!”

Kouichi’s sister to Kouichi Hayase; Linebarrels Of Iron episode 2: Runaway Justice

“Right Up To The Sun, Moon, Stars and D’mensions~ With your mates and a good girlfriend, gotta pierce the heavens with your XXX~”

Just a small, random song I thought of.

Gotta love ’em fangs.

Yes well, pilfering your own sister’s underwear drawer is a good idea to impress a girlfriend in need, but you have to make sure you either don’t get found out or your sister has a hand in raeping dressing your girlfriend into her new clothes.

Today’s post is, you guessed it, all about Linebarrels Of Iron’s second episode. I must be the last person to blog about this, but hey, I go for direct downloads. Hard to come by, they are.

Many people are still recovering from the (supposed) horror that was Episode 1. Well, with the coming of Ep. 2, I’ve given up on comparing it to the manga; in just a half-hour, parts of the plot have split off irreversibly from the original.

So, it is still worth watching? Of course, but don’t expect any HQ works.

Rub a dub-dub, Emi in a tub!

Risako’s boobs have grown much in the course of a few hours, chronologically.

The 2nd episode kick-starts with two fanservice shots and a sister beating the hell out of her older brother. The previous battle now nothing more than a news item, Risako calls on Kouichi to inquire his safety. Kouichi is fine, naturally, and is about to reveal his secret as Linebarrel’s pilot when his sister takes potshots at him with a tennis racket for giving free underwear to his female refugee, Kizaki Emi (see above).

Title screen. While I’m not a great fan of Ali Project’s songs (They’re just shy a bit more to being opera singers) I must admit it syncs well with the OP sequence. Kudos to a great choice for an OP song; title is “Kitei no Tsurugi”.

LINEBARREL, launching!

I have something to announce. I am sorry, SEED fanboys, but Kira Yamato’s SEED mode is nothing compared to the power of LINEBARREL!

Come to think of it, those eyes remind me of Virtual On Oratorio Tangram.

Reiji Moritsugu, Factor for the Vardant.

Satoru Yamashita, FACTOR for the Hind-Kind.

Shizuna Endo, Izuna Endo, FACTORs for the Deceive.

And she… well, she’s Kujo Miu, but truth be told I have the feeling that she’s an anime-exclusive. I haven’t seen her in the manga yet… maybe since there’s a plot change, later characters get intro-ed early?

Loli scientist type. I’m getting Klan Klan vibes here ^_^|||

The evil organization.

The evil Katou Organization. Bwahahahaha.

We begin the episode with one of many battles between JSDF and Katou forces. The Katou forces are winning like there’s no tomorrow, and one guy frantically requests if the reinforcements from JUDA are here yet.

Well, they are/he is. Apparently he’s a risk-taker as well. Thank god the Vardant is there to snatch him out of the sky and throw him into its cockpit.

A nightmare just came true.

Meanwhile, Miu and Yamashita, having nothing better to do with pretty-boy slasher Reiji pretty much handling everything, report back to JUDA HQ. Yamashita comments that Katou might be using all this attacks to divert JUDA’s resources, and meanwhile snatch the LINEBARREL out of their hands. They continue by labeling Kouichi as a “abnormality” and “frustration” (those were not the exact words, mind you) since their original sources indicated that Emi Kizaki was supposed to be the only FACTOR available for the LINEBARREL.

Meanwhile, cut to Kouichi’s household.

I can’t believe Kouichi didn’t think of his mom’s undergarments as a better alternative for a well-nourished female teen. Apparently, his family couldn’t either.

In the Katou Organization’s mobile battleship base, there’s *evil laughter*

The next morning, Kouichi can’t wait to reveal that he’s the pilot of LINEBARREL. Much to his surprise (and chagrin) the JSDF is one step ahead of him by releasing a media report stating that LINEBARREL was a new military model. He’s about to spill the beans when Yajima, his second childhood friend, pulls him off to inquire about yesterday’s happenings. Koiuchi has no qualms about relating his entire “heroic endeavor”, and was about to re-enact the maiden summoning of LINEBARREL when Risato cuts in to breaks his fantasies. >:D

Grope grope grope… *poof*

While the kids are having fun at school though, the dudes at Katou, intending to lure out LINEBARREL, are now attacking indiscriminately. Of course, when Kouichi catches wind of this, he jumps at the chance to show off his new-found power.

I can’t believe he’s making a phone call to Yajima to tell him to watch the battle carefully. His ego is even bigger that I thought.

As soon as he reaches the big fight, he strikes a cool pose…

And instead goes for Miu and Yamashita. While the enemy is understandably pissed, he beats them down with the LINEBARREL, and both Miu and Yamashita are forced to retreat to avoid more collateral damage after Kouichi declares that anyone else talking to him about anything else other than his own view on ‘justice’ is evil. He then proceeds to declare that “Today’s justice is done” and gives such an evil and irritating laugh that Shinn Asuka would have cowered in fear.

Emi finally sees the “evil widdle boi” for who he truly is.

Here being the anime Kouichi’s second interaction with Linebarrel in-series, he should have been thrashed by Reiji in the Vardant, in accordance with the manga. But since it’s NOT in accordance with the manga, we’ll have to wait and see.

Sometimes the CG fights looked a bit strange too. Well, this is only episode two. Tomorrow, we’ll see with three.

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