Dom Funf foo funf fuu funf funn… I just love how it sounds. Funf!

September 17, 2008

“I have been chosen, by the big, metal hand in the sky!”

Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos; Alliance Footman (after repeated clicking on said footman).

Yes, well, if I knew that the metal hand was under my control I would know better. Someone has to die to free up some upkeep…

– The “Funf” in question refers to the MS-09F Dom Funf from Mobile Suit Gundam(an example can be found in Stardust Memory’s Dom Tropen), “Funf” being German for “five”. Why is it that all the best fictional weapons from Japan are named in German? Graf Eisen, Weiss Ritter, Stern Regissuer (sieg!)… Maybe it’s the accent and pronunciation that gives it a military feeling.

– This week is pretty deadpan, except for the arrival of some unexpected loot (MG unexpected loot). Of course, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; loot is the most welcome when you least expect it.

– This year, I’ve completely missed the Mid-Autumn Festival. I didn’t even know it was here till it was gone. Agh, the agony of missing out on the mooncakes…

This season, some animes are coming to an end. Below is what I’m watching, and is also ending soon.

– As a series, Code Geass is generally quite good(especially after Sunrise’s failure with SEED Destiny). However, if you do intend to pick it up, make sure than you’re not watching any other anime than might draw brain power away from contemplating about Code Geass, since the plot has more twists and turns than a 10-meter long piece of rope. 7 meters of those plot twists are probably from R2’s last few episodes. Pretty much all I felt while watching them was “ZOMG”, or “HOLY SHI-” or “WTF WAS THAT?!”. But it’s going to end soon, with only two episodes remaining. T_T

Macross Frontier. This being my first Macross show, I can’t really say anything. But it’s going to end soon too! đŸ˜¦

However, there are also up-and-coming stuff which I pretty much am not gonna miss for anything.

– Kurogane Of Linebarrels, or alternatively, Linebarrels Of Iron. The title for both the manga and the anime drew me in with sweet promises of a excellent plot, and with the character designs being done by Hisashi Hirai, more well-known for the design of the entire SEED/SEED Destiny cast of characters, I think it might just be worth it.

Pretty much what I’m going to watch other than some other anime about underage girls wearing nothing but a bra, shirt, and really hot underwear and strapping aircraft parts to themselves and becoming catgirls while they fight, using magic, in the air against a mysterious alien race. No, it isn’t Zim.

This time, the “Character of the Week” just so happens to be Kamille Bidan, of MS Zeta Gundam fame! For those who’ve seen Destiny, Kamille served as the character model for Shinn; angsty, thinking that the whole world wants him down, and generally being a bitch at just about anything and anyone. The difference is that while Shinn doesn’t mature over the course of Destiny (save maybe to become more cold-blooded and stubborn), Kamille does, and Zeta pretty much gives you front-row tickets to see war from a 17-year old’s view; a 17 year-old who had to watch his mother die, his father betray (AND die), people he fought alongside die, people he fell in love with and got killed, and friends he cared about get killed. While he didn’t become like Kira in Destiny(righteous terrorism is still terrorism, you idiot) by the end of Zeta, he’s undeniably much better in personality than Shinn. I mean, you only had to see your girlfriend die once, get it over with!

Well, that’s it for today. Take care, and watch the dark alleyway corners. You never know when Slimes attack.

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