“I am… GUNDAM!!” “Shut up, fanboy!”

August 3, 2008

“This guy… is an ace!”

CPO Terry Sanders Jr. “Sanders the Reaper”, in Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team

Today is the end of the calm and the start of what I dub “The Week”. I know I can make it… but the question is, will it be a near miss or a clean cut? My guessing leans towards the former.

Well, no amount of buzzing will get it to fast-forward or slow down. Full speed ahead, and… ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!

This post’s “Character of the Post” is Kyosuke Nanbu from the Super Robot Wars franchise; specifically, his Original Generations personality. A skilled pilot and habitatual gambler, he’s a stoic and reserved man; that doesn’t mean he’s without feelings, however; piss him off, and you’ll be in for a world of shit. He is assigned the close-combat blitzkreig unit Alt Eisen(later Alt Eisen Riese) and leads the ATX Team, other pilots who also utilize custom or prototype machines. There’s his girlfriend(I use the term loosely here) Excellen Browning, who pilots a direct opposite of his unit, the ranged-bombardment and combat Weiss Ritter/Rein Weiss Ritter, and his two subordinates  Brooklyn “Bullet” Luckfield and Lamia Loveless. While he leads them tatically, there are times where his daring surprises even them. Coupled together with the Alt Eisen’s tough armor and armaments together with his own skill and seemingly infinite well of luckiness, Kyosuke has survived impossible battle after impossible battle, making him one of the most experienced pilots in the Earth Federation Army.  Granted, there are others out there that would give him a run for his money, but as main characters go, he’s already pretty excellent by the norm.

Oh yeah. Before I go, I have something to tell you guys. DON’T piss off women. Especially when you know she can deal a 7-hit combo. 😀


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