Howling Dark Sword Hyper Beam Blaster!!!!

September 8, 2008

“Only those that are willing to be shot can then shoot others.”

Lelouch Lamperouge, from Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion, Episode 1

You and your strategies. What am I going to do with that bugger?

Both Code Geass R2 and Macross Frontier are coming to an end soon, probably by the end of October(I don’t actually mark the dates on my calendar), but they still have so many unexplained plot points.

Speaking of anime, AFA08, a comic and anime convention will be taking place at Suntec soon. I’d originally planned to go for the June Comic Con 2008, but it completely slipped my mind. Ah, the regret…

I have to give a nod of thanks to the people over here. Otherwise, I’d never even have knew about it.

Just went over to the Good Smile Company‘s website too. Love the easy-on-the-eyes layout. While you can’t order any figures there(they’re figure makers, not retailers), it’s a joy to browse through the site and check out their latest works. Nendoroids, you gotta love ’em. Or I should get my Red Frame a new sword that talks back in German, to match Lowe’s personality.

Today’s “Fictional Character Of The Week” is Sosuke Sagara, from the hilarious yet serious Full Metal Panic novel, manga and anime series. A member, specifically a Sergent, of an anti-terrorist force, Mithril(think the UN Army, but with less red tape regarding it in general), he is, at the beginning of the series, sent as an undercover agent to a Japanese school to secure Kaname Chidori(fear the harisan, ho ho ho), said being playing the role of civilian with mysterious power. However, it becomes pretty obvious that he’s no match for the mundane happenings of daily life, as he manages to links almost every aspect of it to some gory end at the hands of a gun or mine. Of course, this results in some major screw-ups as he attempts to fight an enemy that isn’t there, resulting in the humor well and flowing in this anime.

His caution isn’t without reason, however, as it comes in handy when an enemy does come. Having plenty of war experience since the age of eight (beat that, Shin, even Setsuna is better), he’s an expert at everything a US Marine should know and more than that. Driven by his mission, he is a dangerous foe to cross; few do and live to tell the tale.

Man, I actually feel like picking up the novels and reading them now (because Chuang Yi appears to have given up on the Sigma manga rendition). I’m sure that there’s an official English copy for sale somewhere…

I have a joke for y’all.

Too bad, eh? So much for Windows-use OSes... You would've thought they'd learn, being so many years after World War III and all...

Too bad, eh? So much for Windows-use OSes.

Dumb Earth Alliance.

And one last thing…

Cross my heart, I hope you all die. Seriously, this is badass.

Cross my heart, I hope you all die for the sake of the planet. Bye, puny Earth Federation.

Yeah, this is badass. CROSS SMASHER!


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