“If you point the middle finger one more time, I’m going to chop it off and stuff it up your nose!”

September 9, 2008

“This thing is really starting to PISS ME OFF!”

Sergent Banks, referring to the Scarab on Halo 2, level: Metropolis

If I’d lived in Japan, I would probably be singing my birthday song to a wallpaper of an anime girl on the computer screen right now. Not that I mind, but it does feel stupid doing that. I mean, how are you going to feed her?

Oops, wrong question to ask. Then again, it’s not everyday you get to eat a square cake.

I assure you, I was not responsible for more than a quarter of its demolition. Neither did I lick it.

I assure you, I was not responsible for more than a quarter of its demolition. Neither did I lick it.

It’s also not everyday you can have your cake and get to eat it as well.

Red Frame tried to sneak off a slice using his (temporary)new sword.

But he miscalculated the mass needed for the blade, and could do no more than pose around with it after I had a slice myself.

But Lowe miscalculated the mass needed to make the blade, and therefore could do no more than pose around with it after I had a slice myself.

Popped into the local bookstore at noon to find a pleasant surprise: Chuang Yi has finished translating FMP Sigma and To-Luv_Ru to volume 4 and 6 respectively, and I swiped them off the shelves immediately.

Loot. It's the most appreciated when you least expect it.

Loot. It's the most appreciated whan you least expect it.

While I know To Luv-Ru (apparently pronounced “Trouble” by the Japanese, and rather apt description of the storyline itself) is going to kill me with laughter again, I wish I could say the same for Sigma. Not to say it isn’t good, but it sure as hell isn’t going to win “Manga of the Year” anytime soon. I mean, I know making a single chapter of manga is hard work and all, but if it comes at the cost of the original story’s quality then it’s not a very wise tradeoff. It might cause people to pick up the novel and anime versions of FMP, but when they do, they’re doing to use the book as a rag, since with so much more elaboration of charaters that are present in the other two, the manga sort of becomes lacking.

Then again, they do have sections that are original to the Sigma series. Having a dream where your girlfriend becomes a 10-meter tall Arm Slave ready to stomp you flat is a sure sign of a bad omen. XD

I haven’t opened up To Luv-Ru yet, but if the previous volumes are any indication, it’s going to be good.

Today’s “Character Of The Post” features Ryusei Date of the SRW series! Everyone’s “Lovable Loser” according to a poll, he’s your arch-typical clueless main character turned pilot. Living in a world where mecha are as normal as seeing tanks and other vehicles of war, his fanboyism often gets him into trouble, especially when he still holds the belief than brute force is better than tactics. Idealistic at first, it takes a few hard knocks to make him realize that not everything can be solved as long as you’re determined; but after learning that, he is finally able to hold his own against enemies more powerful than he is, and win against them as well. Fiercely protective of his family, friends, and fellow comrades, he spares no one who hurts anyone who falls into any of the three categories.

He still retains some of that fanboyism, however; any machine that is vaguely feminine in appearance, he rates it like normal guys checking out a girl. *choke*

While I’m a mech fan myself, I can’t sympathize with him when it comes to that aspect of fandom. Boobs of steel are not my type.

And so I took the poll… what the hell?! Loveable Loser?!

What Kind of Mecha Pilot are you?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as The Lovable Loser.You may not be the best, fastest or strongest, but you have a big heart, so everyone loves you anyway. Its best not to underestimate you- you might have some hidden potential, or maybe just a powerful friend!

The Lovable Loser.
The Solider.
A Noble Villain.
The Reluctant Hero/Heroine.
The Martyr
The Loyal Henchman/Henchwoman
The Hot Blooded Ally of Justice!
A Bat-Shit-Crazy Villian!
The Ultra-Cool Ace.
The Villain!
The Angsty Mecha Hero.
A Rat-Bastard Badguy

Ah well.

Cool Factor x 9999

Cool Factor x 9999

And this one is for SRW A Portable. Mmm… the Soulgain is just too damn sexy.


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