Hey, someone stole my hotdo-HYPER BEAM BWAAAAAAAA!

July 29, 2008

“So, is it your handicap, or their handicap?”

Chen Fei on Kirby playing C&C III: TW; Tuesday, 29th July, 2008

Like, them tests are coming up soon; one project to be handed in on next Friday and one test next Tuesday. Time is short, but if Zero can do it, so can I! And by the end of next week, the pace will slow down considerably, with the important stuff (or at least most of it) behind, whether they were nay or yay (I curse you, Assignment 2!).

Right, that’s today’s personal rant.

This time’s “Fictional Character of the Post” is none other than Zero himself! The main character of the mainstream Code Geass: Lelouch of The Rebellion series, he leads a double life as Lelouch Lamperouge, a student, on one side and as Zero, the commander of the Black Knights, a guerrilla force dedicated to the liberation of Japan, or “Area 11” on the other. Possessing an excellent mind and a master of strategies, he resembles a certain other someone; just not as egoistic. As a student, he is more on the academically-inclined side; however, his physical prowress, or rather the extreme lack of it, makes him the butt of many jokes during physical events. On the battlefield as Zero, however, his military sense is what won him unlikely victories against superior numbers and equipment.

Or would have won, if not for the interference of his pseudo-Coordinator wall-running bullet-dodging superhuman arch-rival, Suzaku Kururugi. Come on, you didn’t think he was unopposed, did you?

If you’re tired of watching emo-kids and crybabys on television or one-robot armies every single frickin’ time, Code Geass is the show for you. Granted, it’s a cartoon, and one-man armies still exist, but with a solid storyline and emphasis on thinking ahead instead on how techno’ed your robot is, it’ll give you a heck of a ride.

Right, this is it for now. I probably won’t be seeing more of this till a week or two later.


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