Linebarrels Of Iron Ep. 1: Boy and Iron

October 8, 2008

“I am now the hero of justice!”

Kouichi Hayase, pilot of Linebarrel; Linebarrels Of Iron Episode 1: Boy and Iron

I just watched Linebarrels Of Iron episode one today. Nice enough… but everything seems rushed, considering that the original manga version took its time in getting to the action.

A few noticeable differences:

Armas. The mainstay mobile forces of the Katou Organization (let’s take over the world and re-educate the people, ya) appear much earlier in the time-line; in fact, they’re recognized by civilians as machines in use by special forces around the globe.

Linebarrel. The protanigist’s main machine, he learns of its existence and his skill as its pilot much earlier. In fact, he was supposed to be dead a few years back instead of a few minutes ago when Linebarrel landed all of its tonnage on him.

– The JUDA Organization’s soldiers. Sure, they’re supposed to get owned, but it was supposed to be at the hands of Linebarrel and if memory serves me right, they’re supposed to stay alive.

Kouichi Hayase. The main man himself, I don’t remember Factors having the ability to shatter concrete in a single punch. Sure, the manga tells you that Factors are more aggressive, stronger and faster… but still, they’re not Clark Kent!

Other than that, though, the man himself generally retains his childish attitude just like in the manga. I could almost see Shinn Asuka in a Jedi robe standing behind him and nodding, “Excellent, young one.”

Overall though, the thing was pretty well done. Mecha fights in CG are hard to make ’em look good, but while this one isn’t the best, I’ll have to wait and see.

Below are some screen captures. Please note that any commentary hereafter is to be taken with a pinch of salt regarding their plot value. You have been warned.

The main character, Kouichi Hayase. Dweeb or Danger? Let’s wait a bit more…

The man behind JUDA.

Flashback to Neon Genesis Evangelion, Episode One. 😀 “…special state of emergency…” my ass.

Cute b- I mean, cute girl, eh? *oggle*

The man in black is so damn sexy. :d

Smackdown in fifteen.

Because I’m mean. >:D

Grab your friends’ bread like that, and checking for damages will be a moot point.

Smackdown in five.

Smackdown in four.

Smackdown in three.

Smackdown in two.

Smackdown in one.

Houston, we have a smackdown. Bring out the beer!

Oh, he’s still alive. Too bad about the bread, eh?

Holy god, where are his pants?! No, more importantly, where are his nuts?!

Oh, that’s not part of his body?

Wait, that’s not in the script, you’re not supposed to touch there!


“But… there’s not one here right now…”

“Come to think of it, this scene is worth more than an issue of FHM!”

And to get into a girl’s good books, you have to cart her home naked and give her nice clothes…

…by flipping through your sister’s underwear stash. “Nice Job, dude!”

Meanwhile the city is being busted up by government troops. Or so the population thought.

If you can spot the bullet hole, this proves just how well the animation was done.

Of course, the real good guys ain’t gonna let that slide…

…like hell anyone gives a damn about that, though.


“Party member C was hit! 1damage!”

“Stupid wall! YAAH!”

“Dude… what kind of meds have you been on lately?!”

“It’s right here, and it starts with the letter ‘M’!”

“Yeah… OH YEAH!”


*Cue doomsday music*

Another touchdown, and we see where the cockpit is. No, I don’t want to hear any Austin Power jokes.

Of course, the baddies ain’t happy that Linebarrel is now here to spoil their fun… permanently.

Linebarrel doesn’t give a damn.

And it has Hit Point Regen. at S-Rank.

It appears to be an expert at dodgeball, too.

And those are all the interesting shots I have. Later, Kouichi finds out that he’s apparently dead (well, he should be) and that, it is also because of his death that he can operate Linebarrel. Catch Linebarrels of Iron next week for more of this exciting robo-smashing mecha anime!

JUDA. We serve your needs.

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