[GUNPLA] ZGMF-X23S Savior Gundam 1/100

August 29, 2008

“This is Athrun Zala. Savior, launching!”

Athrun Zala, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

I’m going to enjoy this holiday XD That’s the way I feel. I finally completed my Savior Gundam 1/100 some time ago, but never got around to getting it to look better. In short, no sanding, no special paint. Just a marker and my fingers. My main regret was that I didn’t at least sand the blue plastic piece on top of its head. It would have been better translucent.

Welcome to Athrun’s Gun Shop, would you like Shinn with that?



20mm fire-linked CIWS x2

Beam Sabre x2

Beam Rifle x1

Shield (with anti-beam coating) x1

76mm machinegun x2

Plasma Beam Cannons x2

Beam cannons x2

Summary: Final unit of Z.A.F.T.’s second-generation Gundam-class mobile suits, the Savior is a variable MS assigned to reinstated F.A.I.T.H. officer Athrun Zala as his personal unit, and sent to reinforce the Minerva’s complement of mobile suits. Boasting a quartet of powerful energy armaments and superior speed to the majority of existing flight-capable MSes thanks to its variable form, the Savior in the hands of Athrun Zala has proven itself worthy of its standing as a next generation MS, notably fighting off Neo Lornoke’s Windam and Sting’s Chaos Gundam in all their engagements. Despite its superior performance against the majority of C.E. 73-era unit however, the Savior Gundam would be heavily damaged beyond repair by one of the most powerful MSes of all time during the battle against Orb’s Fleet; the Freedom Gundam.

This baby is a model kit of a Mobile Suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny anime. While the kit is fine, I wish I could say the same for the series nearing the end.  >_<

I woke up to find him like this.

The Savior is one of the few models that actually look good with just a Gundam marker and sanding (I presume, but it’s not without good reason). Seriously. The only complaint I have is its lack of possibility; not as bad as the Astray Gold Frame Mina  Amatu Custom (I would know, I have it :P), but don’t expect it to be as split-leg capable as the Impulse in the anime. Athrun was happy that I finally got it done. He was quite eager to take it out for a spin.

Athrun and the Savior gives me one last glare for taking to damn long to complete the model before taking off.
Athrun and the Savior give me one last glare for taking too damn long to complete the model before taking off.

I don’t have a proper stand for my kits, so I pilfered one from the Hong Kong Airlines model aircraft they gave for freebies some time back. 😛 Gomen~

Tobe, Gund-Savior!
Tobe~, Gunda – I mean, Savior!

The Savior, like all kits with heavy backpacks, suffers from balancing issues. However, in the first picture, the kit is actually quite stable with plasma cannons in firing position and doing the split.

Setsuna isn't happy at having the "best man" spot stolen from him. Knocking Savior back into the ground, he and his Exia challenge Athrun to a fight.
Setsuna isn’t happy at having the front display seat stolen from him by Athrun. So, he and the Exia knocks Athrun out of the sky and challenges the Savior to a fight.
Exia is faster...
Exia is faster…
... but battle experience plays a proper job too.
… but battle experience plays a proper job too.
Setsuna, however, isn't the pilot of the Exia for nuts; he can pilot a moblie suit too.
Setsuna, however, isn’t the pilot of the Exia for nuts, as he dodges the Savior’s saber-thrust. He HAS potential. He’s just… untrained. 😛
Setsuna reaches behind for a beam dagger...
Setsuna reaches behind for a beam dagger…
But Athrun, catching on, smashes into Exia with his Savior in mobile armor mode, smashing the unit into a small warehouse and knocking Setsuna unconcious.
But Athrun, catching on, crashes into Exia with his Savior in mobile armor mode, smashing the unit into a small warehouse and knocking Setsuna unconcious.
Speaking about SAvior's MA mode, it's a beauty to see it in the real XD
Not even F.A.I.T.H. members get to skip the launch queue.

Speaking about Savior’s MA mode, it’s a sight to behold in the flesh. Too bad I don’t have a stand to put it in; the MA mode doesn’t seem to have any indications of supporting a stand either.

Of cousre, the warehouse happen to house some material that Lowe Gear was reserving for his mad MS custom jobs...
Warehouse must have had some rare metals, I guess…

The Verdict:

The Savior is pretty good, actually. Far more stable in a static pose than even my Red Frame. Some flaws with the Savior, however, include the shield hitting the beam saber mounted on the left shoulder guard whenever it is mounted on. The second problem is the plasma cannons. Sometimes, they’re so damn long, they hit the floor. The kit is also as bad as Athrun is at getting a good pose, since its legs are rather tight around the groin joints to begin with and they don’t allow for much bending sideways like Exia either. But overall, the Savior is a very nice MS that I really didn’t do justice.

I’m going to take my stuff up a notch with the Over Flag coming my way soon, however. No “Character of The Week” here, or else the post will be longer than pre-Pokemon battle speeches. Well, until then. ;D



  1. Whoa! It looks awesome! =D Saviour owns Exia, everyone noes tat! XD
    Actually i believe its possible to place a stand for it in its MA form. The clip tat usually goes between the MS’s arse can be bent and still fit in the arse area in MA form. lolz

  2. […] those who are intrested in its 100 scale counterpart, C.F has done a review of it on his blog here https://thehangerbay.wordpress.com/2008/08/29/zgmf-x23s-savior-1100/ ; I had no idea the last part was tat long till i pasted it. […]

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