All Hail Britannia! ALL HAIL LELOUCH!

October 6, 2008

“So this is… Zero Requiem…”

Suzaku Kururugi/Zero, Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion R2; Final Turn: Re;(episode 25)

Yeah, so that was Zero Requiem. God damn, the way Final Turn for R2 ended for me was nothing short of a treat. I mean, how many anime out there DO feature the main character being run through with a sword and dying?

The final episode for Code Geass: Lelouch of The Rebellion R2 started off well enough. Nunnally, who had regained her sight since the end of episode 24, has the detonation key for all the F.L.E.I.J.A. warheads on-board the Damocles, and Lelouch is trying to convince her that the key is better off with him. After a lengthy argument whereby Nunnally disses Lelouch’s efforts for the entire Geass series by saying that she would have been content to just live with him, he hardens his resolve, and Geass-es her to hand the big stick over. What follows is nothing short of a revival of Euphemia’s Season 1 scene as Nunnally tries to resist it, but of course, the power of the King wins over in the end anyways.

Would have been fun to see what would have actually taken place if she had actually resisted the Geass and broken it…

Let’s get back on track. So he takes the key, and now that the tactical warfare aerial fortress Damocles is safe and snug in his hands, the Geass on Nunnally is broken and of course, she’s horrified that her own brother had actually Geass-ed her. She chases after him, screaming about how heartless he is, and naturally, falls onto the stairs leading away from her mock-throne in Damocles. Lelouch, in the true act of being a magnificent bastard, simply walks away and leaves her on the stairs to curse his name.

Shift to the former Chinese Federation’s pyramidal warship, where Toudou, whose awesomely kickass Zangetsu Frame had been destroyed since Turn 24, is trying to get back into the fight in, of all machines, a standard Akatsuki Frame. Chiba, by now the only remaining subordinate of the grand general himself, tries to stop him as passionately as she can, and she succeeds… only because Toudou, after deciding to listen, soon collapses because of his injuries. He is pretty past the age of 35, after all.

While we have that on the ground, Jeremiah Gottwald, a.k.a the “Orange” in his Sutherland Sieg (sieg!), and Anya Alstreim in her Mordred, are engaged in mortal combat with each other. Anya brands him a traitor, and Orange fights back; however, the slapped-together Sieg is no match for a properly built Knightmare Frame like the Mordred, and Anya blasts a huge hole in the Sieg’s right side. Thinking that the Orange has met his end was a mistake, however; in before the Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann’s last fight, Jeremiah’s Sutherland Frame bursts out of the wreck, shooting down the classification of Giga Knight Fortress for the Sieg and essentially making it the Geass counterpart to SEED’s M.E.T.E.O.R. units.

In a last ditch move, Orange flings his loyal Sutherland at the Mordred; Anya activates her shields, cutting the Sutherland in half; with the top body still hugging the Mordred. It is enough, however, as Orange detonates the unit, and the shockwave damages the Mordred, exposing the pilot and causing her to faint. As he gloats over Anya and tells her to remember his name, she, with the last bit of consciousness left in her, tells him of her lack of memories. This marks the usage of Jeremiah’s Geass Canceler in the series, for the second and last time.

Meanwhile, Suzaku, who has been fighting against Kallen all this while, is in a bit of a pickle. Well, he should be; the S.E.I.T.E.N. system, which enables flight for his Lancelot Albion, has been destroyed by Kallen’s Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. He’s grounded, but still manages to do the same to Kallen, which means that a single misstep as they fight on the Damocles’ hull could mean the end of them. As they fight, they not only go screw-to-screw in their Knightmare Frames, they stab at each other verbally; Kallen accuses Suzaku of having forgotten his obligation to free Japan through joining the Britannian army by allying with Lelouch and being consumed by his lust for power, and Suzaku countering, in a true return to his original ideals, that merely external pressure from an organization in order to effect change is highly ineffective.

The fight has to end, however, and in a desperate move, Kallen throws a punch in her Guren, and Suzaku, in his Albion, relieves the red warrior of both mechanical arms with the Albion’s slash harkens. Kallen’s machine experiences a system-freeze, and she would have fallen to her death had Gino not caught her with his damaged but still pimpin’ Tristan Divider. Kallen expresses disappointment that she could not destroy the Lancelot, to which Suzaku, in a sad voice and with a sad face, tells her the opposite; the punch had connected with the Albion’s torso, presumably crushing some vital parts inside. The Albion explodes in a fiery display. However, Kallen’s personal victory is a moot point; Lelouch, using Damocles’ remaining store of F.L.E.I.J.A. warheads, now has the world in his grasp, and they have no choice but to submit.

Two months passed, and Lelouch is parading through the streets of the thoroughly-defeated Japan, displaying the prisoners of war that he captured during the previous battle two months ago. The onlookers clearly loathe his display and him to the ninth degree for taking over the world and acting like Hitler, but just like during the Nazi era in Europe, none of them speak out. From a window, what remained of the Black Knights, including new member Cornelia li Britannia and those who escaped the Ikaruga back in Turn 23, continue watching the parade of death. They are waiting for the right moment to rescue the prisoners, of whom which include Kallen, Toudou, and the surviving members of the Black Knights. Their plans, however, are complicated by the complement of Ward Frames and Jeremiah “Orange” Gottwald as the Emperor’s honor guard.

A shocking revelation is made, however, as a familiar figure, cloaked in black and with the iconic mask that terrified the Britannian Army since he appeared, moves onto the streets to block the progression; Zero is back. Drawing a sword and closing in onto Lelouch while dodging Jeremiah with his cyborg blade and the Wards firing anti-Frame rounds at him, he stabs Lelouch. The entire progression is shocked to its wits, but then Lelouch, in a flashback, reveals the truth to the viewer; his death was part of Zero Requiem, which was in discussion since he became Emperor and involved having the world direct its hatred to Lelouch, then having himself killed so that the recurrence of another world war would be… well, zero. Zero is actually Suzaku, who was thought to be dead after his battle with Kallen. As he fulfills their mutual promise, Suzaku sheds manly tears, and Lelouch falls beside the prime prisoner of the event; Nunnally Lamperouge, his own sister. Nunnally tries to encourage him to survive until help comes, and as she touches his hand, that flashback’s worth of memories transfers to her, and she finally realizes what his role had been all this while.

Cue final exchange of words, followed by touching sob scene.

And that was basically the gist of Turn 25. Those that really died remain dead, and those that survived get happy endings. Nunnally becomes the Empress of Britannia. Ohgi and Villetta have a happy shotgun wedding with the rescued members of the Black Knights and former and current Ashford Academy members attending. Jeremiah and Anya, of all the irony, are happily running an orange farm together (I see the possibility of little oranges in the future). The world unites to rebuild itself, and finally we see C.C. Riding on a horse-cart somewhere in Europe, she comments to herself that the Power of the King, Geass, isolates one from the fellow men… or is it, really?

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