If “gattai” increases power, then why is it the opposite for couples over time?

August 8, 2008

“This is Tiny’s feet. This is Tiny’s leg. This is Tiny’s tail. This is Tiny’s head. And this… is Tiny!”

Kirby Yeo, referring to the Lao Shen Lung of the Monster Hunter series.

It’s the end of “The Week”! I can finally sleep for real.

On that, the second trailer for Gundam 00 season 2 has been announced. I was hoping for something more substantial than a 20+ second music video, but seeing as the first trailer was a 5-second short, I suppose I shoud be grateful. Besides the music(which I strongly suspect was the, and probaly is, the opening song) is damn catchy; it’s preferable to the rather depressing-sounding materpiece Daybreak’s Bell used for season 1’s opening song. There’s a red GN-X, or at least a red improved model, and I’m betting my chips it either belongs to the HRL’s Sergei Smirnov or the Union’s Graham Aker. Nothing more, nothing less. But I can safely say it’s three times as fast. XD

You can find the trailer here. Or here. I got the news from here, and the original source was through this door.

Today’s unlucky chap(XD) for the “Fictional Character of the Week” is Graham Aker of the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 series. The major antagonist to our protagonists, he pilots a variable MS called the Union Flag, then an improved model known as the Over Flag, and finally a specially modified custom, non-variable GN Flag in his quest to defeat the Gundams. Since the Gundam Exia’s first deployment, he has shown a large amount of interest, enough to boder on obsession, with any matter regarding the Gundams, and will often perform daredevil and near-suicidal combat maneuvers when engaging them, and even goes as far as to remark that he is “infatuated” with the Gundams; despite that, he keeps a cool and level head during combat, which allows him to outmaneuver the Gundam pilots even with an inferior unit. However, even the most patient man has a limit, and as the series progresses, the mounting dead toll of his squadmates and acquaintances push him to the edge, where he eventually abandons nearly all sense of reason and fights for nothing but revenge. He is set to return in the second season, with the quintessential mask that designates him as “main-character’s-main-rival-of-a-Gundam-series.” Well, he can keep the mask, but please, no more Rau le Creuset. Now that, was a real whack job.

Well, I’m beat. Time to close shop, but before I go, there’s this to tell: right here. GESPY KICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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