Chainsaw Blade, rowrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 20, 2008

“Who’s that guy with the sickle? Why is he beckoning? Why is my grandfather with him?!”

Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne; Draenei units, if you click on them enough.

Coming back from the GCA 08 convention, it’s pretty good. I just expected it to be… I dunno, bigger. I convention hall is too small to walk! XD

No, I enjoyed it a lot. Some of them were there looking for beta test players; Immortal Online, and Black Shot were two of them.

Need for Speed: Undercover is awesome. I mean, nothing better than a cop having to snatch a cop car to kick-start the game, yeah?

Warhammer 40 000 II… or was it Warhammer 4000? Oh, it’s another 36K… Warhammer 40K, then. You want awesome, that thing has it by buckets. Somehow, I keep getting reminded of Warcraft… say, 40 000 years into the future.

Red Faction: Guerilla. Seriously, that thing has more in-game explosives than playing Halo 3 with the Catch and Cowbell skulls active. Lookit’ ’em fly! Rag doll physics rule.

Adventure Quest even had their own corner there. No kidding, I swear.

Wii booths were everywhere. Some of the games look fun… but no way in hell Iwould dare to try ’em out on public.

The Xbox 360 booth. Hot damn, they were selling one of those life-sized Plasma Rifle replicas there! And it cost more than I could scrouge together at the moment. Heck, the Stormtrooper figure was selling for $100+ already. I really wanted to pick up a copy of Ace Combat 6 there… but no. For the sake of Halo Wars, thy hand, stay. Even though it’s probably not coming out until next year. Spartan ground pound, yeah.

Somehow, most of the games for PC, Xbox 360, and the PSP and PS3 were at the same location for the Xbox booth. Of course, I didn’t find SRW Advance P there. >_>

DS booth. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to try the games there out. Swamped with kids, the booth was. Agh, and they had Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja up there too…

Cosplayers. I saw Rin, I saw Len, I saw Miku! NOt to mention the D. Gray Man cast and the usual Bleach/Naruto/Vampire Knight- oh wait, I don’t think I saw any Bleach. Ah! That wasn’t a white-haired Bleach character I saw; it was Soul Eater’s Black Star and Tsubaki!

Didn’t see Maka anywhere though.

And today marks the end of the GCA 2008. Are you going to go next year too?

I apologize for the lack of photos. I don’t have a decent camera and for the quality that the 3 megapixel my handphone can give,  would rather not display any pictures at all.

This time, the Character Of The Post is cool, fool Black Star. A powerful Ninja Meister of the now-defunct Star Clan in the Soul Eater series, Black Star is, at first impression, best describled with the word “idiot”(馬鹿), “stupid”(愚か), or simply, “retard”(遅延)(I hope those are the real translations…). An example would be that he’s not the world’s first Ninja to use his skills to peep at women bathing, but he’s probably the first to openly announce his presence by shouting out the first three laws of the assasin’s code. Of course, he is then quickly felled by any female, most like Tsubaki, whom is his partner. He also has one other quality: his large ego, often made known to the public with his phrase of “I will surpass God!”. He also uses this as his goal in life, which brings us to his good points.

Despite his idiotic antics, Black Star is a motivated and powerful fighter excelling in close combat; while Maka, the main character of the series, shares a close bond with her weapon, Soul, and is virtually defenseless without him(thereby explaining their source of power), Black Star is capable of both armed and unarmed combat with Tsubaki as his weapon; he is one of the most powerful students in Shibusen, a training school for weapons and meisters, and his upbringing as an assassin grants him both power and speed, along with a good measure of stealth, in his fighting style, making him dangerous to combat alone without using a similar style of fighting.

Unfortunately, power isn’t everything, as the series will continue to display.

So, good night, and be pimpin’.

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