Methinks me smart! :D

August 21, 2008

Could it be… Orange-kun?!

Zero, Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion, Episode 25

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See it? Take that, Mr. Douglas! Ha ha….. ‘right, never mind. Talk about a self-suicide at bolstering my own deflated ego.

God, the completed Savior Gundam is a right pain in the arse to pose. Even my Serpent Custom was more limber than it. Not helping things are my lack of a stand… but then again, the Savior is one of the few models that manage to look good without paint. Mm, smexy.  Photos will be next post, where I hope my Over Flag will be here by then. Should be easier to build than the Savior. *smirk*

This week’s Character Of The Post will be a quick one. Introducing the gay man, Suzaku Kururugi, Zero‘s bitter nemesis from the Code Geass series! Everyone’s hot-bod superhuman, he is the last son of poor, annexed Japan’s late Prime Minister in that universe, and a honorary Britannian (something like Permanent Residence in real-world Singapore, but hey, at least we have racial harmony to fall back upon). Cheerful and always ready to help, he remains firm in the conviction that the end does not justify the means; the direct opposite of Zero. He even goes as far to refuse Zero‘s offer to join the Black Knights after they rescue him from Britannian purists who used him as a scapegoat, saying that if he wants to change Britannia, he will do so from the inside. Thinking about it, it’s not at all impossible given his physical prowess, his skill with the seventh-generation Knightmare Frame Lancelot (yay, Strike Gundam deja vu) and his battle instincts. Hey, he’s doing a better job at inspiring hope than Kira Yamato!

… For all his efforts, he gets broken, humiliated, and written off as an irritant. Ouch. But not to worry. He’ll be back in Episode 20 of C.G.  R2… eh, what? He’s turned evil? And he’s got a really badass Knightmare to pick fights with?

Well, that’s that. Have a nice day, you all, and for a change, try living for tomorrow instead of for today.



  1. lol! Orange-kun. XD Get those pics up and running!!!! hahas

  2. i got 133:

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