First shot always misses. That’s why you have more than a bullet per magazine.

July 28, 2008

Chen Fei(:D): What did the car jack say to the car when it needed to let the car down after repairs?

Renga(:/): … … … … …

Renga(:o): I give up. What?

Chen Fei(XD): “I’m jacking off!!!”

Renga(O[]O): WHAT THE HELL!!!

Monday, July 28th, 2008; 2.03pm.

I’ve wondered long and hard about having a blog, and finally succumbed to having one. For what reason, I don’t know, but I’ll try to keep personal rants to a minimum and other news to a maximum.

… …

I don’t have anything to report, so I’ll have a “Fictional Character Of The Post” this time round.

This this time ’round, it’s Maka Albarn, from hit comic series Soul Eater. Maka is your standard high-school right-after-the-loli-age-and-now-in-development somewhat-cute character, partnered by self-proclaimed cool transforms-into-weapon-dude; yes, you guessed it, Soul Eater Evans. No, really, that’s his name. Both of them are the flagship characters of the Soul Eater comic and anime series, and while not with giant robots beating the screws and nuts out of each others’ steel-heads(*cough*Transformers The Movie*cough*), has rather nicely-inserted fanservice and heart-pumping action in equal parts. Heck, they even go hand-in-hand, and our dear viva la flat Maka is not spared having to contribute some of her own due; to which she brutally carves a canal in any male’s skull who looks too intently at the former.

Oh, did I forget the humor? Silly me.

If you’re bored and want to pick up a good read, or you can stand Maka’s deadly Maka Chop, give it a go, even if comic fan you’re not. The story and art can give you a run for its money.

Well, that’s that for today, and see you. Now, about that spanking brand new Hucky Mk.II M in the hangar…


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